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Rock and roll...and a touch of soul
Taking its cue from the Rhythm & Blues of the 1930's, and the Rockabilly of the 1940's, a new American style emerged in the 1950's. Someone called it Rock and Roll, and the world of music hasn't been the same since. Nor, for that matter, has Rock and Roll itself, as it has constantly changed and mutated and evolved. The British played a major role in those changes - the Beatles come to mind - and the artists of Motown added a touch of Soul.  There has been Surf and Punk and Metal, and probably a dozen others.  Major stars were created, and they're all here:  Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, right up to Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys ... and many, many others.
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Classic rock

 A B Skhy  Bishop, Elvin; Cooke, Curley
Linna, Miriam
 Adult Net   Joyce, Mike
 Alias  Derosier, Mike; Fisher, Roger; Fossen, Steve
 Alphaville  Gold, Marion
 Arbuckle  Fierstein, Ronnie
 Arkade  Price, Michael
Grosvenor, Luther; Harrison, Mike; Kellie, Mike; Ridley, Greg
 Asylum Choir 
Benno, Marc; Russell, Leon
 Bacon Brothers, The Bacon, Kevin
 Balance Castro, Peppy; Kulick, Bob
 Big Head Todd & the Monsters 
Mohr, Todd Park; Nevin, Brian; Squires, Rob
 Big Tree Jay, Arnold
 Big Wha Koo
 Boredom, Billy; Palmer, David
 Billy & the Beaters 
Vera, Billy
 Birdlegs & Pauline Banks, Sidney; Shivers-Banks, Pauline
 Blue Mink 
Bell, Madeline; Cook, Roger;
Flowers, Herbie
 Blue Ridge Rangers Fogerty, John
 Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods 
Baker, Scott; Brunetti, Nicky; Coveyou, Gary; Donaldson, Bo; Gibbons, Mike; Joswick, Rick; Krock, David
 Bob Kuban & the In-Men Kuban, Bob; Scott, Walter
 Bobbidazzler Gullickson, Grant
 Bobby & the Midnites 
Bogert, Tim; Cobham, Billy, Mydland, Brent; Weir, Bob
 BoDeans, The 
Gayol, Danny; Griffin, Bob; Hoffman, Guy; Kitsos, Nick; Llanas, Sam; Neumann, Kurt; Ramos, Michael
 Boppers, The Haydock, Ron
 Brownsville Station
 Koda, Cub; Lutz, Michael; Nazarian, Bruce; Weck, Henry
Hocher, Billy
 Butts Band, The Densmore, John; Krieger, Robby; Roden, Jess
 Candle  Peake, Don; Verne, Bob
 Cheers, The  Convy, Bert
 Clean Living 
Schell, Norm
 Climax  Nims, Walter
 Clover  Hopper, Sean; Lewis, Huey; McFee, John
 Colorblind James Experience  Cuminale, Chuck
Boyer, Scott
 Crazy Horse  Curtis, Rick; Moan, Patty; Nitzsche, Jack
 Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Clifford, Doug; Cook, Stu; Fogerty, John; Fogerty, Tom
 Crimson Tide 
Wolf, Richard
 Crome Syrcus 
Graham, Lee
 Cross Country  Margo, Mitch; Margo, Phil; Siegel, Jay
 Cryan' Shames  Guillory, Isaac; Purple, Dave
 Curley Cooke's Hurdy Gurdy Band  Cooke, Curley
Atkins, Juan
 Daddy Longlegs 
Carrison, Cliff
 Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks  Zella, Danny
 Deadly Nightshades  Brandt, Pamela
 Del Lords 
Kempner, Scott
 Dicky Doo & the Don'ts
  Granahan, Gerry
 Doobie Brothers, The 
Baxter, Jeff; Bumpus, Cornelius; Hartman, John; Hossack, Michael; Johnston, Tom; Knudsen, Keith; McCracken, Chet; McDonald, Michael; McFee, John; Simmons, Patrick
 Duke Jupiter  Barajas, George; Jetty, Earl
 Edison Electric Band  Stock, David
 Elephant  Cowart, Harold; D'Angelo, Beverly
 Elephant's Memory 
Ayres, Chester; Bronstein, Stan; Frank, Rick; Michal; Sussman, Richard; Ward, John; Yules, Myron
 Ellis  Ellis, Steve; Money, Zoot
 Far Cry 
Galdston, Phil
 Fendermen, The 
Humphrey, Phil; Sundquist, Jim
 Fireballs, The 
Budd, Eric; Gilmer, Jimmy; Lark, Stan; Tharp, Chuck; Tomsco, George; Trammell, Dan
Vidas, Pat
 Flower Garden 
Gannett, Bryan
Rigg, Bob
 Fun Zone  Rubinstein, John
Lauber, Terry
 Garry & the Moodswingers  Morello, John; Segal, Garry
 Gary Lewis & the Playboys 
Costell, David; Lewis, Gary;  Ramsey, Al;  Tripplehorn, Tom;  Walker, David;  West, John R
 Gary Puckett & the Union Gap 
Bement, Dwight; Chater, Kerry; Puckett, Gary, Wheatbread, Paul; Withem, Gary
 Goldie & the Gingerbreads  Zelkowitz, Goldie
 Goodness & Mercy 
Martin, Peter (i); Talisman, Dave
 Gravy Train 
Barrett, Norman
 Great Jones 
Gutcheon, Jeff
 Grin  Lofgren, Nils
Sellers, Tom
 Hank & Dean  Jones, Hank; Kay, Dean
 Head East
  Huston, Steve; Schlitt, John
 Hometown Band  Ulrich, Shari
 Huey Lewis & the News 
Cipollina, Mario; Colla, Johnny; Gibson, Bill; Hayes, Chris; Lewis, Huey
 Hungry Chuck  Gutcheon, Jeff
 I Don't Care  Boggess, Gary
 Ides of March  Peterik, Jim
 Illinois Speed Press  Cotton, Paul; Page, Freddie
 Innocence  Anders, Peter; Poncia, Vinnie
 Insect Trust, The 
Barth, Bill; Koehler, Trevor; Palmer, Robert (i)
 Jaggerz, The  Iris, Donnie
 Javaroo  Blue, Barry
 Jay & the Americans 
Black, Jay; Deane, Sandy; Kane, Howie; Sanders, Marty; Traynor, Jay; Vance, Kenny
 Jelly  Madigan, Amy
 Joey Dee & the Starliters 
Brigati, Eddie; Cavaliere, Felix; Dee, Joey; Vernieri, Larry
 John Payne Band  Levin, Louis; Torres, Riccardo
 Johnny & the Hurricanes 
Cantrall, Bobby; Paris, Johnny; Savich, Bill; Wagenfeald, Eddie 
 Johnny's Dance Band  Juliano, Tony
 JoJo Gunne
Andes, Mark; Ferguson, Jay (i); Randell, Jimmy; Smith, Curley; Staehely, John
 Judd  Bell, Madeline; Flavell, Roger
 Jules & the Polar Bears  Shear, Jules
 Kenny  Driscoll, Rick; Redburn, Chris; Walton, Andy
 Kindred  Bluefield, David
 King Harvest  Kelly, Sherman; Kelly, Wells
 King Kurt  Lyons, Rory; Reddington, John
 Kingfish  Weir, Bob
 Kit Kats, The  Stewart, Kit
 Knickerbockers, The  Charles, Beau; Charles, John; Randell, Buddy
Cecil, Malcolm; Francour, Chuck; Keys, Bobby; Margouleff, Robert
 Lake  Peacey, Geoff
 Laurie & the Sighs 
Beechman, Laurie
 LeBlanc & Carr   Carr, Pete; LeBlanc, Lenny
Hoffert, Paul; Shore, Howard; Stone, Fred
 Lightning/White Lightning 
Caplan, Tom; Stanhope, Mick; Woodrich, Woody
 Litter, The 
Caplan, Tom; Gallagher, Mark; Rinaldi, Dan; Strandlof, Bill; Waite, Denny
 Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul 
Cavaliere, Felix; Danelli, Dino; Kavanaugh, Kevin; VanZandt, Steven; Weinberg, Max
 Little Village 
Cooder, Ry; Hiatt, John; Keltner, Jim; Lowe, Nick
 Longfellow  Graham, Robert
 Lovecraft  Washburn, Lalomie
Barker, Michael; Catley, Bob; Clarkin, Tony; Lowe, Wally; Stanway, Mark
 Malibooz  Egan, Walter; Zambetti, John
 Mammoth  Moore, Nicky
 Manfred Mann Chapter 3  Mann, Manfred; Quincy, Dave; York, Steve
 Manfred Mann's Earth Band  Britton, Geoff; Laing, Shona; Mann, Manfred; Rabin, Trevor; Rogers, Mick; Slade, Chris; Thompson, Chris
 Mark Four  Jones, Jack; Pickett, Kenny
 Martha & the Muffins  Gane, Mark; Johnson, Martha
 Mason Profitt  Talbot, John Michael
 McGuffey Lane  Douglass, Tebes; McNelley, Bobby Gene
 Mel & Kim  Appleby, Kim; Appleby, Mel
 Michael Schenker Group  Glen, Chris; McKenna, Ted; Schenker, Michael
 Mighty Avengers, The  Campbell, Tony
 Mike Shackelford Band  Banks, Kevin; Caray, Steve; Homan, Brian; Jax, David; McCave, Kevin; Miller, Steve (ii); Shackelford, Mike
 Mirrors Image  Scafuro, Tony
 Mogul Thrash  Ball, Roger; Wetton, John
 Mongrel  Grima, Charlie; Smart, Keith
 Moonrakers  Corbetta, Jerry; Dorn, Van; Webber, Bob
 Mythomania  Williams, Susan
Redd, Tommy
 Natural Gas 
Clarke, Mark; Molland, Joey; Pappalardi, Felix; Shirley, Jerry
Edwards, Tex
 Northern Light   Peterson, Spencer
Koehler, Trevor
 Omaha Sheriff   Visconti, Tony
 One-Eyed Jacks  Fasman, Barry
Deacon, Mike; Entwistle, John
 Paul & Paula  Hildebrand, Ray; Jackson, Jill
 Paul Revere & the Raiders 
Coe, Charlie; Correro, Joe; Lindsay, Mark; Revere, Paul; Smith, Michael (i); Weller, Freddy
 Phish  Anastasio, Trey; Fishman, Jon; Gordon, Mike; Holdsworth, Jeff; McConnell, Page
 Pied Pumpkin  Scott, Rick; Ulrich, Shari
 Pop Tops  Trim, Phil
 Quotations, The 
Hershkowitz, Harvey; Kaye, Larry; Schwartz, Richard
 Rabbitt  Rabin, Trevor
 Raindrops, The 
Barry, Jeff; Greenwich, Ellie
 Ramrods, The  Moore, Eugene
 Real Thing, The 
Amoo, Chris; Amoo, Eddy; Lake, Ray; Smith, David
 Redbone  Bellamy, Tony; Rillera, Butch; Vegas, Lolly
 Reflections The 
Bennie, Dan; Castrodale, Phil; Micale, Tony; Steinberg, Ray
Davison, Brian; Jackson, Lee; Moraz, Patrick
 Rhinoceros  Mundi, Billy
 Ricky Zahnd & the Blue Jeaners  Zahnd, Ricky
 Rinky Dink & the Crystal Sets  Ward, Bill
 Rip Chords, The  Johnston, Bruce; Melcher, Terry
 Roadhog  Hunter, Robert
 Rockets  Gilbert, David
 Rondels, The  Petze, James
 Rosie  Lasley, David
 Rosie & the Originals  Hamlin, Rosie
 Royal Jones & the Dukes  Kilmer, Keith
 Rubicon  Blades, Jack; Gillis, Brad; Martini, Jerry
 Sail  DellaGalla, Michael
 Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs  Gibson, Butch; Martin, David; Patterson, Jerry; Samudio, Domingo; Stinnett, Ray
 Sanford-Townsend Band  Sanford, Ed; Townsend, John
 Saturday's Children  Cowger, Roger
 Skip & Flip  Battin, Skip
 Smilin' Myron  Guarisco, Tim
 Smithereens, The 
Babjak, Jim; Diken, Dennis; DiNizio, Pat; Mesaros, Mike
 Sonny & Cher  Bono, Cher; Bono, Sonny
 Sons of Champlin  Champlin, Bill
 Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes 
Berger, Alan; Gazda, Ricky; Kavanaugh, Kevin; Lyon, Johnny; Manion, Eddie; Novi, Carlo; Palligrosi, Tony; Pentifallo, Kenny; Rush, Billy
 Stanky Brown Group  Cordasco, Jerry
 Starbuck  Blackman, Bruce; Walker, Johnny
 Starz  Dube,
Joe X; Harkin, Brendan; Ranno, Richie; Smith, Michael Lee; Sweval, Peter
 Stoneground  Jenkins, Dave; Valentino, Sal
 Strangeloves, The  Gottehrer, Richard
 Strider  Grainger, Gary
Cregan, Jim; McCracken, Richard; Weider, John; Wilson, John (ii)
Corbetta, Jerry; MacVitte, Bob; Pickett, Robert; Raymond, Bob; Webber, Bob; Yeazel, Robert
 Survivor  Jamison, Jimi; Peterik, Jim
 Sweet Pain  Phillips, J C
 Swingin' Medallions, The 
Campbell; Josh; Cox, Robby; Free, Wayne; McElrath, John; Webber, Charlie
 Teddy Bears, The 
Kleinbard, Annette; Lieb, Marshall; Spector, Phil
 Tokens, The 
Margo, Mitch; Margo, Phil; Medress, Hank; Siegel, Jay
 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers 
Blair, Ron; Campbell, Mike; Epstein, Howie; Lynch, Stan; Petty, Tom; Tench, Benmont
 Tradewinds  Anders, Peter; Poncia, Vinnie
 Travis & Bob   Pritchett, Travis; Weaver, Bob
 Trolls, The  Cortese, Kenneth
 True West 
Tolman, Russ
 Waves  Echito, Martie
 Widespread Panic 
Bell, John; Hermann, John; Houser, Mickey; Nance, Todd; Ortiz, Sunny; Schools, Dave
 Wondergap  Goldmark, Andy
 Xit  Bee, Tom
  Astronauts, The Gallagher, Jim
 Beach Boys, The Jardine, Al; Johnston, Bruce; Love, Mike; Wilson, Brian; Wilson, Carl; Wilson, Dennis
 Dave York & the Beachcombers Campbell, Glen; York, Dave
 Hondells, The Burns, Richie
 Jan & Dean Berry, Jan; Torrence, Dean
 Ronny & the Daytonas Wilkin, John
 Sentinels, The Barbata, John; Fankhauser, Merrell
 Sunrays, The Henn, Rick
 Surfaris, The Wilson, Ron
 Trashmen, The Wahrer, Steve
 Ventures, The Bogle, Bob; Edwards, Nokie; Johnson, Howie; McGee, Gerry; Taylor, Leon; Taylor, Mel; Wilson, Don


 1910 Fruitgum Company, The Gomez, Richard; Gutkowski, Mark; Levine, Joey
 Archies, The Dante, Ron; Greenwich, Ellie; Kim, Andy; Wine, Toni
 Boyce & Hart Boyce, Tommy; Hart, Bobby
 Marmalade Campbell, Junior; Fairley, Pat; Ford, Dean; Knight, Graham; Nicholson, Hughie; Whitehead, Alan
 Ohio Express, The Levine, Joey
 Sherbet  Braithwaite, Daryl; Mitchell, Tony; Sandow, Alan; Shakespeare, Clive
 Tommy James & the Shondells 
Gray, Eddie; James, Tommy; Lucia, Peter; Rosman, Ronnie; Vale, Mike
 Tremeloes, The Blakely, Alan; Hawkes, Chip; Howard, Alan; Munden, Dave; Poole, Brian; Westwood, Rick

10,000 Maniacs  Augustyniak; Jerome; Buck, Rob; Drew, Dennis; Gustafson, Steven; Lombardo, John; Merchant, Natalie; Ramsey, Mary
 2 by Bukowski 
 4 Non Blondes  Perry, Linda
 A Witness  Aitken, Rick
Lee, Richie
 Addicts, The  Flahant, Richard
 Afghan Whigs, The 
Curley, John; Dulli, Greg; Earle, Steve; McCollum, Rick
MacDonald, Eddie; Peters, Mike; Sharp, Dave; Twist, Nigel
 All About Eve 
Bricheno, Tim; Cousin, Andy; Price, Mark (i); Regan, Julianne; Willson-Piper, Marty
 All-4-One  Borowiak, Tony; Jones, Jamie; Kennedy, Delious; Nevarez, Alfred
 Ambitious Lovers  Lindsay, Arto; Scherer, Peter
 Amps, The Deal, Kim; Macpherson, Jim
 Anastasia Screamed  Bock, Charlie; Burdett, Christopher; Cugini, Christopher; Graning, Chick; Jagolinzer, Andy; Lerner, Scott
 Animal Logic  Clarke, Stanley; Copeland, Stewart
 Archers of Loaf  Bachman, Eric; Gentling, Mat; Johnson, Eric (ii); Price, Mark (ii)
 Ash  Wheeler, Tim
 Associates, The  MacKenzie, Billy
 Auteurs, The  Collins, Glenn; Haines, Luke
 Aztec Camera  Frame, Roddy; Ross, Malcolm
 B.A.L.L.  Kramer [, Mark]; Licht, David
 Babble  Bailey, Tom; Currie, Alannah
 Baby Bird  Chadbourne, Huw; Gregory, Robert; Jones, Stephen; Pedder, John; Scott, Luke
 Babylon A D  DeLaRosa, Danny
 Band of Susans  Poss, Robert; Stenger, Susan
 Bandit  Diamond, Jim; Litherland, James; McIntosh, Danny jr
 Barclay James Harvest  Holroyd, Les; Lees, John; Pritchard, Mel; Wolstenholme, Stewart
 Barenaked Ladies  Creeggan, Andy; Creeggan, Jim; Hearn, Kevin; Page, Steven; Robertson, Ed; Stewart, Tyler
 Basehead  Conway, Bill; Greenwood, Clarence; Hendrix, Brian; Ivey, Michael; Lofton, Keith
 Bauhaus   Ash, Daniel; Haskins, David J; Haskins, Kevin; Murphy, Peter
 Bears, The  Belew, Adrian
 Beau Monde  Lea, Nicholas
 Beautiful South  Abbott, Jacqueline; Heaton, Paul; Hemmingway, Dave; Rotheray, Dave; Stead, Dave; Welch, Sean
  Donelly, Tanya; Gorman, Chris; Gorman, Tom; Greenwood, Gail
 Ben Folds Five 
Folds, Ben; Jessee, Darren; Sledge, Robert
 Bettie Serveert  VanDijk, Carol
 B-52's, The  Pierson, Kate; Schneider, Fred; Strickland, Keith; Wilson, Cindy; Wilson, Ricky
 Big Audio Dynamite  Custance, Michael; Donovan, Dan; Hawkins, Nick; Jones, Mick (ii); Kavanagh, Chris; Stonadge, Gary
 Big Black  Lovering, David
 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic  Miller, Roger; Swope, Martin
 Birthday Party  Cave, Nick; Harvey, Mick; Howard, Rowland S
 Black  Vearncombe, Colin
 Black Box Recorder  Haines, Luke; Moore, John (ii)
 Black Crowes, The  Cease, Jeff; Colt, Johnny; Ford, Marc; Freed, Audley; Gorman, Steve; Harsch, Eddie; Pipien, Sven; Robinson, Chris; Robinson, Rich
 Blake Babies  Boner, Freda; Hatfield, Juliana; Strohm, John
 Bleach  Carson, Salli; Scott, Steve; Singleton, Neil; Singleton, Nick
 blow  Richardson, Mark
 Blow Monkeys, The  Anker, Mick; Henry, Neville; Howard, Robert; Kiley, Tony
 Blue Aeroplanes  Trettine, Caroline; Williams, Marcus
 Blue Mercedes  Miller, Duncan
 Blue Rondo a la Turk  Reilly, Mark; White, Daniel
 Blue Zoo  Andy O; Ansell, Mike; Parry, Tim; Sparrow, Micky
 Bogmen, The  Campion, Bill
 Bongwater  Kramer [, Mark]; Magnuson, Ann
 Boo Radleys, The  Brown, Tim; Carr, Martin; Cieka, Rob; Rowbottom, Simon
 Bourgeois Tagg   Bourgeois, Brent
 Boys Don't Cry  Richards, Nick
Glasper, David; Lillington, Marcus; Spice, Ian
 Breeders, The 
Deal, Kelley; Deal, Kim; Donelly, Tanya; Macpherson, Jim; Wiggs, Josephine
 Bros  Goss, Luke; Goss, Matt; Logan, Craig
 Brother Beyond  Alexander, Steve; Fysh, Carl; Moore, Nathan; White, David (ii)
 Budgie  Boot, Pete; Bourge, Tony; Phillips, Ray (ii); Shelley, Burke
 Bush Tetras, The  Kennedy, Laura; Pop, Dee; Sley, Cynthia
 Calling, The  Band, Alex; Kamin, Aaron; Meneghin, Dino; Mohler, Billy; Wood, Nate; Woolstenhulme, Sean
 Camper Van Beethoven   Krummenacher, Victor; Lisher, Greg; Lowery, David; Pedersen, Chris; Segal, Jonathan
 Cardiacs, The  Drake, William D; Hayes, Christian; Luckman, Dominic; Pugh, Mick; Quy, Tim; Smith, Jim; Smith, Sarah; Smith, Tim
 Cardigans, The  Johansson, Lars-Olaf; Lagerberg, Bengt; Persson, Nina; Sveningsson, Magnus; Svensson, Peter
 Cardinal  Davies, Richard; Matthews, Eric
 Carmel  Darby, Gerry; McCourt, Carmel; Paris, Jim
 Cast  O'Neil, Keith; Power, John; Tyson, Liam; Wilkinson, Peter
 Catatonia  Ieuan, Dafydd; Jones, Paul (ii); Matthews, Cerys; Powell, Owen; Richards, Aled
 Catherine Wheel, The  Dickinson, Rob; Futter, Brian; Hawes, David; Sims, Neil
 Cerberus Shoal  Sutherland, Chriss
 Chalk Circle  Hopkins, Brad; Murphy, Derrick; Winklarz, Tad
 Chapterhouse  Barrett, Russell; Bates, Ashley; Patman, Stephen; Rowe, Simon; Sherriff, Andrew
 Charlatans, The [UK]  Blunt, Martin; Brookes, Jon; Burgess, Tim (ii); Collins, Rob
 Chickasaw Mudd Puppies  Armstrong, Jonathan; Blaazar, Dominic; Dempster, Gillian; Shaw, Steven; Stephenson, James
 Chills  Allison, Peter; Batts, Fraser; Bull, Martyn; Dodd, Jane; Easther, Caroline; Gutteridge, Peter; Haig, Alan; Harwood, Justin; Kean, Martin; Kilgour, David; Mason, Craig; Mednick, Lisa; Moore, Terry; Phillipps, Martin; Phillipps, Rachel; Robertson, Earl; Schayer, Steven; Todd, Andrew
 Christians, The  Christian, Garry; Christian, Roger; Christian, Russell; Priestman, Henry
 Chumbawamba  Bruce, Dunstan; Hamer, Harry; Nobacon, Danbert; Nutter, Alice; Whalley, Allan; Watts, Lou
 Cibo Matto  Ellis, Timo; Lennon, Sean
 Ciccone Youth Gordon, Kim; Mascis, J; Moore, Thurston; Ranaldo, Lee; Shelley, Steve; Watt, Mike
 Classix Nouveaux  Solo, Sal
 Clean  Gutteridge, Peter; Kilgour, David
 Climie Fisher  Climie, Simon; Fisher, Rob
 Cock Robin  Kingsbery, Peter; LaCazzio, Anna; Molino, Louis; Wright, Clive
 Cocteau Twins, The  Blakeman, Ben; DiMassa, Benny; Fraser, Elizabeth; Guthrie, Robin; Palfreeman, Dave; Raymonde, Simon; Tate, Mitsuo
 Communards, The  Coles, Richard; Morris, Sarah Jane; Somerville, Jimmy
 Concrete Blonde  Mankey, Jim; Napolitano, Johnette; Rushakoff, Harry
 Cornershop  Ayres, Ben; Singh, Avtar; Singh, Tjinder
 Counting Crows  Bowman, Steve; Bryson, David; Duritz, Adam; Gillingham, Charlie; Malley, Matt; Mize, Ben; Vickrey, Dan
 Cracker  Lovering, David; Lowery, David; Rupe, Bob
 Cramps, The  Interior, Lux; Linna, Miriam; Powers, Kid Congo; Rorschach, Poison Ivy
 Cranberries, The  Hogan, Mike; Hogan, Noel; Lawler, Fergal; O'Riordan, Dolores
 Cranes, The  Francombe, Mark
 Crash Test Dummies  Darvill, Benjamin; Dorge, Mitch; Reid, Ellen Lorraine; Roberts, Brad (i); Roberts, Dan
 Creatures, The  Clarke, Peter; Dallion, Susan
 Crime & the City Solution  Adams, Bronwyn; Bonney, Simon; Cave, Nick; Hacke, Alex; Harvey, Mick; Howard, Harry; Howard, Rowland S
Edney, Spike; Noone, Peter (ii); Taylor, Roger (i)
 Crowded House  Finn, Neil; Finn, Tim; Hart, Mark; Hester, Paul; Seymour, Nick
 Crunt  Bjelland, Kat
 Cure, The  Bamonte, Perry; Gallup, Simon; Smith, Robert; Thompson, Porl; Tolhurst, Lol; Williams, Boris
 Curiosity Killed the Cat  Brookhouse, Julian; Drummond, Miguel; Thorp, Nick; Volpeliere-Pierrot, Ben
 Curve  Garcia, Dean
 Dali's Car  Karn, Mick; Murphy, Peter
 Dave Matthews Band, The  Beauford, Carter; Lessard, Stefan; Matthews, Dave; Moore, Leroi; Tinsley, Boyd
 Dead Can Dance  Gerrard, Lisa
 Dead End Kids, The  Gray, Robbie; Ivory, Colin; Johnston, Davey; Kerr, Alistair; Squires, Ricky
 Deep Freeze Mice  Bunnage, Michael; Jenkins, Alan; Lawrence, Sherree; Summers, Graham
 Dentists, The  Collins, Robert; Grigg, Robert; Jones, Alun Gwynne; Matthew, Mark; Murphy, Michael
 Depeche Mode  Clarke, Vince; Fletcher, Andy; Gahan, Dave; Gore, Martin; Wilder, Alan
 Dexter Freebish  Kyle, Rob
 Dinosaur Jr  Barlow, Lou; Berz, George; Johnson, Mike; Mascis, J; Murphy, Patrick
 Disoma  Vaughan, Russ
 Divine Comedy  Hannon, Neil
 Divinyls, The  Amphlett, Christina; McEntee, Mark
 Doctor & the Medics  Jackson, Clive
 Dodgy  Clarke, Nigel; Miller, Andy; Priest, Matthew
 Dominoe  Buchzyk, Angie; Neudert, Fred; Papst, Robert; Rohde, Johnny; Schiegl, Marc; Shulz, Rick; Sieber, Jörg
 Dramarama  Easdale, John
 Drastic Measures  Pope, Howard
 East 17  Coldwell, Terry; Harvey, Brian; Hendy, John; Mortimer, Tony
 Easy  Ericson, Tommy; Holmlund, Johan; Jonsson, Tommy;Jormin, Rikard; Peterson, Anders
 Edge, The  Moss, Jon
 Egotrip  Boon, Mark; Sijp, Judith; Stips, Robert Jan
 Eighth Wonder  Beauchamp, Geoff; Grantley, Steve; Kensit, Jamie; Kensit, Patsy
 Electric Hellfire Club  Lassen, Shane
 Electronic  Marr, Johnny; Sumner, Bernard
 Eleventh Dream Day  Bean, Janet Beveridge; McCombs, Doug; O'Bannon, Matthew; Rizzo, Rick
 Ellis, Beggs & Howard  Beggs, Nick; Ellis, Simon; Howard, Austin
 Emmett Swimming  Mich, Luke; Wenberg, Erik
 Enemy  Knox, Chris
 Equus  Boero, Emiliano
 Everything  Honeycutt, Craig
 Everything but the Girl  Thorn, Tracey; Watt, Ben
 Face to Face  Beard, William; Kimball, Angelo; Kimball, Stuart; Ryder, John; Sargent, Laurie
 Fairground Attraction  Edwards, Simon; Nevin, Mark; Reader, Eddi
 Farm  Boulter, Roy; Grimes, Steve; Hooten, Peter; Hunter, Carl; Leach, Ben
 Fastball  Scalzo, Tony; Zuniga, Miles
 Faster Pussycat  Bradshaw, Brett; Cripps, Mick; Downe, Taime; Stacy, Eric; Steele, Greg
 Feeder  Lee, Jon; Nicholas, Grant
 Feelies  DeNunzio, Keith; DeNunzio, Vinny
 Felpudo Tos  Felpudo, Koldo
 Finger Eleven Anderson, Scott; Anderson, Sean; Beddoe, Rich; Black, James; Jackett, Rick
 fIREHOSE  fROMOHIO, eD; Hurley, George; Watt, Mike
 Five uu's  Kerman, Dave
 Flaming Lips, The  Coyne, Wayne; Drozd, Steven; Ivins, Michael; Jones, Ron
 Fleshtones, The  Fox, Ken; Milhizer, Bill; Pakulski, Jan Marek; Shernoff, Andy; Spaeth, Gordon; Streng, Keith; Warren, Robert; Zaremba, Peter
 Flying Luttenbachers, The  Weasel Walter
 Fra Lippo Lippi  Sorenson, Austin
 Frampton's Camel    Frampton, Peter; Kellie, Mike; Wills, Rick
 Frank & Walters  Linehan, Niall
 Fuel  Abercrombie, Jeff; Bell, Carl; Miller, Kevin; Scallions, Brett
 Funnels, The  Richards, Jimmy
Gilder, Maya; Irvin, James; Lee, Hamilton; Still, Sally; Whelan, Timothy
 Galaxie 500 
Krukowski, Damon; Wareham, Dean; Yang, Naomi
 Gattaca  Bazeyev, Konstantin
   Wick, Jerry
 GBH  Abrahall, Colin; Blyth, Colin; Lomas, Ross; Preece, Scott
 Gene  James, Matt; Mason, Steve; Miles, Kevin; Rossiter, Martin
 Giardini di Moro  Reverberi, Jukka
 Giraffe  Gilbert, Kevin
 Glass Tiger 
Connelly, Al; Frew, Alan; Hanson, Michael; Parker, Wayne; Reid, Sam
 Go West  Cox, Peter; Drummie, Richard
 Go-Betweens, The 
Brown, Amanda; Forster, Rob; McLennan, Grant; Morrison, Lindy; Vickers, Robert; Willsteed, John
 Goldroom  Saunders, Ross
 Good Charlotte  Madden, Benji; Madden, Josh
 Grant Lee Buffalo  Kimble, Paul; Peters, Joey; Phillips, Grant Lee
 Grapes of Wrath  Hooper, Tom
 Grover  Fox, Simon
 Gun Club  Morrison, Patricia; Pierce, Jeffrey Lee
 Hamster Theater  Willey, Dave
 Heart Throbs  Barclay, Alan; Carlotti, Rachael; DeFreitas, Rose; Side, Mark; Ward, Stephen
 High Dependency Unit  Karlis, Dino
 Honeymoon Suite  Betts, Dave; Coburn, Ray; Dee, Johnny; Grehan, Derry; Lalonde, Gary
 Hook Echo  Gilbert, Ryan; Koch, Justin; Wright, Philip (ii)
 House of Freaks  Bradbury, Bob; Faulkner, Vic; Marshall, Keith
 House of Love  Bickers, Terry; Chadwick, Guy; Evans, Pete; Groothuizen, Chris; Mawbey, Simon
 Housemartins, The  Cook, Norman; Cullimore, Stan; Heaton, Paul; Hemmingway, Dave
 Hum  Dimpsey, Jeff; Lash, Tim; St Pere, Bryan; Talbott, Matt
 Human Drama  Indovina, John
Mullane, John
Davies, Iva; Morgan, Stephen; Wheeler, Paul
 Industria Masoquista  Javier
 Inspiral Carpets 
Boon, Clint; Gill, Craig; Hingley, Tom; Lambert, Graham; Walsh, Martyn
 Isan  Ryan, Anthony; Saville, Robin
 It Bites  Dunnery, Francis
 Jakob  Boyle, Jeff
 James  Baynton-Power, Dave; Booth, Tim; Davies, Saul; Glennie, James; Gott, Larry; Hunter, Mark
 Jane Aire & the Belvederes  Aire, Jane; Moss, Jon
 Japan  Barbieri, Richard; Jansen, Steve; Karn, Mick; Sylvian, David
 Jesus & Mary Chain, The  Gillespie, Bobby; Moore, John (ii); Reid, Jim; Reid, William
 Jimmie's Chicken Shack  Chaney, Jimmy; HaHa, Jimi; Lemon, Ché Colovita
 JoBoxers  Bostock, Chris; Collard, Dave; Marche, Rob; McLusky, Sean; Wayne, Dig
 Johnny Diesel & the Injectors  Bremond, Bernie; Diesel, Johnny
 Johnny Hates Jazz 
Datchler, Clark; Hayes, Calvin; Nocito, Mike; Thornalley, Phil
 Killing Joke 
Atkins, Martin; Coleman, Jaz; Ferguson, Paul; Walker, Keith; Glover, Martin
 Kingmaker  Andrew, John; Hardy, Loz; Howell, Myles
 Kitchens of Distinction 
Fitzgerald, Patrick; Goodwin, Daniel; Swales, Julian
 Korgis, The  Creswell-Davis, Andy; Warren, James
 Kula Shaker  Mills, Crispian
 LA Guns  Cripps, Mick; Guns, Tracii; Lewis, Phil; Nickels, Kelly; Riley, Steve
 La's, The  Joyce, James; Myers, Lee; Myers, Neil; Power, John
 Lemonheads  Dalton, Nic; Dando, Evan; Ryan, David
 Lifehouse  Andrade, Sergio; Wade, Jason; Woolstenhulme, Rick; Woolstenhulme, Sean
 Lighthouse Family, The  Baiyewu, Tunde; Tucker, Paul
 Linkin Park  Bennington, Chester; Bourdon, Rob; Delson, Brad; Farrell, Dave; Hahn, Joe; Shinoda, Mike
 Live  Dahlheimer, Patrick; Gracey, Chad; Kowalczyck, Ed; Taylor, Chad
 Living in a Box  Darbyshire, Richard; Vere, Marcus
 Lloyd Cole & the Commotions  Clark, Neil; Cole, Lloyd; Donegan, Lawrence; Irvine, Stephen
 London Boys  Ephraim, Edem; Fuller, Dennis
 Lorca's Grave  Shepard, Jim
 Love & Rockets  Ash, Daniel; Haskins, David J; Haskins, Kevin
 Luna  Wareham, Dean
 Lush  Acland, Christopher; Anderson, Emma; Berenyi, Miki; King, Phil
 Macho Frog  Brown, Alex
 Marine Girls, The  Thorn, Tracey
 Matt Bianco  Fisher, Mark; Reilly, Mark; Basia; White, Daniel
 McAuley Schenker Group [MSG]  McAuley, Robin
 McCarthy  Baker, Gary; Eden, Malcolm; Gane, Tim; Williamson, John
 Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia...  Halloran, Mark
 Meat Puppets  Bostrom, Derrick; Kirkwood, Cris; Kirkwood, Curt
 Medicine  Goodall, Jim; Laner, Brad; Putnam, Jim; Ruscha, Ed; Thompson, Beth
 Metro  Browne, Duncan
 Midnight Oil  Garrett, Peter; Hillman, Dwayne; Hirst, Rob; Moginie, James; Rotsey, Martin
 Milltown Brothers  Nelson, Matt
 Mi-Sex  Gilpin, Steve
 Mission UK  Adams, Craig; Hussey, Wayne
 Modern Romance  Deane, Geoff; Gendler, Paul; Jaymes, David; Jaymes, Robbie; Kyriacou, Andy; Mullins, Michael
 Morphine  Sandman, Mark
 Mother Goose  Karhu, Juha
 My Bloody Valentine  Butcher, Bilinda; Cusack, Colm; Googe, Debbie; Shields, Kevin
 My Life Story  Shillingford, Jake
 Naked Aggression  Suchomel, Phil
 Nervous Eaters  Wilkinson, Jeff
 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  Adamson, Barry; Bargeld, Blixa; Casey, Martyn; Cave, Nick; Harvey, Mick; Powers, Kid Congo; Savage, Conway; Wydler, Thomas
 Nightbreed  Strome, David
 Nine Inch Nails  Reznor, Trent
 Nitzer Ebb  Harris, Bon; McCarthy, Douglas
 Nixons, The  Humphrey, John
 Northern Chorus  Livingstone, Stu
 Oasis (ii)  Arthurs, Paul; Gallagher, Liam; Gallagher, Noel; White, Alan (ii)
 Offspring  Holland, Bryan; Kriesel, Greg; Wasserman, Kevin; Welty, Ron
 Orange Juice  Collins, Edwyn; Manyika, Zeke; McClymont, David
 Other Ones, The  Klimek, Alf
 Pajama Slave Dancers  Westfield, Steve
 Pale Saints  Barham, Meriel; Browne, Colleen; Cooper, Chris; Masters, Ian; Naysmith, Graeme
 Panoply Academy Glee Club  Quagliara, Nick; Schreiner, Peter
 Papa Roach  Buckner, Dave; Esperance, Tobin; Horton, Jerry; Shaddix, Jacoby
 Parachute Men  Browne, Colleen; Gregg, Fiona; Gregg, Stephen; Walker, Paul (i)
 Pasadenas, The 
Banfield, John Andrew; Brown, Jeff Aaron; Milliner, Dave; Milliner, Mike; Seeloghan, Hamish
Hennessy, Mark
 PC Quest  Nichols, Drew; Petree, Chad; Petree, Steve; Whipkey, Kim
 Picnic at the White House  Hind, Eddie
 Pixies, The  Black, Frank; Deal, Kim; Lovering, David; Santiago, Joey
 PJ Harvey  Ellis, Rob; Harvey, P J; Vaughan, Stephen
 Porno for Pyros  DeStefano, Peter; Farrell, Perry; LeNoble, Martyn; Perkins, Steve
 Portables, De  DeBlonde, Jürgen
 Portishead  Barrow, Geoff; Gibbons, Beth; McDonald, Dave; Utley, Adrian
 Primal Scream  Gillespie, Bobby
 Professionals, The  Cook, Paul; Jones, Steve
 Proudfoot  Danford, Will; Harris, Marvyn; Havenga, Eugene; Zabludowsky, Roy
 Psychedelic Furs  Ashton, John; Butler, Richard; Butler, Tim
 Psychic TV  P-Orridge, Genesis
 Pussycat  Dragstra, Betty
 Queens of the Stone Age  Castillo, Joey; Homme, Josh; Lanegan, Mark; Oliveri, Nick
 Radiohead Greenwood, Colin; Greenwood, Jonny; O'Brien, Ed; Selway, Phil; Yorke, Thom E
 Ramona 55  Brown, Angie
 Rich Kids  Egan, Rusty; Matlock, Glenn; Ure, Midge
 Roman Holliday  Lambert, Steve
 Rothko  Beazley, Mark
 Rough Trade  Pope, Carol; Staples, Kevin
 Roy & the Rams  Hollingsworth, Roy
 Saga  Crichton, Ian; Crichton, Jim; Gilmour, Jim; Sadler, Michael
 Savage Garden  Hayes, Darren; Jones, Daniel
 Scarce  Graning, Chick
 School of Fish  Clayton-Felt, Josh
 Sea & Cake  McEntire, John
 Sea Urchins  Bevin, Mark; Cooksey, Robert; Duffy, Bridget; Martin, Darren; Roberts, James; Woodcock, Simon
 Seahorses  Fletcher, Stuart; Helme, Chris; Squire, John
 Sebadoh  Barlow, Lou; Loewenstein, Jason; Pollard, Russell
 Shack  Head, John; Head, Mick
 Shockabilly  Chadbourne, Eugene; Kramer [, Mark]
 Shriekback  Allen, Dave; Andrews, Barry; Barker, Martyn; Cozzi, Mike; Wimbish, Doug
 Silverfish  Duprey, Andrew; Mowforth, Chris; Rankine, Lesley; Watson, Stuart
 Simple Minds  Burchill, Charlie; Forbes, Derek; Gaynor, Mel; Hyslop, Kenny; Kerr, Jim; McNeil, Mick
 Sister Hazel  Beres, Jeff; Block, Ken; Copeland, Andrew; Newell, Ryan; Trojanowski, Mark
 Sisters of Mercy  Adams, Craig; Bricheno, Tim; Bruhn, Andreas; Eldritch, Andrew; Hussey, Wayne; Morrison, Patricia
 Skunk Anansie  Dyer, Deborah; Kent, Martin; Lewis, Richard; Richardson, Mark
 Sleeper  McClure, Andy; Osman, Diid; Stewart, Jon; Wener, Louise
 Slowdive  Chaplin, Nick; Goswell, Rachel; Halstead, Neil; Saville, Christian; Scott, Simon
 Sly Fox  Cooper, Gary
 Smalltown Parade Bevoir, Paul; Moore, Robert; Smith, Simon (i); Taylor, Simon
 Smashing Pumpkins  Chamberlin, Jimmy; Corgan, Billy; Iha, James; Wretzky, D'Arcy
 Smiths, The 
Joyce, Mike; Marr, Johnny; Morrissey; Rourke, Andy
 Smoking Popes  Felumlee, Mike
 Snowboy & the Latin Section  Cotgrove, Mark
 Snuff  Andy; Duncan; Simon
 Sonic Youth 
Gordon, Kim; Moore, Thurston; Ranaldo, Lee; Shelley, Steve
 Soul Asylum 
Mueller, Karl; Murphy, Dan; Pirner, Dave; Young, Grant
 Soul Coughing  DeGliAntoni, Mark; Doughty, Michael; Gabay, Yuval; Steinberg, Sebastian
 Soul Decision  Bowman, David; Guthrie, Trevor; Lewko, Ken
 Soup Dragons  Dade, Sushil; Dickson, Sean; McCulloch, Jim
 Spiritualized (Electric Mainline)  Pierce, Jason
 Stafrænn Håkon  Josephsson, Ķlafur
 Staind  April, Johnny; Lewis, Aaron; Mushok, Mike; Wysocki, Jon
 Stereolab  Gane, Tim
 Stone Roses  Brown, Ian; Couzens, Andy; Mounfield, Gary; Squire, John; Wren, Alan
 Stray  Bromham, Del; Cole, Ritchie; Giles, Gary
 Suddenly, Tammy!  Heitmuller; Sorrentino, Beth; Sorrentino, Jay
 Suede/London Suede
  Anderson, Brett (i); Butler, Bernard; Gilbert, Simon; Oakes, Richard; Osman, Matt
 Sugar  Barbe, David; Mould, Bob; Travis, Malcolm
 Sugarcubes, The  Baldursson, Siggi; Benediktsson, Einar; Gudmundsdottir, Björk; Jonsson, Thķr; Ķlafsson, Bragi; Ornolfsdottir, Magga
 Sundays  Brindley, Paul; Gavurin, David; Hannan, Patrick; Wheeler, Harriet
 Sunny Day Real Estate  Enigk, Jeremy; Goldsmith, Will; Hoerner, Dan; Mendel, Nate
 Super Furry Animals  Bunford, Huw; Ciaran, Cian; Ieuan, Dafydd; Pryce, Guto; Rhys, Gruff
 Supercharge  Donnelly, Albie; Dunmore, Tony; Irving, Dave; Robertson, Bob; Yue, Ozzie
 Supergrass  Coombes, Rob; Coombes, Gaz; Goffey, Danny; Quinn, Mickey
 Surfin' Pluto  Catallo, Chris; Catallo, Gene; Hart, Chuck; Lancaster, Brian; Soucie, Michael
 Surgery  McDonnell, Sean
 Sweet 75  Novoselic, Krist
 Swell Maps  Sudden, Nikki
 Swervedriver  Bonnar, Graham; Franklin, Adam; George, Steve (ii); Jez; Vines, Adrian
 Tall Dwarfs  Knox, Chris
 Teenage Fanclub  Blake, Norman; Love, Gerard; MacDonald, Francis; McGinley, Raymond; O'Hare, Brendan
 Telescopes  Brooks, Robert; Dillon, Dominic; Fitzgerald, David; Lawrie, Stephen
 Television Personalities  Ball, Edward
Campbell, Eddie; Hodson, Charlotte; Hynd, Richard; Kerr, Stuart; McElhone, Johnny; McErlaine, Ally; McGovern, Tony; Spiteri, Sharleen
 that dog. 
Haden, Petra; Haden, Rachel; Maxwell; Waronker, Anna; Woods, Kenny
 That Petrol Emotion 
Mack, Steve; McLaughlin, Ciaran; O'Gormain, Reamann; O'Neill, Damian; O'Neill, John
 The, The 
Johnson, Matt
 Then Jerico  Downes, Robert; Shaw, Mark; Stainthrope, Jasper; Taylor, Scott; Wren, Steve
 They Might be Giants  Doherty, Brian; Flansburgh, John; Linnell, John; Maimone, Tony
 Throwing Muses  Donelly, Tanya; Georges, Bernard; Hersh, Kristin; Langston, Leslie; Narcizo, David
 Tight Fit  Grant, Steve
 Timonium  Hervey, Adam
 Tindersticks  Boulter, David; Colwill, Mark; Fraster, Neil; Hinchcliffe, Dickon, McCauley, Al; Staples, Stuart
 Tom Tom Club  Frantz, Chris; Weymouth, Tina
 Tone on Tails  Ash, Daniel; Haskins, David J; Haskins, Kevin
 Toy Love  Knox, Chris
 Train  Colin, Charlie; Hotchkiss, Rob; Stafford, Jimmy; Underwood, Scott
 Transvision Vamp  Axile, Tex; Burton, Pol; James, Wendy; Parsons, Dave; Sayer, Nick Christian
 TXT  Jefferis, Mark
 U2  Clayton, Adam; Evans, David; Hewson, Paul; Mullen, Larry
 Upsilon Acrux  Lai, Paul; Lejejs, Nick
 Urge Overkill  Onassis, Blackie; Roesser, Eddie
 Velocity Girl  Moore, Archie; Nelson, Brian; Riles, Kelly; Shannon, Sarah; Spellman, Jim
 Vertical Horizon  Hurley, Sean; Kane, Keith; Scannell, Matt; Toth, Ed
 Verve, The  Ashcroft, Richard; Jones, Simon; McCabe, Nick; Salisbury, Peter
 Violent Femmes  DeLorenzo, Victor; Gano, Gordon; Hoffman, Guy; Ritchie, Brian
 Visage  Adamson, Barry; Currie, Billy; Egan, Rusty; McGeoch, John; Strange, Steve; Ure, Midge
 Voice of the Beehive  Bedford, Mark; Brooke-Belland, Melissa; Bryn, Tracey; Woodgate, Dan
 Wall of Voodoo  Moreland, Marc; Ridgway, Stan
 Wallflowers, The  Calire, Mario; Dylan, Jakob; Jaffe, Rami; Richling, Greg; Ward, Michael; Yanowitz, Peter
 Waterfront  Cilia, Philip; Duffy, Chris
 Wedding Present  Gedge, David; Gregory, Keith; Smith, Simon (ii)
 Weezer  Bell, Brian; Cuomo, Rivers; Sharpe, Matt; Wilson, Patrick
 Wet Wet Wet  Clark, Graeme; Cunningham, Tommy; Mitchell, Neil; Pellow, Marti
 Will to Power, The  Carr, Suzi; Rosenberg, Bob
 Wizzard  Bernie; Mike; Grima, Charlie; Hunt, Bill; McDowell, Hugh; Price, Rick; Smart, Keith; Wood, Roy
Andrews, Barry; Chambers, Terry; Gregory, Dave; Moulding, Colin; Partridge, Andy
 Yellow6   Attwood, Jon
 Yo La Tengo   Hubley, Georgia; Kaplan, Ira
 Zwan   Chamberlin, Jimmy; Corgan, Billy; Lenchantin, Paz
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
 Absolute Whores, The   Adonis, Dick <Ugly>
Evans, Dave; Evans, Mark; Johnson, Brian; Rudd, Phil; Scott, Bon; Slade, Chris; Williams, Cliff; Wright, Simon; Young, Angus; Young, Malcolm
 Accept  Dirkschneider, Udo; Hoffman, Wolf; Reece, David
 Acid Bath  Pitre, Audie
 Aerosmith  Hamilton, Tom; Kramer, Joey; Perry, Joe; Tyler, Steven; Whitford, Brad
 Alice Cooper  Bruce, Michael; Buxton, Glen; Cooper, Alice; Dunaway, Dennis; Smith, Neal
 Amboy Dukes, The  Arama, Greg; Day, Rusty; Nugent, Ted
 Angel  Brandt, Barry; DiMino, Frank; Giuffria, Gregg; Jones, Mickey; Meadows, Punky
 Angel City  Bailey, Chris
 Anthrax  BellaDonna, Joey; Bello, Frank; Benante, Charlie; Bush, John; Ian, Scott; Lilker, Dan; Spitz, Dan
 Armored Saint  Bush, John; Prichard, Dave; Vera, Joey
 Atomic Rooster  Crane, Vincent; Farlowe, Chris; Palmer, Carl
 Autograph  Osborne, Mike; Plunkett, Steve
 Axe  Osborne, Mike
 Bachman-Turner Overdrive  Bachman, Randy; Bachman, Robbie; Murray, Randy; Thornton, Blair; Turner, C F
 Bad 4 Good  Cooksey, Danny
 Bad Company  Burrell, Boz; Kirke, Simon; Ralphs, Mick; Rodgers, Paul
 Bad English  Cain, Jonathan; Castronovo, Deen; Schon, Neal; Waite, John
 Bad Moon Rising  Aldrich, Doug; Mayo, Ian; Swan, Kal
 Badlands  Chaisson, Greg; Gillen, Ray; Lee, Jake E; Singer, Eric
 Bang Tango  Kyle, Kyle; LeSté, Joe
 Bangalore Choir  Mayo, Ian
 Billion Dollar Babies  Bruce, Michael; Dunaway, Dennis; Smith, Neal
 Black n Blue  St James, Jamie; Thayer, Tommy; Warner, Jeff; Young, Patrick
 Black Sabbath  Butler, Terry; Dio, Ronnie James; Iommi, Tony; Osbourne, Ozzy; Singer, Eric; Ward, Bill
 Blackjack  Bolotin, Michael
 Blind Melon  Graham, Glen; Hoon, Shannon; Smith, Brad; Steverns, Rogers; Thorn, Christopher
 Blitzkrieg [US]   Keel, Ron
 Bloodhound Gang, The Evil Jared; Lupus; Pop, Jimmy; Q-Ball; Spanky G
 Bloodrock  Cobb, Rick; Grundy, Ed; Hill, Steve; Pickens, Lee; Rutledge, Jim; Taylor, Nick
 Blue Öyster Cult  Bloom, Eric; Bouchard, Albert; Bouchard, Joe; Downey, Rick; Lanier, Allen; Meltzer, Richard
 Blue Thunder  Ward, Bill
 Body Count  Wilson, Victor
 Bon Jovi  BonJovi, Jon; Bryan, David; Sambora, Richie; Such, Alec John; Torres, Tico
 Boston  Delp, Brad; Goudreau, Barry; Hasian, Sib; Scholz, Tom; Sheehan, Fran
 Boxer  Halsall, Ollie; Patto, Mike
 Brother Cane  Collier, Scott; Glick, Roman; Johnson, Damon
 Bulletboys   D'Anda, Jimmy; Sweda, Mick; Torien, Marq; Vencent, Lonnie
 Bush  Goodridge, Robin; Parsons, Dave; Pulsford, Nigel; Rossdale, Gavin
 Cactus  Appice, Carmine; Bogert, Tim; Day, Rusty; Martell, Vince; Pinera, Mike
 Captain Beyond  Dorman, Lee; Evans, Rod; Reinhardt, Larry
 Cheap Trick  Brant, Jon; Carlos, Bun E; Nielsen, Rick; Petersson, Tom; Zander, Robin
 Christian Death  Williams, Rozz
 Cinderella  Brittingham, Eric; Coury, Fred; Keifer, Tom; LaBar, Jeff
 CJSS  Chastain, David
 Cold Sweat  Ferrari, Marc; Logan, Oni
 Crack the Sky  Palumbo, John
 Cult, The  Astbury, Ian; Duffy, Billy; Garrett, Scott; Warner, Les
 Damn Yankees  Blades, Jack; Cartellone, Michael; Nugent, Ted; Shaw, Tommy
 Dan Reed Network  Brannon, Melvin II; Reed, Dan
 Danger Danger  Poley, Ted; Ravel, Bruno; Timmons, Andy; West, Steve
 Dangerous Toys [US]  McMaster, Jason
 Danzig  Biscuits, Chuck; Castillo, Joey; Christ, John; Danzig, Glenn; Lazie, Josh; Von, Eerie; Youth, Todd
 Death  Schuldiner, Chuck
 Deep Purple  Blackmore, Ritchie; Bolin, Tommy; Coverdale, David; Evans, Rod; Gillan, Ian; Glover, Roger; Hughes, Glenn; Lord, Jon; Paice, Ian; Simper, Nick; Turner, Joe Lynn
 Def Leppard  Allen, Rick (ii); Campbell, Vivian; Clark, Steve; Collen, Phil; Elliott, Joe; Savage, Rick; Willis, Pete
 Dio  Appice, Vinny; Bain, Jimmy; Campbell, Vivian; Dio, Ronnie James; Robertson, Rowan; Wright, Simon
 Dogstar  Reeves, Keanu
 Dokken  Brown, Mick; Dokken, Don; Lynch, George; Pilson, Jeff
 Dream Theater  Myung, John; Petrucci, John; Portnoy, Mike
 Earthshaker  Nihara, Minoru
 Elf  Dio, Ronnie James
 Enuff Z'nuff  Foxx, Vikki; Frigo, Derek; Parent, Ricky; Vie, Donnie; Z'Nuff, Chip
 Europe  Haugland, Ian; Leven, John; Marcello, Keg; Michaeli, Mic; Norum, John; Tempest, Joey
 Excalibur  Blades, Steve; Solynskyj, Paul; Wilson, Dean
 Exodus  Baloff, Paul; Hammett, Kirk
 Extreme  Badger, Pat; Bettencourt, Nuno; Cherone, Gary; Geary, Paul; Mangini, Mike
 Faith No More  Bordin, Mike; Bottum, Roddy; Gould, Billy; Martin, Jim; Patton, Mike
 Fastway  Clarke, Eddie; King, Dave; Shirley, Jerry; Way, Pete
 Fear of God/FOG 
Bobzien, Randy; Butler, Dennis; Carter, Terry Patrick; Childs, John C; Crosby, Dawn; Grden, John; Greig, Bruce; Hayden, Bill; Hefner, Brandon; Hochheiser, Steve; Michael, Rob; Strahan, Russ; Sylvia, Douglas J
 Fight   Halford, Rob; Parrish, Russ
  Foster, Michael; Leverty, Bill; Richardson, Perry; Snare, C J
 Firm, The [metal] 
Franklin, Tony; Page, Jimmy; Rodgers, Paul; Slade, Chris
 Fishbone/Fishbone & the Familyhood Experience Bigham, John; Dowd, Chris; Fisher, Fish; Fisher, Norwood; Jones, Kendall; Kibby, Walter; McKnight, John; Moore, Angelo; Singleton, Tracey; Steward, John
 Flotsam & Jetsam 
Newsted, Jason
Akkerman, Jan; Bonnet, Graham; Fenwick, Ray; Murray, Neil; Powell, Cozy; Prescott, Peter
Elliott, Dennis; Gagliardi, Ed; Gramm, Lou; Greenwood, Al; Jones, Mick (i); McDonald, Ian
 Frehley's Comet  Frehley, Ace
 Galactic Cowboys 
Smear, Pat
 Garbage  Erickson, Duke; Manson, Shirley; Marker, Steve; Vig, Butch
 Gene Loves Jezebel  Aston, Jay (i); Aston, Mike; Regan, Julianne
 Gillan/Ian Gillan Band  Gillan, Ian
Collen, Phil; Lewis, Phil
Giuffria, Gregg; Goldy, Craig
 Glass Harp  Keaggy, Phil
 Godsmack  Erna, Sully
 Golden Palominos  Fier, Anton; Laswell, Bill; Skopelitis, Nicky
 Goo Goo Dolls, The 
Malinin, Mike; Rzeznik, Johnny; Takac, Robby; Tutuska, George
 Good Rats Kulick, Bruce
 Grand Funk Railroad 
Brewer, Don; Farner, Mark; Frost, Craig; Schacher, Mel
 Great White  Baratto, Krys; Cook, Teddy; Desbrow, Audie; Johnson, Matthew; Kendall, Mark; Lardie, Michael; Longley, Ty; McNabb, Sean; Russell, Jack
 Green Day 
Armstrong, Billie Joe; Dirnt, Mike; Wright, Frank
 Gregory's Funhouse Screemer, Rex
 Guns n Roses 
Adler, Steve; Arkeen, West; Clarke, Gilby; McKagan, Duff; Reed, Dizzy; Rose, Axl; Slash; Sorum, Matt; Stradlin, Izzy
Flattus, Maximus; Odorus, Urungus; Roberts, Brad (ii); Slymenstra, Hymen; Varga, Charles
 Hardline Gioeli, Joey; Gioeli, Johnny; Jensen, Todd; Schon, Neal
 Hawkwind Kilmister, Lemmy; Moorcock, Michael; Turner, Nik
 Headswim Glendining, Dan
 Heavy Metal Kids Peyronel, Danny
 Helix Vollmer, Brian
 Helloween Deris, Andi
 Helmet Bogdan, Henry; Echeverria, Rob; Hamilton, Page; Stanier, John; Traynor, Chris
 Hericane Alice Mayo, Ian
 Ho Cake Bush, John; Vera, Joey
 House of Lords Giuffria, Gregg
 Humble Pie Clempson, Dave; Frampton, Peter; Marriott, Steve; Ridley, Greg; Shirley, Jerry
 Hurricane  Aldrich, Doug; Cavazo, Tony; Hanson, Kelly; Schellen, Jay
 Hüsker Dü Hart, Grant; Mould, Bob; Norton, Greg
 Incubus Boyd, Brandon; Einziger, Mike; Kilmore, Chris; Lance, Dirk; Pasillas, José
 Infectious Grooves Perkins, Steve
 Iron Butterfly Braunn, Erik; Bushy, Ron; DeLoach, Daryl; Dorman, Lee; Ingle, Doug; Kramer, Phil; Pinera, Mike; Reinhardt, Larry; Reitzes, Howard
 Iron Maiden Bayley, Blaze; Burr, Clive; Di'Anno, Paul; Dickinson, Bruce; Gers, Janick; Harris, Steve; McBrain, Nicko; Murray, Dave; Smith, Adrian; Stratton, Dennis
 Ironhorse Bachman, Randy
 Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds Richards, Rick; Stradlin, Izzy
 Jackyl Bettini, Tom; Dupree, Jesse James; Stiff, Jimmy; Worley, Chris; Worley, Jeff
 Jagged Edge Gray, Myke
 James Gang, The Bolin, Tommy; Troiano, Domenic; Walsh, Joe
 Jane's Addiction  Avery, Eric; Farrell, Perry; Navarro, Dave; Perkins, Steve
 Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Byrd, Ricky; Crystal, Lee; Jett, Joan; Ryan, Gary
 Jolliver Arkansaw Pappalardi, Felix; West, Leslie
 Journey Augeri, Steve; Cain, Jonathan; Dunbar, Aynsley; Herbert, Herbie; Perry, Steve (i); Rolie, Gregg; Schon, Neal; Smith, Steve; Valory, Ross
 Judas Priest Downing, K K; Halford, Rob; Hill, Ian; Holland, Dave; Tipton, Glenn
 Kansas Ehart, Phil; Hope, Dave; Livgren, Kerry; Morse, Steve; Steinhardt, Robby; Williams, Rich
 Keel Keel, Ron
 Killers Di'Anno, Paul
 King Diamond Dee, Mikkey; Diamond, King
 King Kobra Sweda, Mick; Vencent, Lonnie
 Kingdom Come Frank, Johnny B; Kottak, James; Stagg, Danny; Wolf, Lenny
 Kiss Carr, Eric; Criss, Peter; Frehley, Ace; Simmons, Gene; St John, Mark; Stanley, Paul; Vincent, Vinnie
 Korn Arvizu, Reginald; Davis, Jonathan; Shaffer, James; Silveria, David; Welch, Brian
 Led Zeppelin  Bonham, John; Jones, John Paul; Page, Jimmy; Plant, Robert
 Leslie West Band  Jones, Mick (i); Laing, Corky; Redd, Sharon; West, Leslie
 Lillian Axe  Taylor, Ron
 Lion  Aldrich, Doug; Swan, Kal
 Living Colour  Calhoun, Will; Glover, Corey; Reid, Vernon; Skillings, Muzz; Wimbish
 Loudness  Nihara, Minoru
 Loverboy  Dean, Paul; Frenette, Matt; Johnson, Doug; Reno, Mike; Smith, Scott
 Lucifer's Friend  Lawton, John
 Lynch Mob  Logan, Oni; Lynch, George
 Mahogany Rush  Marino, Frank
 Man  Belmont, Martin; Jones, Micky; Leonard, Deke; Ryan, Phil; Tyla, Sean; Williams, Terry; Youatt, Will
 Manic Street Preachers  Bradfield, James Dean; Edwards, Richey; Moore, Sean; Wire, Nicky
 Marillion  Dick, Derek; Pointer, Mick; Rothery, Steve; Trewavas, Pete
 Marilyn Manson  Berkowitz, Daisy; Fish, Ginger; Gacy, Madonna Wayne; Linton, Timothy; Lowery, John; Manson, Marilyn; Ramirez, Twiggy
 MARS  Aldridge, Tommy; Macalpine, Tony; Sarzo, Rudy
 Max Havoc  Ward, Bill
 Megadeth  Ellefson, Dave; Friedman, Marty; Menza, Nick; Mustaine, Dave; Samuelson, Gar
 Mentors, The  Hoke, Eldon
 Messiah  Davies, Mark; Diamond, King
 Metal Church  Erickson, Duke
 Metallica  Burton, Cliff; Hammett, Kirk; Hetfield, James; Newsted, Jason; Ulrich, Lars
 Methods of Mayhem  Lee, Tommy
 Montrose  Hagar, Sammy; Kottak, James; Montrose, Ronnie
 Mother Love Bone  Ament, Jeff; Gossard, Stone; Wood, Andrew 
 Mother's Army  Watson, Jeff
 Mother's Finest  Borden, Barry; Moore, Gary
 Mötley Crüe  Lee, Tommy; Mars, Mick; Neil, Vince; Sixx, Nikki
 Motörhead  Burston, Michael; Campbell, Phil; Clarke, Eddie; Gill, Peter; Kilmister, Lemmy; Robertson, Brian; Taylor, Phil
 Mott the Hoople  Allen, Verden; Fisher, Morgan; Griffin, Dale; Hunter, Ian; Major, Ray; Ralphs, Mick; Ronson, Mick; Watts, Overend
 Mountain  Laing, Corky; Pappalardi, Felix; West, Leslie
 Mr Big [US]  Gilbert, Paul; Martin, Eric; Sheehan, Billy; Torpey, Pat
 Nazareth  Agnew, Pete; Charlton, Manny; Cleminson, Zal; McCafferty, Dan; Rankin, Billy; Sweet, Darrell
 Nelson  Nelson, Gunnar; Nelson, Matthew
 Neurotic Outsiders  Jones, Steve; McKagan, Duff; Sorum, Matt; Taylor
 Night Ranger  Blades, Jack; Fitzgerald, Alan; Gillis, Brad; Keagy, Kelly; Watson, Jeff
 Nits  Geraets, Joke; Hosstede, Henk; Kloet, Rob; Petets, Michiel; Stips, Robert Jan
 No Doubt  Dumont, Tom; Kanal, Tony; Stefani, Eric; Stefani, Gwen; Young, Adrian
 Nordic Thunder  Rowman, Joe
 NRG [US]  Darby, Jimmy
 Orgy  Derakh, Amir; Gordon, Jay; Haley, Paige; Hewitt, Bobby; Shuck, Ryan
 Osmium  Lumbre, Rob
 Overkill  Ellsworth, Bobby
 Ozzy Osbourne Band  Aldridge, Tommy; Gillis, Brad; Osbourne, Ozzy; Rhoads, Randy; Sarzo, Rudy; Way, Pete; Wylde, Zakk
 Painkiller  Laswell, Bill; Zorn, John
 Pantera  Abbott, Darrell; Abbott, Vincent; Anselmo, Phil; Brown, Rex
 Paradise Lost  Aedy, Aaron; Archer, Matthew; Edmonson, Stephen; Holmes, Nick; Mackintosh, Gregor
 Pariah  Ellison, Kyle; Ellison, Sims; Sahm, Shandon
 Pat Travers Band  Aldridge, Tommy; Dyke, Roy; Travers, Pat
 Pavlov's Dog  Bruford, Bill
 Poison  Dall, Bobby; DeVille, C C; Kotzen, Richie; Michaels, Bret; Rockett, Rikki; Saraceno, Blues
 Pretty Boy Floyd  Kane, Kari; Majors, Kristy; Summers, Steve
 Primus  Alexander, Tim; Claypool, Les; Huth, Todd; LaLonde, Larry; Lane, Jay
 Queen  Deacon, John; May, Brian; Mercury, Freddie; Taylor, Roger (i)
 Queensr˙che  DeGarmo, Chris; Jackson, Eddie; Rockenfield, Scott; Tate, Geoff; Wilton, Michael
 Quiet Riot  Banali, Frankie; Cavazo, Carlos; DuBrow, Kevin; Forsyth, Drew; Garni, Kelly; Rhoads, Randy; Sarzo, Rudy; Shortino, Paul; Wright, Chuck
 Rage Against the Machine  DelaRocha, Zack; Morello, Tom; Wilk, Brad
 Rainbow  Blackmore, Ritchie; Bonnet, Graham; Carey, Tony; Dio, Ronnie James; Glover, Roger; Powell, Cozy; Turner, Joe Lynn
 Ratt  Blotzer, Bobby; Crosby, Robbin; Croucier, Juan; DeMartini, Warren; Pearcy, Stephen
 Red Hot Chili Peppers  Balzary, Michael; Frusciate, John; Irons, Jack; Kiedis, Anthony; Marshall, Arik; Navarro, Dave; Slovak, Hillel; Smith, Chad; Weiland, Scott
 Red Rider Baker, Rob; Cochrane, Tom; Greer, Ken; Jones, Jeff; Webster, John
 Red Rockers  Griffith, John Thomas; Hill, Darren; Paddock, Shawn; Reilly, Jim
 Reef  Bessant, Jack; Greensmith, Dominic; House, Kenwyn; Stringer, Gary
 Riot  Forrester, Rhett
 Rough Cutt  Derakh, Amir; Shortino, Paul
 Rough Diamond  Britton, Geoff; Byron, David; Clempson, Dave
 Rush  Lee, Geddy; Lifeson, Alex; Peart, Neil
 Saigon Kick  McLernon, Chris
 Samson  Moore, Nicky
 Savatage  Oliva, Criss; Pitrelli, Al; Stevens, Zachary
 Saxon  Byford, Biff; Durham, Nigel; Oliver, Graham; Quinn, Paul
 Scorpions, The  Buchholz, Francis; Jabs, Matthias; Meine, Klaus; Rarebell, Herman; Rieckermann, Ralph; Schenker, Michael; Schenker, Rudolf
 Sepultura  Cavalera, Igor; Cavalera, Max; Kisser, Andreas; Paulo jr
 Shooting Star  Dahlor, Norm; McLain, Van; Thomas, Steve; Waltz, Charles; West, Gary
 Silverchair  Gillies, Ben; Joannou, Chris; Johns, Daniel
 Skeleton Key  Sanko, Erik
 Skew Siskin   Alice, Nina C
 Skid Row [Ireland]  Moore, Gary
 Skid Row [US]  Affuso, Rob; Bach, Sebastian; Bolan, Rachel; Hill, Scotti; Sabo, Dave; Varone, Phil
 Skin   Gray, Myke
 Skrewdriver  Stuart, Ian
 Skyhooks  Macainish, Greg; Starkie, Bongo; Strachan, Shirley; Strauks, Freddie; Symons, Red
 Slade  Hill, Dave; Holder, Noddy; Lea, Jimmy; Powell, Don
 Slammin' Gladys  Brooks, Dave
 Slaughter  Elias, Blas; Kelly, Tim; Slaughter, Mark; Strum, Dana
 Slayer  Araya, Tom; Bostaph, Paul; Hanneman, Jeff; King, Kerry; Lombardo, Dave
 Snafu  Gibson, Colin; Harrison, Bobby; Moody, Mick; Popple, Terry; Solly, Pete
 Southgang  Fincher, Jayce; Harte, Jesse; McLee, Mitch; Walker, Butch
 Spear of Destiny  Brandon, Kirk
 Sponge  Dombroski, Vinnie; Grover, Charlie; Mazzola, Joey
 Spooky Tooth  Grosvenor, Luther; Harrison, Mike; Jones, Mick (i); Kellie, Mike; Patto, Mike; Ridley, Greg; Wright, Gary
 Status Quo  Bown, Andy; Coghlan, John; Edwards (iii), John; Kircher, Pete; Lancaster, Alan; Lynes, Roy; Parfitt, Rick; Rich, Jeff; Rossi, Francis
 Steel Prophet  Brooks, Dave
 Steeler  Keel, Ron
 Steelheart   Matijevic, Mike
 Steppenwolf  Biondo, George; Byrom; Larry; Edmonton, Jerry; Kay, John; McJohn, Goldy; Monarch, Michael; St Nicholas, Nick
 Stonefury  Castillo, Randy
 Strapping Young Lad   Townsend, Devin
 Strong   Stevens, Steve
  Burtnick, Glen; Curulewski, John; DeYoung, Dennis; Panozzo, Chuck; Panozzo, John; Shaw, Tommy; Young, James (ii)
 Suicidal Tendencies  DeGrasso, Jimmy
 Susan  Byrd, Ricky
 Sweet  Connolly, Brian; Priest, Steve; Scott, Andy; Tucker, Mick
 Talas  Perry, Mitch; Sheehan, Billy
 Temple of the Dog 
Ament, Jeff; Cameron, Matt; Cornell, Chris; Gossard, Stone; Vedder, Eddie
Hannon, Frank; Keith, Jeff; Luccketta, Troy; Skeoch, Tommy; Wheat, Brian
 Testament   Billy, Chuck; Skolnick, Alex
 Theatre of Hate  Brandon, Kirk; Duffy, Billy
 Thin Lizzy 
  Bell, Eric; Downey, Brian; Gorham, Scott; Lynott, Phil; Moore, Gary; Robertson, Brian; White, Snowy
 Tiger   Brown, Andy; Moore, Nicky; Rankin, Billy
 Titanic   Asperud, Chappy
 TNT  Harnell, Tony
  Carey, Danny; Chancellor, Justin; D'Amour, Paul; Jones, Adam; Keenan, Maynard James
 Tramp  Brown, Steve
 Trapeze   Galley, Mel; Holland, Dave; Hughes, Glenn
  Emmett, Rik; Levine, Mike; Moore, Gil
 Trixter  Farley, P J; Loran, Peter; Scott, Mark
 Truth  Greaves, Dennis
 Tuff  Rachelle, Stevie
 Twisted Sister  French, Jay Jay; Mendoza, Mark; Ojeda, Eddie; Pero, A J; Snider, Dee
 Tygers of Pan Tang  Sykes, John
 Tyketto  Clayton, Michael; Lomenzo, James; Scott, Jaime; St James, Brooke; Vaughn, Danny
 Type O Negative  Hickey, Kenny; Kelly, Johnny; Silver, Josh; Steele, Peter
 Tytan  Swan, Kal
 UFO  Mogg, Phil; Parker, Andy; Peyronel, Danny; Schenker, Michael; Way, Pete
 Ugly Kid Joe   Crane, Whitfield; Crockett, Cordell; Davis, Mark: Eichstadt, Klaus; Fortman, Dave
 Uriah Heep  Bolder, Trevor; Box, Mick; Byron, David; Clarke, Mark; Hensley, Ken; Kerslake, Lee; Lawton, John; Newton, Paul; Shaw, Bernie; Thain, Gary; Wetton, John
 Van Halen  Anthony, Michael; Hagar, Sammy; Roth, David Lee; VanHalen, Alex; VanHalen, Eddie
 Vandenberg  Heerink, Bert; Kemper, Dick; Vandenberg, Adrian; Zoomer, Jos
 Vanilla Fudge  Appice, Carmine; Bogert, Tim; Martell, Vince; Stein, Mark
 Vicious Rumors   Albert, Carl
 Voivod  Langevin, Michel
 Vomit  Hill, Scotti
 Warrant Allen, Joey; Borg, Bobby; Dixon, Jerry; Lane, Jani; Steier, Rick; Sweet, Steven; Turner, Erik
Banali, Frankie; Holmes, Chris; Howland, Stet; Lawless, Blackie; Rob, Johnny
 Watchtower  McMaster, Jason
 Waysted  Vaughn, Danny; Way, Pete
 White Lion 
Bratta, Vito; D'Angelo, Greg; DeGrasso, Jimmy; Lomenzo, James; Tramp, Mike
 White Witch  Goedert, Ron
 White Zombie 
Tempestra, John; Yseult, Sean; Yuenger, Jay Noel; Zombie, Rob
  Coverdale, David; Galley, Mel; Hodgkinson, Colin; Lord, Jon; Moody, Mick; Murray, Neil; Paice, Ian; Powell, Cozy; Sykes, John; Vai, Steve
 Widowmaker [UK]  Ellis, Steve; Grosvenor, Luther
 Widowmaker [US]  Snider, Dee
 Wildhearts, The 
Battersby, Ritch; Jagdhar, Chris; McCormack, Danny; Ross, Bam; Streatfield, Jef; Walls, David
 Wildside  Hannah, Drew
Beach, Reb; Morgenstein, Rod; Roth, John; Taylor, Paul; Winger, Kip
 Wolfsbane  Bayley, Blaze
 XS   Marshall, Dave
 Y & T   Meniketti, Dave
 Zebra   Gelso, Guy; Haneman, Felix; Jackson, Randy
Grrrl rock

 Babes in Toyland Barbero, Lori; Bjelland, Kat; Herman, Maureen; Leon, Michelle
 Bambis, The Forsman, Pling
 Bananarama Dallin, Sarah; Fahey, Siobhan; O'Sullivan, Jacqui; Woodward, Keren
 Banderas Buckley, Caroline; Herbert, Sally
 Bangles, The Hoffs, Susanna; Peterson, Debbi; Peterson, Vicki; Steele, Micki; Zilinskas, Annette
 Bangs Hoffs, Susanna; Peterson, Debbi; Peterson, Vicki; Zilinskas, Annette
 Belle Stars Barker, Stella; Hirst, Clare; Joyce, Miranda
 Bikini Kill Boredom, Billy; Hanna, Kathleen; Vail, Tobi; Wilcox, Kathi
 Cake Like Kenney, Kerri
 Cat Power Marshall, Chan
 Daphne & Celeste Cruz, Celeste; DiConcetto, Daphne
 Das Fürlines Hemlock, Holly; Luv, Liz; O'Nair, Deb; Schnitzel, Rachel; Wild, Wendy
 Donnas, The Anderson, Brett (ii); Castellano, Torry; Ford, Maya; Robertson, Allison
 Elastica Frischmann, Justine; Holland, Annie; Jones, Paul (iii); Matthews, Donna; Mew, Sharon; Welch, Justin
 Fanny Barclay, Nicky; Millington, Jean; Millington, June
 Fuzzbox Dunne, Jo; Dunne, Maggie; O'Neill, Tina; Perks, Vickie
 Girl Thing Albert, Jodi; Barber, Michelle; Bostelaar, Anika; Martin, Linzi; Stuart, Nikki
 Girlschool Dufort, Denise; Johnson, Kelly; McAuliffe, Kim;  Williams, Enid
 Go-Go's, The Caffey, Charlotte; Carlisle, Belinda; Schock, Gina; Valentine, Kathy; Wiedlin, Jane
 Gymslips Richards, Paula; Yarnell, Karen
 Heart Andes, Mark; Derosier, Mike; Fisher, Roger; Fossen, Steve; Leese, Howard; Wilson, Ann; Wilson, Nancy
 Hole Auf der Maur, Melissa; Erlandson, Eric; Love, Courtney; Pfaff, Kristen; Schemel, Patty
 Hot [US] Carson, Cathy; Curiel, Juanita; Owens, Gwen
 Inadequates, The Gilbert, Gillian
 Kittie Atfield, Talena; Bowman, Fallon; Candler, Tanya; Lander, Mercedes; Lander, Morgan
 L7 Finch, Jennifer; Gardner, Suzi; Plakas, Dee: Sparks, Donita
 Luscious Jackson Cunniff, Jill; Glaser, Gabby; Schellenbach, Kate; Trimble, Vivian
 Miaow Carroll, Cath
 Renees, The Richards, Paula; Slack, Katrina; Yarnell, Karen
 Rock Goddess Turner, Jody
 Ruby Rankine, Lesley
 Runaways, The Currie, Cherie; Ford, Lita; Fox, Jackie; Jett, Joan; Steele, Micki; West, Sandy
 Sleater-Kinney Brownstein, Carrie; Tucker, Corin; Weiss, Janet
 Slits, The Clarke, Peter
 Spice Girls, The Addams, Victoria; Brown, Melanie; Bunton, Emma; Chisholm, Melanie; Halliwell, Geri
 Strawberry Switchblade McDowell, Rose
 Tantrum Caulfield, Sandy
 Veruca Salt Gordon, Nina; Jones, Stacy; Lack, Steve; Post, Louise; Shapiro, Jim
 Vice Squad Bondage, Beki
 Vixen  Gardner, Janet; Pedersen, Share; Petrucci, Roxy
 Warlock Pesch, Doro
 We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It Dunne, Jo; Dunne, Maggie; O'Neill, Tina; Perks, Vickie; Grima, Charlie; Perry, Steve (ii)
Individualsmostly singers
 Aarseth, Oystein 'Euronymous' 
          4-15-1968 Norway
 Abbott, Darrell <Dimebag>  8-20-1966 Dallas TX
 Abbott, Jacqueline 
          11-10-1973 Merseyside, England
 Abercrombie, Jeff 1-8-1969  Kenton TN
 Abler, Keith 10-14-1951  Plymouth WI
 Abrahall, Colin 12-5-1961
 Acland, Christopher 9-7-1966  Lancaster, England
 Adams, Bronwyn 7-31-1961  Melbourne, Australia
 Adams, Craig 4-4-1962  Leeds, England
 Adamson, Barry 6-1-1958  Manchester, England
 Aday, Marvin Lee 'Meat Loaf' 9-27-1947  Dallas TX
 Adonis, Dick <Ugly> 9-12-1964
 Aedy, Aaron 12-19-1969  Bridlington, England
 Affuso, Rob 3-1-1963  Newburgh NY
 Agnew, Pete 9-14-1946  Dunfermline, Scotland
 Aire, Jane 12-2-1956  Akron OH
 Aitken, Matt 8-25-1956
 Aitken, Rick 8-18-1957
 Albert, Carl 5-13-1962
 Albrecht, Bernard  see:  Sumner, Bernard
 Aldrich, Doug 2-19-1964  Raleigh NC
 Aldridge, Tommy 8-15-1950  Nashville TN
 Alessi, Billy & Bobby
          7-12-1953 West Hampstead NY
 Alexander, George (ii) 
          12-28-1946 Glasgow, Scotland
 Alexander, Steve 11-20-1962  England
 Alice, Nina C 12-12-1966  Germany
 Allen, Joey 6-23-1964  Fort Wayne IN
 Allen, Rick (ii) 11-1-1963  Sheffield, England
 Allen, Verden   5-26-1944  Hereford, England
 Allison, Peter 6-7-1960  New Zealand
 Amey, Ian 'Tich' 5-15-1944  Salisbury, England
 Amoo, Chris 10-14-1952
 Amoo, Eddy 5-5-1950
 Amos, Tori 8-22-1963  Newton NC
 Amphlett, Christina 
          10-25-1960 Geelong, Australia
 Anastasio, Trey 9-30-1964  Fort Worth TX
 Anders, Peter 4-28-1941  Providence RI
 Anderson, Alfa 9-7-1946  Augusta GA
 Anderson, Brett (i) [male] 
          9-26-1967 Haywards Heath, England
 Anderson, Emma 
          6-10-1964 Raynes Park, England
 Andrade, Sergio 
          10-17-1977 Guatemala, Guatemala
 Andreason, Cristian 7-21-1969  Bellaire TX
 Andrew, John 5-27-1963  Hull, England
 Andrews, Ken 8-28-1946
 Andy 7-4-1963  London, England
 Andy O 3-21-1963  Braintree, England
 Anker, Mick 7-2-1957
 Ansell, Mike 7-15-1960  Finchley, England
 Anselmo, Phil 6-30-1968  New Orleans LA
 Anthony, Richard 1-13-1938  El Qâhira, Egypt
 Appice, Vinny 9-13-1957  Staten Island NY
 Apple, Fiona 9-13-1977  New York NY
 Appleby, Kim 8-28-1961
 Appleby, Mel 7-11-1966
 Arama, Greg 8-17-1950
 Araya, Tom 6-6-1961  Chile
 Arbus, Dave 10-8-1941
 Archer, Matthew  7-14-1970 Leicester, England
 Armstrong, Billie Joe 2-17-1972  San Pablo CA
 Armstrong, Jonathan 11-11-1968  New Zealand
 Arthur, Neil 6-15-1958  Darwen, England
 Arthurs, Paul 'Bonehead' 
          6-23-1965 Manchester, England
 Arvizu, Reginald 'Fieldy' 11-2-1969
 Ashcroft, Richard  9-11-1971 Billingham, England
 Ashton, John 11-30-1957  England
 Ashton, Tony 3-1-1944  Blackburn, England
 Asperud, Chappy 9-24-1946  Norfolk VA
 Astbury, Ian 5-14-1962  Heswell, England
 Aston, Jay (i)  {twin} 8-22-1957  Bridgend, Wales
 Aston, Mike  {twin} 8-22-1957  Bridgend, Wales
 Attwood, Jon 8-13-1963  Leicester, England
 Augeri, Steve 1-30-1951  Brooklyn NY
 Avery, Eric 4-25-1965  Los Angeles CA
 Axile, Tex 7-30-1963
 Ayres, Ben 4-30-1968  St John's, Canada
 Ayres, Chester 9-5-1942  Neptune NJ
 Babjak, Jim 11-17-1957  Salzburg, Austria
 Bach, Sebastian 4-3-1968  Freeport, Bahamas
 Bachman, Eric 5-19-1970  Asheville NC
 Bacon, Kevin 7-8-1958  Philadelphia PA
 Badly Drawn Boy  see:  Gough, Damon
 Bailey, Tom 1-18-1956  Halifax, England
 Bain, Jimmy 12-19-1953
 Bainbridge, Merril 6-2-1968  Melbourne, Australia
 Baiyewu, Tunde 11-25-1968  London, England
 Baker, Gary 9-8-1963  Barking, England
 Baker, Iain 'Barry D' 
          6-29-1965 Carshalton, England
 Baker, Rob 5-24-1951  Canada
 Baker, Scott 3-16-1951
 Baldursson, Siggi  10-2-1962 Stavanger, Norway
 Ball, Edward 11-23-1959  Chelsea, England
 Baloff, Paul 4-25-1960
 Balsac the Jaws of Death  see: Derks, Michael
 Balzary, Michael 'Flea' 
          10-16-1962 Melbourne, Australia
 Bamonte, Perry 9-6-1960  London, England
 Band, Alex 6-8-1981  Los Angeles CA
 Banfield, Andrew 11-14-1964  England
 Banks, Kevin  6-2-1959  Palatka FL
 Banks, Sidney 10-13-1929  Chicago IL
 Baratto, Krys  9-29-1968  Hibbing MN
 Barbe, David  9-30-1963  Atlanta GA
 Barbieri, Richard 11-30-1957  London, England
 Bargeld, Blixa 1-12-1959  Berlin, Germany
 Barham, Meriel 10-14-1964
 Barker, Michael 1-12-1953
 Barker, Simon 7-22-1956  Malta
 Barlow, Lou 7-17-1966  Northampton MA
 Barrett, Marcia 
          10-14-1948 St Catherine's, Jamaica
 Barrett, Norman 2-5-1949
 Barrett, Russell 11-7-1968  Vermont
 Barrow, Geoff 
          12-9-1971 Walton in Gordano, England
 Barry D  see:  Baker, Iain
 Barry, Jeff 4-3-1938  Brooklyn NY
 Barth, Bill 12-13-1942
 Basia  see:  Trzetrzelewska, Basia
 Bates, Ashley 11-2-1971  Reading, England
 Bathelt, Hans 7-2-1950  Germany
 Battersby, Ritch 6-29-1968  Cannock, England
 Batts, Fraser 4-14-1964  New Zealand
 Bayley, Blaze 5-29-1968
 Baynton-Power, Dave 1-29-1961
 Bazeyev, Konstantin 11-28-1974 Izhevsk, Russia
 Beadle, Bud 3-27-1947  London, England
 Beaky  see:  Dymond, John
 Bean, Janet Beveridge 2-10-1964  Bartow FL
 Beard, William 6-18-1954
 Beauchamp, Geoff 10-30-1962
 Beazley, Mark 11-26-1963  Hatfield, England
 Beck  see:  Hansen, Beck
 Beck, Jeff 6-24-1944  Wallington, England
 Beck, Shorty 6-6-1948  Holland
 Bedford, Mark 'Bedders' 
          8-24-1961 London, England
 Bedient, Jack 9-10-37  Mason City WA
 Bee, Tom 11-8-47  Gallup NM
 Beechman, Laurie 4-4-1954  Philadelphia PA
 Beedle, Martin 9-18-1961  Hull, England
 Beefcake the Mighty  see:  Bishop, Michael
 Beggs, Nick 12-15-1961
 Bell, Brian 12-9-1968  Knoxville TN
 Bell, Carl 1-9-1967  Kenton TN
 Bell, Madeline 7-23-1942  Newark NJ
 BellaDonna, Joey 10-30-1960  Oswego NY
 Bellamy, Tony 9-12-1940  Los Angeles CA
 Bender, Chris 8-2-1972  Boston MA
 Benediktsson, Einar 
          10-29-1962 København, Denmark
 Bennett, Boyd 12-7-1924  Muscle Shoals AL
 Bennie, Dan 3-13-1940  Johnstone, Scotland
 Bennington, Chester 3-20-1976  Phoenix AZ
 Benno, Marc 7-1-1947  Dallas TX
 Berenyi, Miki 3-18-1967  St Stephen's, England
 Beres, Jeff 2-23-1971
 Berkowitz, Daisy 4-28-1968  East Orange NJ
 Berly, Kim 7-24-1948  Dawson Creek, Canada
 Bernard, Barrie 11-27-1944  Coventry, England
 Bernie, Mike 11-1-1944
 Berry, Jan  4-3-1941  Los Angeles CA
 Berry, Mark 'Bez'  4-18-1964 Manchester, England
 Berry, Mike 9-24-1942  Northampton, England
 Berz, George 2-26-1965  Baltimore MD
 Bessant, Jack 3-19-1971  Wells, England
 Bettini, Tom 11-26-1960
 Betts, Dave 9-30-1957  Canada
 Bevin, Mark 1-21-1970
 Bevoir, Paul 5-29-1960  Islington, England
 Bez  see:  Berry, Mark
 Bickers, Terry 9-6-1965  London, England
 Big Bopper  see:  Richardson, J P
 Big Sambo  see:  Young, James
 Bigham, John 3-3-1969  Chicago IL
 Billy, Chuck 6-23-1962
 Biondo, George 9-3-1945  Brooklyn NY
 Biscuits, Chuck 4-17-1965
 Bishop, Michael 'Beefcake the Mighty' 
          9-7-1968 Hawaii
 Björk  see:  Gudmundsdottir, Björk
 Blaazar, Dominic 2-25-1963  Jamaica
 Black Francis see:  Black, Frank
 Black, Frank 4-4-1965  Long Beach CA
 Black, Jay 11-2-1938  Brooklyn NY
 Black, Matt 3-14-1961  London, England
 Blackman, Bruce 7-30-1946  Pine Bluff AR
 Blades, Jack 4-24-1955  Palm CA
 Blades, Steve 5-20-1968  Scotland
 Blair, Ron 9-16-1952  Macon GA
 Blakely, Michael 1-12-1947  Bromley, England
 Block, Ken 11-23-1966
 Bloom, Eric 12-1-1944  Long Island NY
 Blotzer, Bobby 10-22-1958
 Blue, Barry 12-12-1950  England
 Bluefield, David 9-13-1947  Los Angeles CA
 Blunt, Martin 5-21-1964
 Blyth, Colin 'Jock' 10-1-1961
 Bobzien, Randy 6-6-1969  Rockledge FL
 Bock, Charlie 1-26-1965  Nashville TN
 Boero, Emiliano 7-30-1976  Rosario, Argentina
 Boff see:  Whalley, Allan
 Bogdan, Henry 2-4-1961  Riverside CA
 Boggess, Gary 6-17-1952  Orlando FL
 Bolan, Rachel 2-9-1966  Point Pleasant NJ
 Bolotin, Michael now:  Bolton, Michael
 Bonds, Gary 'U S' 6-6-1939  Jacksonville FL
 Boner, Freda 9-3-1967  Nashville TN
 Bongiovi, Matt 8-30-1974
 BonJovi, Jon 3-2-1962  Sayreville NJ
 Bonnar, Graham 4-28-1967  Glasgow, Scotland
 Bonnet, Graham  12-12-1947 Skegness, England
 Bonney, Simon  6-3-1961  Melbourne, Australia
 Bono see:  Hewson, Paul
 Bono, Cher 5-20-1946  El Centro CA
 Bono, Sonny 2-16-1935  Detroit MI
 Bonter, Andre 6-26-1967
 Boon, Clint 6-28-1959  Oldham, England
 Boon, Mark 12-6-1950  Borneo, Indonesia
 Boot, Pete 9-30-1950  West Bromwich, England
 Booth, Tim 2-4-1960
 Borden, Lizzy 6-23-1960
 Bordin, Mike 11-27-1962  San Francisco CA
 Borg, Bobby 3-7-1964
 Borowiak, Tony 10-12-1972  Lancaster CA
 Bostaph, Paul 3-4-1965  Hayward CA
 Bostrom, Derrick 6-23-1960  Phoenix AZ
 Bottum, Roddy 7-1-1963  Los Angeles CA
 Bouchard, Albert 5-24-1957  Watertown NY
 Bouchard, Joe 11-9-1948  Watertown NY
 Boulter, David 2-27-1965  Nottingham, England
 Boulter, Roy 7-2-1964  Liverpool, England
 Bourdon, Rob 1-20-1979  Calabasas CA
 Bourge, Tony 11-23-1948  Cardiff, Wales
 Bourgeois, Brent 6-16-1965  New Orleans LA
 Bowman, David 6-16-1972  Surrey, Canada
 Bowman, Steve 1-14-1967
 Bown, Alan 7-21-1942  Slough, England
 Boyce, Tommy 9-29-1939  Charlottesville VA
 Boyd, Brandon 2-15-1976  Van Nuys CA
 Boyer, Scott 10-17-1947  Binghamton NY
 Boyle, Jeff 11-18-1975  Napier, New Zealand
 Bradbury, Bob 1-14-1956
 Bradfield, James Dean 
          2-21-1969 Blackwood, Wales
 Bradshaw, Brett 7-14-1970
 Braithwaite, Daryl 1-11-1949  Melbourne, Australia
 Brandon, Kirk 8-3-1956  Westminster, England
 Brandt, Barry 11-14-1951  Washington DC
 Brandt, Pamela 2-6-1947  Brooklyn NY
 Brannon, Melvin II 7-6-1962
 Brant, Jon 2-20-1954
 Bratta, Vito 7-1-1961
 Braun, Bob 4-20-1929  Ludlow KY
 Braunn, Erik 8-11-1950  Boston MA
 Bremond, Bernie 2-26-1963  Australia
 Brendel, Rolf 6-13-1957  Germany
 Brewer, Don 9-3-1948  Flint MI
 Bricheno, Tim 7-6-1963  Huddersfield, England
 Brigati, Eddie 10-22-1946  Garfield NJ
 Briggs, Bill 3-19-1945  Battle Creek MI
 Briggs, Pat 6-16-1966
 Briley, Alex  4-12-1951
 Brindley, Paul 11-6-1963 Lymington, England
 Brittingham, Eric 5-8-1960
 Britton, Geoff 8-1-1943
 Bromham, Del 11-25-1951
 Bronstein, Stan  7-17-1938  Brooklyn NY
 Brook, Geoffrey 4-12-1943  Winchester, England
 Brook, Ricky 10-24-1940  Winchester, England
 Brooke-Belland, Melissa   
          2-17-1966 Los Angeles CA
 Brookes, Jon 9-21-1968
 Brookhouse, Julian 5-15-1963  London, England
 Brooks, Dave 7-26-1962
 Brooks, Robert 
          4-11-1969 Burton on Trent, England
 Broughton, Edgar 10-24-1946  Warwick, England
 Broughton, Steve 5-20-1950  Warwick, England
 Browder, Stony jr  2-7-1949  Bronx NY
 Brown, Al 5-22-1934  Fairmont WV
 Brown, Alex 1-17-1967  Glynde, England
 Brown, Amanda 11-17-1965  Australia
 Brown, Andy 7-7-1946  Birmingham, England
 Brown, Angie 6-13-1963  Clapham, England
 Brown, Ian 2-20-1963  Ancoats, England
 Brown, Jeff Aaron 12-12-1964
 Brown, Mick 9-8-1956
 Brown, Rex 7-27-1964  Graham TX
 Brown, Sam (ii) 10-7-1964 Stratford, England
 Brown, Steve 7-13-1970
 Brown, Tim  2-26-1969  Wallasey, England
 Browne, Colleen 8-25-1966  Kelowna, Canada
 Browne, Duncan 3-25-1947
 Browne, Jackson  10-9-1948 Heidelberg, Germany
 Bruce, Dunstan 12-31-1961  Billingham, England
 Bruce, Michael 3-16-1948  California
 Bruhn, Andreas 11-5-1967  Hamburg, Germany
 Brunetti, Nicky 3-8-1953
 Bryan, David  2-7-1962  Edison NJ
 Bryant, Ab 11-15-1954  Vancouver, Canada
 Bryn, Tracey 5-17-1962  Encino CA
 Bryson, David 11-5-1961  San Francisco CA
 Buchholz, Francis 2-19-1950
 Buchzyk, Angie 2-3-1965
 Buck, Alan 4-7-1943  Brierfield, England
 Buckner, Dave 5-29-1976  Vacaville CA
 Buffett, Jimmy 12-25-1946  Pascagoula MS
 Buffin, Terry 10-24-1950
 Bull, Martyn 6-17-1961  New Zealand
 Bumpus, Cornelius 1-13-1952
 Bunford, Huw 'Bunf' 9-15-1967  Bath, England
 Bunnage, Michael 12-21-1958  Romford, England
 Burchill, Charlie 11-27-1959  Glasgow, Scotland
 Burdett, Christopher 3-8-1968  Boston MA
 Burgess, Tim (i) 10-6-1961  Shrewsbury, England
 Burgess, Tim (ii) 5-30-1968  Salford, England
 Burns, Richie 5-4-1941  Buffalo NY
 Burns, Ron 8-23-1942  Hattiesburg MS
 Burr, Clive 3-8-1957  London, England
 Burrell, Boz 8-1-1946  Holbeach, England
 Burston, Michael 'Wurzel' 
          10-23-1949 Cheltenham, England
 Burt, Mick 8-23-1938
 Burtnick, Glen 4-8-1955  Irvington NJ
 Burton, Cliff 2-10-1962
 Burton, Pol 7-1-1964
 Bush, John 8-24-1963  Los Angeles CA
 Bushy, Ron 9-23-1941  Washington DC
 Butcher, Bilinda 9-16-1961  London, England
 Butler, Dennis 12-24-1960  San Diego CA
 Butler, Richard 
          6-5-1956 Kingston on Thames, England
 Butler, Terry 'Geezer' 
          7-17-1949 Birmingham, England
 Butler, Tim 
          12-7-1958 Kingston on Thames, England
 Button, Chris 6-21-1945
 Byford, Biff 1-5-1951
 Byrd, Ricky 10-20-1958
 Byrom, Larry 12-27-1948  Huntsville AL
 Byron, David 1-29-1947  Epping, England
 Byron, Dennis 4-14-1949  Cardiff, Wales
 Cabble, Lise 10-10-1958  København, Denmark
 Cain, Jonathan 2-26-1950  Chicago IL
 Caines, Ron 12-13-1939  Bristol, England
 Cameron, Kate 
          11-14-1965 Hemel Hempstead, England
 Cammy see:  Camwell, Peter
 Campbell, Eddie 7-6-1965  Glasgow, Scotland
 Campbell, Eric 7-17-1949  Glasgow, Scotland
 Campbell, Glen 4-22-1935  Delight AR
 Campbell, Ian 7-15-1947  Glasgow, Scotland
 Campbell, Josh 1-18-1974  Greenwood SC
 Campbell, Junior 5-31-1947  Glasgow, Scotland
 Campbell, Mike 2-1-1954  Gainesville FL
 Campbell, Phil 5-7-1961  Pontypridd, Wales
 Campbell, Tony 6-24-1944  Rugby, England
 Campbell, Vivian 8-25-1962  Belfast, Ireland
 Campion, Bill 2-21-1971  Huntington NY
 Camwell, Peter 'Cammy' 
          6-30-1967 Huyton, England
 Cannon, Freddy 12-4-1939  Lynn MA
 Caplan, Tom 'Zippy' 8-18-1946  St Paul MN
 Caray, Steve 10-10-1958  Red Bank NJ
 Carey, Tony 10-16-1952  Watsonville CA
 Carlos, Bun E 6-12-1951  Rockford IL
 Carlson, Kenneth 5-26-1971  Huntington NY
 Carr, Eric 7-12-1950  New York NY
 Carr, Martin 11-29-1968  Thurso, Scotland
 Carr, Sally 3-28-1948
 Carr, Suzi 7-27-1953
 Carrison, Cliff 9-29-1946  Chicago IL
 Carroll, Sue 1-25-1952  Farnham, England
 Carson, Salli 10-6-1966  Yorkshire, England
 Cartellone, Michael 6-7-1962  Cleveland OH
 Carter, Terry Patrick 7-18-1965  Baltimore MD
 Casey, Martyn 7-10-1960  Chesterfield, England
 Castro, Peppy 6-16-1949  New York NY
 Castrodale, Phil 4-2-1942  Detroit MI
 Castronovo, Deen 8-17-1965  Portland OR
 Catallo, Chris 12-22-1966
 Catallo, Gene 2-6-1964
 Catley, Bob 9-11-1947
 Cavalera, Igor 9-24-1970  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
 Cavalera, Max 8-4-1969  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
 Cavaliere, Felix 11-29-1942  Pelham NY
 Cavazo, Carlos 7-8-1957  Atlanta GA
 Cavazo, Tony 10-16-1958
 Cave, Nick 9-22-1957  Warracknabeal, Australia
 Cease, Jeff 6-24-1967  Nashville TN
 Cecil, Malcolm 1-9-1937  London, England
 Chadbourne, Eugene 1-4-1954  Mount Vernon NY
 Chadbourne, Huw 12-7-1963
 Chadwick, Guy 3-21-1956  Hannover, Germany
 Chaisson, Greg 8-9-1958
 Champlin, Bill 5-21-1947  Oakland CA
 Chaney, Jimmy 11-8-1969
 Chaplin, Nick 12-23-1970  Slough, England
 Chapman, Roger 4-8-1944  Leicester, England
 Charlton, Manny  7-25-1941 Dunfermline, Scotland
 Chastain, David 8-31-1961  Cincinnati OH
 Cher see:  Bono, Cher
 Cherone, Gary 7-26-1961  Malden MA
 Cherry, Eagle-Eye  5-7-1968  Skåne, Sweden
 Chetwood, Michael 
          8-26-1954 Shrewsbury, England
 Childs, John C 7-18-1976  Baltimore MD
 Christ, John 2-19-1965  Baltimore MD
 Christian, Chris 2-7-1951
 Christian, Garry 2-27-1955  Merseyside, England
 Christian, Neil 2-14-1943  Hoxton, England
 Christian, Roger 2-13-1950  Merseyside, England
 Christian, Russell 6-8-1956  Merseyside, England
 Christie, Jeff 7-12-1946  Leeds, England
 Christie, Lou    2-19-1943  Glen Willard PA
 Ciaran, Cian 6-16-1976  Bangor, Wales
 Cieka, Rob  8-4-1968  Birmingham, England
 Cilia, Philip 5-3-1960
 Clark, Gary 3-10-1962  Scotland
 Clark, Graeme 4-15-1966  Glasgow, Scotland
 Clark, Kit 5-20-1967
 Clark, Neil 7-3-1955  Glasgow, Scotland
 Clark, Steve 4-23-1960  Hillsborough, England
 Clarke, Eddie <Fast> 
          10-5-1950 Isleworth, England
 Clarke, Nigel 9-18-1966  Redditch, England
 Clarke, Stanley 6-30-1951  Philadelphia PA
 Clarke, Vince  7-3-1960 South Woodford, England
 Clarkin, Tony 11-24-1946
 Claypool, Les 9-29-1963  Richmond CA
 Clayton, Adam 3-13-1960  Chinnor, England
 Clayton, Michael 9-28-1962
 Clayton-Felt, Josh 5-18-1967  Boston MA
 Clifford, Buzz 10-8-1942  Berwyn IL
 Clifford, Doug 'Cosmo' 4-24-1945  Palo Alto CA
 Clifford, Mike 11-6-1943  Los Angeles CA
 Climie, Simon 4-7-1960
 Cobb, Rick 11-5-1948  Dallas TX
 Coburn, Ray 12-21-1962  Canada
 Coby Dick  see:  Shaddix, Jacoby
 Cochrane, Tom 5-14-1953  Lynn Lake, Canada
 Cocker, Joe 5-20-1944  Sheffield, England
 Coldwell, Terry 7-21-1974  Walthmastow, England
 Cole, Lloyd 1-31-1961  Buxton, England
 Cole, Ritchie 11-10-1951
 Coleman, Jaz 2-26-1960  Cheltenham, England
 Coles, Richard 6-23-1962  Northampton, England
 Collier, Scott 8-19-1966
 Collins, Edwyn 8-23-1959  Edinburgh, Scotland
 Collins, Rob 2-23-1963  Sedgeley, England
 Collins, Robert 6-12-1965  Gillingham, England
 Colman, Stuart 12-19-1944  Harrogate, England
 Colt, Johnny 5-1-1966  Cherry Point NC
 Colton, Tony 2-11-1942  Tunbridge Wells, England
 Coltrane, Chi 11-16-1948  Racine WI
 Colwill, Mark 5-15-1967  Nottingham, England
 Comstock, Bobby 12-29-1941  Ithaca NY
 Connelly, Al 10-10-1960  Canada
 Connolly, Brian 10-5-1944  Hamilton, Scotland
 Convy, Bert 7-23-1933  St Louis MO
 Conway, Bill 11-29-1967  Washington DC
 Cooder, Ry 3-15-1947  Los Angeles CA
 Cook, Norman 7-13-1963  Bromley, England
 Cook, Stu 4-25-1945  Oakland CA
 Cook, Teddy 8-5-1965  Long Island NY
 Cooke, Curley 11-12-1944  Wausau WI
 Cooksey, Danny 11-2-1975  Moore OK
 Cooksey, Robert 11-14-1969  Solihull, England
 Coombes, Gaz 3-8-1976  Oxford, England
 Cooper, Alice 2-4-1948  Detroit MI
 Cooper, Chris 11-17-1966  Portsmouth, England
 Cooper, Gary 11-24-1953
 Copeland, Andrew 3-21-1968
 Corbetta, Jerry 9-23-1947  Denver CO
 Cordasco, Jerry 1-27-1952  Newark NJ
 Corgan, Billy 3-17-1967  Chicago IL
 Cortese, Kenneth 10-24-1945
 Cotgrove, Mark 'Snowboy' 
          7-3-1961 Hadleigh, England
 Cotton, Gene  6-30-1944  Columbus OH
 Coury, Fred  10-20-1965
 Couzens, Andy  7-15-1965 Macclesfield, England
 Coverdale, David  9-22-1949  Saltburn, England
 Coveyou, Gary  11-25-1958
 Cowger, Roger  11-22-1938  Palo Alto CA
 Cox, Peter  11-17-1955
 Cox, Robby  2-4-1969  Greenwood SC
 Coyne, Wayne  3-17-1965  Pittsburgh PA
 Crane, Robbie  1-5-1969
 Crane, Vincent  5-21-1943  Reading, England
 Crane, Whitfield  1-19-1968  Palo Alto CA
 Creeggan, Andy  7-4-1971  Scarborough, Canada
 Creeggan, Jim  2-12-1970  Scarborough, Canada
 Creswell-Davis, Andy  8-10-1949 Yatton, England
 Crichton, Ian  8-3-1956  Canada
 Crichton, Jim  2-26-1953  Canada
 Cripps, Mick 11-22-1962
 Crockett, Cordell 1-21-1965  Livermore CA
 Crosby, Dawn  4-5-1963  Maryland
 Crosby, Robbin 8-4-1960
 Cross, Jimmy 11-17-1938
 Cross, Tim 10-18-1966
 Croucier, Juan 8-22-1959
 Crystal, Lee 2-3-1958
 Cugini, Christopher 11-23-1966  Malden MA
 Cullimore, Stan 4-6-1962  Hull, England
 Cuminale, Chuck 5-23-1952  Oswego NY
 Cunningham, Tommy 
          6-22-1965 Dumchapel, Scotland
 Cuomo, Rivers 6-13-1970  Connecticut
 Curley, John 3-15-1965  Trenton NJ
 Currie, Alannah  9-20-1959 Auckland, New Zealand
 Curtis, Rick 6-18-1947  Washington DC
 Curulewski, John 10-3-1950
 Cusack, Colm 10-31-1964  Dublin, Ireland
 Custance, Michael ' DJ Zonka' 
          7-4-1962 London, England
 Cymbal, Johnny 2-3-1945  Ochiltree, Scotland
 Dade, Sushil 7-15-1966  Glasgow, Scotland
 Dae, Sonny 5-24-1928
 Dahlheimer, Patrick 5-30-1971  York PA
 Dahlor, Norm 4-29-1956
 Dall, Bobby 11-2-1963  Miami FL
 Dalton, Nic  11-14-1964  Canberra, Australia
 D'Ambrose, Joey 3-23-1934  Philadelphia PA
 D'Anda, Jimmy 11-28-1967
 Dando, Evan 3-4-1967  Boston MA
 D'Angelo, Beverly  11-15-1952  Columbus OH
 D'Angelo, Greg 12-19-1963
 Danko, Rick 12-29-1942  Simcoe, Canada
 Dante, Ron 8-22-1945  Staten Island NY
 Danzig, Glenn 6-23-1955  Lodi NJ
 Daou, Vanessa 10-4-1967  Virgin Islands
 Darby, Gerry 10-13-1959  Finchley, England
 Darby, Jimmy 7-23-1967
 Darbyshire, Richard 3-8-1960  Stockport, England
 Darlin, Florraine 1-20-1944  Pittsburgh PA
 D'Arrow, Phil 12-18-1945  Dallas TX
 Darvill, Benjamin 1-4-1967  Winnepeg, Canada
 Dash, Leslie 4-3-1943  England
 Datchler, Clark 3-27-1961  London, England
 Dave Dee see:  Harman, Dave
 David, F R 1-1-1954  Tunisia
 Davies, Iva 5-22-1955  Australia
 Davies, Mark 11-19-1969  Ampthill, England
 Davies, Richard 3-9-1964  Sydney, Australia
 Davies, Roy 10-3-1940  Wales
 Davies, Saul 6-28-1965
 Davies, Simon 1-24-1967  Manchester, England
 Davies, Trevor 'Dozy' 11-27-1944  Enford, England
 Davis, Jonathan 1-18-1971  Bakersfield CA
 Davis, Mark 4-22-1964  Texas
 Davis, Paul 3-7-1966  Manchester, England
 Day, Mark 12-29-1961  Manchester, England
 Day, Rusty 2-1-1946  Detroit MI
 Deacon, John 8-19-1951  Leicester, England
 Dean, Hazell 10-27-1956  England
 Deane, Geoff 12-10-1954  London, England
 Deane, Sandy 1-30-1943
 DeBlonde, Jürgen 3-28-1975  Gent, Belgium
 Decker, Carol  9-10-1957  London, England
 Dederer, Dave 10-5-1964
 Dee, Joey 6-11-1940  Passaic NJ
 Dee, Johnny  10-20-1961  Canada
 Dee, Kiki   3-6-1947  Bradford, England
 Dee, Mikkey 10-31-1963
 DeGarmo, Chris 6-14-1963  Wenatchee WA
 DeGliAntoni, Mark 6-20-1962  San Francisco CA
 DeGrasso, Jimmy 3-16-1965  Pennsylvania
 Dehmel, Jurgen 8-12-1958  Germany
 DelaRocha, Zack 1-12-1970  Irvine CA
 DeLaRosa, Danny 5-1-1964
 DellaGalla, Michael 11-17-1950  Utica NY
 DeLoach, Darryl 9-12-1947  San Diego CA
 Delp, Brad 6-12-1951  Boston MA
 Delson, Brad 12-1-1977  Agoura CA
 DeMartini, Warren 4-10-1963
 Dempster, Gillian  4-16-1970  New Zealand
 Dene, Terry  12-20-1938  London, England
 DeNunzio, Keith  4-27-1958  Reading PA
 DeNunzio, Vinny  8-15-1956  Reading PA
 Derakh, Amir  6-20-1963  Schenectady NY
 Deris, Andi  8-18-1964  Germany
 Derks, Michael 'Balsac'  6-28-1968  Virginia
 Desbrow, Audie  5-17-1957  Los Angeles CA
 DeSchoolmeester, Beverley  5-4-1962  England
 DeVille, C C  5-14-1962  Brooklyn NY
 DeVito, Karla  5-29-1953
 DeYoung, Dennis  2-18-1947  Chicago IL


 Dharma, Buck 11-12-1947
 Diamond, Jim 9-28-1951  Glasgow, Scotland
 Diamond, King 6-14-1956  København, Denmark
 Di'Anno, Paul 5-17-1959  Chingford, England
 Dick, Derek 'Fish' 4-25-1958  Dalkeith, Scotland
 Dicken  see:  Pain, Jeff
 Dickinson, Bruce 8-7-1958  Worksop, England
 Dickinson, Rob 7-23-1965  Norwich, England
 Dickson, Sean 3-21-1967  Glasgow, Scotland
 Diesel, Johnny 5-31-1966
 DiFranco, Ani 9-23-1970  Buffalo NY
 Diken, Dennis 2-25-1957  Belleville NJ
 Dillon, Dominic 9-26-1964  Bolton, England
 Dimebag Darrell  see:  Abbott, Darrell
 DiMino, Frank 10-15-1951  Boston MA
 Dimpsey, Jeff 5-23-1967  Illinois
 DiNizio, Pat 10-12-1955  Plainfield NJ
 Dino, Paul 3-2-1935  Philadelphia PA
 Dio, Ronnie James 7-10-1942  Portsmouth NH
 Dirkschneider, Udo 4-6-1952
 Dirnt, Mike 5-4-1972  California
 DiStefano, Peter 7-10-1965  Los Angeles CA
 Dixon, Jerry 9-15-1967  Pasadena CA
 Doctor Robert  see:  Howard, Robert
 Dodd, Jane 9-9-1962  New Zealand
 Dodson, Rich 7-1-1947  Sudbury, Canada
 Doherty, Stevie  7-17-1959 Coatbridge, Scotland
 Dokken, Don 6-29-1953
 Dollimore, Kris 2-1-1966  England
 Dombroski, Vinnie 12-4-1962  Detroit MI
 Donald, Timmy 9-29-1946
 Donaldson, Bo 6-13-1954
 Donegan, Lawrence 7-13-1961
 Donnelly, Albie  8-12-1947
 Donovan, Dan  8-10-1962
 Dorge, Mitch  9-15-1960  Winnipeg, Canada
 Dorman, Lee  9-15-1942  St Louis MO
 Dorn, Van  9-7-1946  Ilion NY
 Doughty, Michael  6-10-1970  Fort Knox KY
 Douglass, Tebes  8-11-1950  Columbus OH
 Dove, Ronnie  9-7-1940  Herndon VA
 Dowd, Chris  9-20-1965  Las Vegas NV
 Dowell, Joe 1-23-1940  Bloomington IN
 Downe, Taime 9-29-1964
 Downes, Robert 
          12-7-1961 Cheadle Hulme, England
 Downey, Rick 8-29-1953
 Downing, K K  10-27-1951 Birmingham, England
 Dozy   see:  Davies, Trevor
 Dragstra, Betty 6-23-1952  Holland
 Drake, William D 2-7-1962  Essex, England
 Dreja, Chris 11-11-1945  Surbiton, England
 Driscoll, Rick 5-1-1957
 Drozd, Steven 12-6-1969  Houston TX
 Drummie, Richard 3-20-1959
 Drummond, Miguel 1-27-1964  London, England
 Dube, Joe X 12-6-1950
 DuBrow, Kevin 10-29-1955  Los Angeles CA
 Duffy, Billy 5-12-1959  Manchester, England
 Duffy, Bridget 6-28-1970  Birmingham, England
 Duffy, Chris 5-26-1960
 Duich, John 3-27-1952
 Dulli, Greg 5-11-1965  Ohio
 Dumont, Tom 1-11-1968
 Dunaway, Dennis 12-9-1948  Cottage Grove OR
 Dunbar, Aynsley 1-10-1946  Lancashire, England
 Dunbar, Derek 8-31-1958  Aberdeen, Scotland
 Dunbar, Robert 12-14-1951  Oak Harbour WA
 Duncan 8-22-1964  Louth, England
 Dunmore, Tony 1-1-1952
 Dunnery, Francis 12-25-1962  Egremont, England
 Dupree, Jesse James 9-22-1962
 Dupree, Robbie 12-23-1946  Brooklyn NY
 Duprey, Andrew 'Fuzz' 6-14-1963  Kent, England
 Durant, Jon 6-15-1964  Cohasset MA
 Durham, Nigel 8-25-1965
 Duritz, Adam  8-1-1964  Baltimore MD
 Dyer, Deborah 'Skin'   8-3-1967 London, England
 Dyer, Des  5-22-1948  Rugby, England
 Dyke, Roy   2-13-1945  Liverpool, England
 Dylan, Jakob  12-9-1969  New York NY
 Dymond, John 'Beaky' 
          7-10-1944 Salisbury, England
 Earle, Steve 3-28-1966  Cincinnati OH
 Easdale, John 9-20-1961
 Easther, Caroline 11-30-1958  New Zealand
 Echeverria, Rob 12-15-1967  New York NY
 Eden, Malcolm 9-1-1963  Ilford, England
 Edge, The  see:  Evans, David
 Edmonson, Stephen 
          12-30-1969 Bridlington, England
 Edmonton, Jerry 10-24-1946  Canada
 Edney, Spike 12-11-1951
 Edwards, Richey  12-27-1967 Blackwood, Wales
 Edwards, Simon 4-29-1958
 Edwards, Tex 11-14-1954  Dallas TX
 Egan, Rusty 9-19-1957
 Egan, Walter 7-12-1948  Jamaica NY
 Ehart, Phil 2-4-1950  Kansas
 Eichstadt, Klaus 12-19-1967  Redwood City CA
 Einziger, Mike 6-21-1976  Los Angeles CA
 Eldritch, Andrew 5-15-1959  Ely, England
 Elias, Blas 8-18-1967
 Ellefson, Dave 11-12-1964  Jackson MN
 Elliott, Dennis 8-18-1950  London, England
 Elliott, Joe 8-1-1959  Sheffield, England
 Ellis, Rob 2-13-1962  Bristol, England
 Ellis, Simon 5-18-1961
 Ellison, Kyle 1-3-1970
 Ellison, Sims 3-10-1967
 Ellsworth, Bobby 'Blitz' 5-3-1959
 Elmes, Vic 5-10-1947  Dagenham, England
 Emmett, Rik 7-10-1953  Canada
 Engel, Søren 4-6-1967  København, Denmark
 Enigk, Jeremy 7-16-1974  Everett WA
 Ephraim, Edem 7-1-1959
 Epstein, Howie 7-21-1955
 Erickson, Duke 1-15-1953  Nebraska
 Ericson, Peter 7-2-1950  Uppsala, Sweden
 Ericson, Tommy 3-23-1966  Umea, Sweden
 Erna, Sully 2-7-1968
 Esperance, Tobin 11-14-1979  Vacaville CA
 Essex, David 7-23-1947  Plaistow, England
 Euronymous  see:  Aarseth, Oystein
 Evans, Dave  7-20-1953 Carmarthen, Wales
 Evans, David 'The Edge' 
          8-8-1961 Barking, England
 Evans, Mark 3-2-1956  Melbourne, Australia
 Evans, Pete 10-22-1957  Swansea, Wales
 Evans, Rod 1-19-1945  Edinburgh, Scotland
 Evers, Jörg 6-21-1950  Bayreuth, Germany
 Evil Jared 8-5-1971  Tylersport PA
 Fabbri, Franco  9-7-1949 São Paulo, Brazil
 Fairley, Pat 4-14-1946  Glasgow, Scotland
 Fairweather-Low, Andy 
          8-2-1950 Ystrad Mynach, Wales
 Falcon, Billy 7-13-1956  Valley Stream NY
 Falkner, Jason 6-2-1968  Los Angeles CA
 Fardon, Don 8-19-1943  Coventry, England
 Farley, Colin 2-24-1959
 Farley, P J 6-8-1972
 Farlowe, Chris 
          10-13-1940 Birkhamstead, England
 Farnell, Tom 8-24-1947  Birmingham, England
 Farner, Mark 9-29-1948  Flint MI
 Farrell, Dave 'Phoenix' 2-8-1977  Plymouth MA
 Farrell, Louie 12-12-1947
 Farrell, Perry 3-29-1959  Queens NY
 Farris, J J 6-22-1968
 Farrow, Andrew 7-24-1964  Hamilton, Bermuda
 Fasman, Barry 10-9-1946  Chicago IL
 Fatboy Slim  see:  Cook, Norman
 Faulkner, Vic 2-27-1956
 Feehan, David 
          10-9-1948 Wellington, New Zealand
 Fellowes, Simon 5-20-1961  Kingston, England
 Felpudo, Koldo 1-6-1970  Valencia, Spain
 Felumlee, Mike 9-23-1974
 Fenwick, Ray 7-18-1946  Romford, England
 Ferguson, Jay (i) 5-10-1943  Burbank CA
 Ferrari, Marc 1-27-1962
 Fiddler, John 9-25-1947  Darlaston, England
 Fier, Anton 6-20-1956  Cleveland OH
 Fierstein, Ronnie 12-4-1950  Brooklyn NY
 Fincher, Jayce 4-18-1967
 Finn, Neil   5-27-1958 Te Awamutu, New Zealand
 Finn, Tim   6-25-1952 Te Awamutu, New Zealand
 Finney, David 
          6-3-1963 Stoke Newington, England
 Fish  see:  Dick, Derek
 Fish, Ginger 9-28-1967  Framingham MA
 Fisher, Fish 7-16-1967  Los Angeles CA
 Fisher, Mark 12-3-1959  Manchester, England
 Fisher, Norwood 9-12-1965  Los Angeles CA
 Fisher, Rob 11-5-1959
 Fishman, Jon 2-19-1965  Philadelphia PA
 Fitzgerald, Alan 7-16-1949
 Fitzgerald, David 
          8-30-1966 Wellingborough, England
 Fitzgerald, Patrick 4-7-1964  Basel, Switzerland
 Flahant, Richard 4-12-1968  Ipswich, England
 Flansburgh, John 5-6-1960  Boston MA
 Flattus, Maximus   12-20-1967  Texas
 Flavell, Roger 2-10-1946  Ruislip, England
 Flea  see:  Balzary, Michael
 Fleetwood, Mick   6-24-1942  Redruth, England
 Fletcher, Andy 7-8-1961  Nottingham, England
 Fletcher, Chris 7-1-1952  Berlin, Germany
 Fletcher, Stuart 1-16-1976  York, England
 Flinto 3-11-1955  Zambia
 Flowers, Herbie 5-19-1938  London, England
 Folds, Ben 9-12-1966  Winston Salem NC
 Fontaine, Eddie 3-6-1927  Jersey City NJ
 Forbes, Derek 6-22-1956  Glasgow, Scotland
 Ford, Dean 9-5-1946  Airdrie, Scotland
 Ford, Marc 4-13-1966  Los Angeles CA
 Forrester, John 3-16-1969  Pembury, England
 Forrester, Rhett 9-22-1956
 Forster, Rob 6-29-1957  Brisbane, Australia
 Forsyth, Drew 5-14-1956  Hollywood CA
 Fortman, Dave 7-11-1967  Orlando FL
 Foster, Michael 12-9-1968
 Fowley, Kim 7-21-1939  Los Angeles CA
 Fox, Ken 2-16-1961  Toronto, Canada
 Fox, Kim 11-18-1969  New York NY
 Fox, Simon 6-5-1970  Birmingham, England
 Foxx, Vikki 9-20-1969
 Frame, Roddy  1-29-1964 East Kilbride, Scotland
 Frampton, Peter 
          4-22-1950 Beckenham, England
 Francombe, Mark 12-4-1963  Ongar, England
 Francour, Chuck 5-28-1947  South Bend IN
 Frank, Johnny B  7-18-1957
 Frank, Rick  2-12-1942  New York NY
 Franklin, Adam 7-19-1968  Billericay, England
 Franklin, Rodney 9-16-1958  Berkeley CA
 Franklin, Tony 4-2-1962
 Fraser, Andy 8-7-1952  London, England
 Fraser, Elizabeth 
          8-29-1963 Grangemouth, Scotland
 Fraser, Neil 11-22-1962  London, England
 Fredriksson, Marie 
          5-30-1958 Östra Ljungby, Sweden
 Free, Wayne 7-13-1977  Greenwood SC
 Freed, Audley 10-5-1962  Virginia
 Freezin' Pete 11-19-1965
 Frehley, Ace 4-27-1951  Bronx NY
 Frenette, Matt 3-7-1954
 Frew, Alan 8-11-1959  Scotland
 Friedman, Marty 12-8-1962  Washington DC
 Frigo, Derek 7-26-1966
 fROMOHIO, eD 1-26-1962  Steubenville OH
 Frost, Craig 4-20-1948  Flint MI
 Frost, Per 10-30-1954  Århus, Denmark
 Frusciante, John 3-5-1970  New York NY
 Fry, Tristan 10-25-1946  London, England
 Fryer, Fritz 12-6-1944  Oldham, England
 Fuller, Dennis 6-19-1960
 Futter, Brian 12-7-1965  London, England
 Fysh, Carl 1-25-1963  England
 Gabay, Yuval  7-23-1963  Jerusalem, Israel
 Gabriel, Gilbert  11-16-1956 Paddington, England
 Gacy, Madonna Wayne 3-6-1964
 Gagliardi, Ed 2-13-1952  New York NY
 Gahan, Dave 5-9-1962  Epping, England
 Galdston, Phil 9-28-1950  New York NY
 Gallagher, Liam 9-21-1972  Burnage, England
 Gallagher, Mark 3-17-1948  Chicago IL
 Gallagher, Noel 5-29-1967  Burnage, England
 Gallup, Simon 6-1-1960  Surrey, England
 Gane, Mark 12-17-1953
 Gane, Tim 7-12-1964  Barking, England
 Gannett, Bryan 4-7-1949
 Gano, Gordon 6-7-1963  New York NY
 Garcia, Dean 5-3-1958  London, England
 Gardner, Kim 1-27-1946  Dulwich, England
 Garni, Kelly 10-29-1957  North Hollywood CA
 Garrett, Peter 4-16-1953  Sydney, Australia
 Garrett, Scott 3-14-1966  Washington DC
 Gavurin, David 4-4-1963  London, England
 Gaynor, Mel 5-29-1959  Glasgow, Scotland
 Gayol, Danny  7-13-1958 México, Mexico
 Gedge, David 4-23-1960  Leeds, England
 Gelso, Guy 10-29-1952  Sacramento CA
 Gendler, Paul 8-11-1960
 Gentling, Mat 6-24-1970  Asheville NC
 George, Steve (ii) 9-23-1966
 Geraets, Joke 10-18-1957  Den Haag, Holland
 Gerrard, Lisa 4-12-1961  Melbourne, Australia
 Gers, Janick 1-27-1957  Hartlepool, England
 Gibbons, Beth 1-4-1965  Devon, England
 Gibbons, Mike 12-29-1953
 Gibson, Colin 9-21-1949  Newcastle, England
 Gilbert, David 12-4-1951  Pontiac MI
 Gilbert, Kevin 11-20-1966
 Gilbert, Paul 11-6-1966  Pittsburgh PA
 Gilbert, Ryan 1-8-1976  St Cloud MN
 Gilder, Maya 4-25-1964  Poonak, India
 Gilder, Nick 11-7-1951  London, England
 Giles, Gary 2-23-1952
 Gill, Craig 12-5-1971  Manchester, England
 Gill, Peter 6-9-1951
 Gillan, Ian 8-19-1945  Hounslow, England
 Gillen, Ray 5-12-1961
 Gillespie, Bobby 6-22-1964  Scotland
 Gillies, Ben 10-24-1979  Newcastle, Australia
 Gillingham, Charlie 1-12-1960  Torrance CA
 Gillis, Brad 6-15-1957
 Gilmer, Jimmy 9-15-1940  La Grange IL
 Gilmour, Jim 'Daryl' 2-25-1958  Scotland
 Gilpin, Steve 4-28-1950  Wellington, New Zealand
 Ginger see:  Walls, David
 Gioeli, Joey 5-31-1962
 Gioeli, Johnny 10-5-1967
 Giuffria, Gregg 7-28-1951  Gulfport MS
 Glasper, David 1-4-1965
 Glendining, Dan 10-11-1971  Essex, England
 Glennie, James 10-10-1963
 Glick, Roman 12-18-1969
 Glover, Corey 11-6-1964  Brooklyn NY
 Goedert, Ron 9-28-1950
 Gold, Marion 5-26-1958
 Goldmark, Andy 10-8-1951  Stamford CT
 Goldsmith, Will  7-4-1972  Seattle WA
 Goldy, Craig 10-6-1961
 Gomez, Richard 6-1-1950  Bayonne NJ
 Goodhand-Tait, Phillip 1-3-1945  Hull, England
 Goodridge, Robin 9-10-1966  Gilford, England
 Goodwin, Chris 8-10-1965  Oldham, England
 Goodwin, Daniel 7-22-1964  Salamanca, Spain
 Goodwyn, Myles 6-23-1948  Woodstock, Canada
 Googe, Debbie 10-24-1962  Somerset, England
 Gordon, Dervin & Lincoln  6-29-1948  Jamaica
 Gordon, Jay 1-30-1967  San Francisco CA
 Gordon, Kim 4-28-1953  Rochester NY
 Gordon, Mike 6-3-1965  Boston MA
 Gore, Martin 7-23-1961  Basildon, England
 Gorman, Steve 8-17-1965  Hopkinville KY
 Goss, Luke & Matt  9-29-1968 London, England
 Goswell, Rachel 5-16-1971  Hampshire, England
 Gott, Larry 7-24-1957
 Gottehrer, Richard 6-12-1940  New York NY
 Goudreau, Barry 11-29-1951  Boston MA
 Gough, Damon 'Badly Drawn Boy' 
          10-2-1970 Dunstable, England
 Gould, Billy 4-24-1963  Los Angeles CA
 Gracey, Chad 7-23-1971  York PA
 Gracie, Charlie 5-14-1936  Philadelphia PA
 Graham, Glen 12-5-1968  Columbus MS
 Graham, Lee (i) <Leapy> 
          7-2-1942 Eastbourne, England
 Graham, Lee (ii) 2-15-1945  Seattle WA
 Grainger, Gary 3-5-1952
 Gramm, Lou 5-2-1950  Rochester NY
 Graning, Chick 10-28-1966  Vancouver, Canada
 Grant, Art 5-14-1947
 Grant, Eddy 3-5-1948  Plaisance, Guyana
 Grant, Steve 2-26-1960
 Grantley, Steve 3-8-1962
 Gray, Eddie 2-27-1948  Pittsburgh PA
 Gray, Myke  5-12-1968  Fulham, England
 Gray, Robbie  2-23-1957
 Grden, John 11-15-1964  Maryland
 Greaves, Dennis  7-23-1957
 Green, Mick 2-22-1943  Matlock, England
 Green, Peter 10-29-1946  London, England
 Greenfield, Robert 5-14-1949  Margate, England
 Greenhill, Mitch 3-20-1944  Brooklyn NY
 Greensmith, Dominic 6-2-1970  Denby, England
 Greenway, Brian  10-1-1951 Woodstock, Canada
 Greenwich, Ellie 10-23-1940  Brooklyn NY
 Greenwood, Al 10-20-1951  New York NY
 Greenwood, Clarence 'Citizen Cope' 
          5-20-1965 Washington DC
 Greenwood, Colin  6-26-1969  Oxford, England
 Greenwood, Jonny 11-5-1971  Oxford, England
 Greer, Ken 7-25-1954  Canada
 Gregg, Fiona 7-26-1963  Norwich, England
 Gregg, Stephen 
          11-29-1960 Bishop Aucklands, England
 Gregory, Bryan 2-20-1951  Detroit MI
 Gregory, Keith 1-2-1963  Durham, England
 Gregory, Robert 1-2-1967
 Gregory, Steve 9-4-1945  London, England
 Grehan, Derry 7-10-1957  Canada
 Greig, Bruce 10-7-1967  Washington DC
 Griffin, Bob 12-4-1959  Waukesha WI
 Griffin, Dale 'Buffin' 
          10-24-1948 Ross on Wye, England
 Griffith, John Thomas 4-3-1960  Lubbock TX
 Grigg, Robert 7-28-1968  Canterbury, England
 Grimes, Ged 3-28-1962  Scotland
 Grimes, Steve 6-4-1962  Liverpool, England
 Groothuizen, Chris 
          7-8-1965 Otahuhu, New Zealand
 Grosskopf, Markus 9-20-1965
 Grover, Charlie 11-23-1967
 Grundy, Ed 3-10-1948  Pilot Point TX
 Grushecky, Joe 5-6-1948  Pittsburgh PA
 Guarisco, Tim 10-23-1968  Morgan City LA
 Gudmundsdottir, Björk 
          11-21-1965 Reykjavík, Iceland
 Guillory, Isaac 
          2-27-1947 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
 Gullickson, Grant 7-31-1944  Jamestown ND
 Guns, Tracii 1-20-1966
 Gurvitz, Adrian 6-26-1949  London, England
 Gurvitz, Paul 7-6-1947  England
 Guthrie, Robin 1-4-1962  Grangemouth, Scotland
 Guthrie, Trevor 2-11-1973  Vancouver, Canada
 Gutkowski, Mark 3-21-1947
 Gutteridge, Peter 5-19-1961  New Zealand
 Hacke, Alex 10-11-1965  Berlin, Germany
 Haden, Petra & Rachel  10-11-1971 New York NY
 Hagar, Sammy 10-13-1947  Monterey CA
 HaHa, Jimi 12-2-1968
 Hahn, Joe 3-15-1977  Glendale CA
 Haig, Alan 8-5-1961  New Zealand
 Haines, Luke 
          10-7-1967 Walton on Thames, England
 Hale, Tiffini 7-30-1975
 Haley, Bill 7-6-1925  Highland Park MI
 Haley, Paige 5-10-1966  Alameda CA
 Halford, Rob 8-25-1951  Birmingham, England
 Hall, John (i) 10-25-1947  Holloway, England
 Halloran, Mark 6-5-1980  Oxford, England
 Halstead, Neil 10-7-1970  Luton, England
 Hamer, Harry 3-5-1964  Barnsley, England
 Hamilton, Page 5-18-1960  Portland OR
 Hamilton, Tom 12-31-1951  Colorado Springs CO
 Hamlin, Rosie 7-21-1945  Klamath Falls OR
 Hammett, Kirk 11-18-1962  San Francisco CA
 Hammond, Albert 5-18-1942  London, England
 Hampton, Paul 8-20-1940  Oklahoma City OK
 Haneman, Felix 5-1-1953  New Orleans LA
 Hannah, Drew 11-18-1965
 Hannan, Patrick 3-4-1966  Nottingham, England
 Hanneman, Jeff 1-8-1964  Los Angeles CA
 Hannon, Frank 10-3-1966  Sacramento CA
 Hannon, Neil 11-7-1970  Londonderry, Ireland
 Hansen, Beck 7-8-1970  Kansas City MO
 Hanson, Kelly 4-18-1961
 Hanson, Michael 1-1-1963  Canada
 Harding, John Wesley 
          10-22-1965 Hastings, England
 Harding, Mike  10-23-1946 Manchester, England
 Hardy, Loz 9-14-1970  Manchester, England
 Harkin, Brendan 12-10-1948  Mount Kisco NY
 Harley, Steve 2-27-1951  London, England
 Harman, Dave 'Dave Dee' 
          12-17-1943 Salisbury, England
 Harnell, Tony 9-18-1962
 Harris, Bon 8-12-1965  Chelmsford, England
 Harris, Steve 3-12-1956  London, England
 Harrison, Mike 9-3-1945  Carlisle, England
 Harsch, Eddie 5-27-1957  Toronto, Canada
 Hart, Bobby 2-18-1939  Phoenix AZ
 Hart, Chuck 10-3-1965
 Hart, Corey 5-31-1962  Montréal, Canada
 Hart, Grant 3-18-1961  St Paul MN
 Hart, Mark 7-2-1953  Fort Scott KS
 Harte, Jesse 1-25-1969
 Hartman, Don 1-5-1946
 Hartman, John 3-18-1950  Falls Church VA
 Hartridge, Jimmy 
          11-27-1965 Oxfordshire, England
 Harvey, Alex 2-5-1935  Glasgow, Scotland
 Harvey, Brian  8-8-1974  Walthmastow, England
 Harvey, Mick  9-29-1958  Rochester, Australia
 Harwood, Justin  7-6-1965  New Zealand
 Hashian, Sib  8-17-1949  Boston MA
 Hasselhoff, David  7-17-1952  Baltimore MD
 Hatfield, Juliana  7-27-1967  Wicasset ME
 Haugland, Ian  8-13-1964  Nordreisa, Norway
 Havenga, Eugene  5-14-1949  South Africa
 Hawes, David 
          11-10-1965 Great Yarmouth, England
 Hawkins, Nick 2-3-1965  Luton, England
 Hayden, Bill 8-3-1974
 Haydock, Ron 4-17-1940  Illinois
 Hayes, Darren 5-8-1972  Brisbane, Australia
 Head, John 10-4-1965  Liverpool, England
 Head, Mick 11-28-1961  Liverpool, England
 Hearn, Kevin 7-3-1969  Grimsby, Canada
 Heaton, Paul  5-9-1962 Bromborough, England
 Heerink, Bert 1-26-1953
 Hefner, Brandon 5-12-1970  Richmond IN
 Heinz   see:  Burt, Heinz
 Heitmuller, Ken 3-20-1971  Lancaster PA
 Helme, Chris 7-22-1971  York, England
 Hemby, Ron 10-28-1958
 Hemmingway, Dave 9-20-1960  Hull, England
 Henderson, Bill 11-6-1944  Vancouver WA
 Henderson, Neil 2-11-1953
 Hendriks, Tommy 2-21-1966
 Hendrix, Brian 7-29-1968  Pittsburgh PA
 Hendy, John  3-26-1971 Walthmastow, England
 Hennessy, Mark 5-6-1969  Kansas
 Henry, Neville 10-28-1959
 Herbert, Herbie 2-5-1950
 Hershkowitz, Harvey 2-7-1943
 Hervey, Adam 11-16-1976  Los Angeles CA
 Heslop, Desiree 'Princess' 11-27-1961  England
 Hester, Paul 1-8-1959  Melbourne, Australia
 Hetfield, James 8-3-1963  Los Angeles CA
 Hewitt, Bobby 11-13-1969  Los Angeles CA
 Hewson, Paul 'Bono' 5-10-1960  Dublin, Ireland
 Heydon, Stacey 7-3-1954  Windsor, Canada
 Hickey, Kenny 5-22-1966
 Hicks, Jacqui 7-7-1966  Pontefract, England
 Hildebrand, Ray 'Paul' 12-21-1940  Joshua TX
 Hill, Darren 12-4-1961
 Hill, Dave 4-4-1952  Fleet Castle, England
 Hill, David 9-19-1936  New York NY
 Hill, Ian 1-20-1952  West Midlands, England
 Hill, Scotti 5-31-1964  Manhasset NY
 Hill, Steve 3-13-1950  Tulsa OK
 Hillman, Dwayne 'Bones' 5-7-1958  New Zealand
 Hinchcliffe, Dickon 
          11-9-1967 Nottingham, England
 Hind, Eddie 10-27-1961  England
 Hingley, Tom 7-9-1965  Oxford, England
 Hirst, Rob 9-3-1955  Sydney, Australia
 Hocher, Billy 7-3-1943  Flushing NY
 Hochheiser, Steve 9-25-1964
 Hodges, Chas 12-28-1943  Edmonton, England
 Hodson, Charlotte 12-12-1971
 Hoerner, Dan 5-13-1969  Seattle WA
 Hoffert, Paul 9-22-1943  Brooklyn NY
 Hoffmann, Wolf 12-10-1959  Germany
 Hofstede, Henk 
          9-20-1951 East Amsterdam, Holland
 Hogan, Mike 4-29-1973  Moycross, Ireland
 Hogan, Noel 12-25-1971  Moycross, Ireland
 Hoke, Eldon 'El Duce' 3-24-1958
 Holder, Noddy 6-15-1950  Walsall, England
 Holdsworth, Jeff 11-14-1963
 Holiday, Chico 8-24-1934  Waukesha WI
 Holland, Bryan 'Dexter' 
          12-29-1966 Long Beach CA
 Holland, Dave 4-5-1948  Northampton, England
 Holland, Dexter 12-29-1966
 Hollingsworth, Roy 4-12-1949  Derby, England
 Holmes, Clint 5-9-1946  Bournemouth, England
 Holmes, Nick 1-7-1970  Halifax, England
 Holmes, Rupert 2-24-1947  Cheshire, England
 Holmlund, Johan 7-13-1965  Jönköping, Sweden
 Holroyd, Les 3-12-1948  Bolton, England
 Homan, Brian 5-5-1957  Bryn Mawr PA
 Homme, Josh 5-17-1973
 Honeyball, Ray 6-6-1941  England
 Honeycutt, Craig 4-8-1970
 Hoon, Shannon  9-26-1967 Lafayette IN
 Hooper, Tom 7-26-1966
 Hooten, Peter 9-28-1962  Liverpool, England
 Hope, Dave 10-7-1949  Kansas
 Hope-Evans, Peter 9-28-1947  Brecon, Wales
 Hopkins, Brad 5-28-1963  Canada
 Horton, Jamie  pseudonym of:  Peevey, Gayla
 Horton, Jerry 3-10-1975  Charleston SC
 Hossack, Michael 9-18-1950  Paterson NJ
 House, Kenwyn 8-1-1970  Liverton, England
 Howard, Austin 2-18-1962
 Howard, Harry  10-10-1961 Melbourne, Australia
 Howard, Robert <Doctor> 
          5-2-1961 Norfolk, England
 Howard, Rowland S 
          10-24-1959 Melbourne, Australia
 Howell, Myles 1-23-1971  Rugby, England
 Hubley, Georgia  2-9-1960  New York NY
 Hudson, Doug  2-4-1949  Surrey, England
 Hudson, Garth  8-2-1937  London, Canada
 Hudson, Saul 'Slash' 
          7-23-1965 Stoke on Trent, England
 Humphrey, John 3-23-1970
 Humphrey, Phil 11-26-1937  Madison WI
 Hunt, Bill 5-23-1947
 Hunt, Marsha 4-15-1946  Philadelphia PA
 Hunter, Carl 4-14-1965  Bootle, England
 Hunter, Ian 6-3-1946  Shrewsbury, England
 Hunter, Mark 11-5-1968
 Huntsberry, Howard 3-5-1954  Canada
 Hurley, George 9-4-1958  Brockton MA
 Hurley, Sean 9-21-1973
 Huston, Steve 11-17-1949  Centralia IL
 Huth, Todd 3-13-1963  San Leandro CA
 Hynd, Richard 6-17-1965  Aberdeen, Scotland
 Hyslop, Kenny 2-14-1951  Helensburgh, Scotland
 Idha   see:  Ovelius, Idha
 Ieuan, Dafydd 3-1-1969  Bangor, Wales
 Iha, James 3-26-1968  Elk Grove IL
 Imbruglia, Natalie 2-4-1975  Sydney, Australia
 Indovina, John 8-5-1957  New Orleans LA
 Ingle, Doug 9-9-1946  Omaha NE
 Interior, Lux 10-21-1946  Akron OH
 Iommi, Tony 2-19-1948  Birmingham, England
 Iris, Donnie 2-28-1943  Beaver Falls PA
 Irons, Jack 7-18-1962  Los Angeles CA
 Irvin, James 7-20-1959  London, England
 Irvine, Stephen 12-16-1959
 Isidore, Reg  4-8-1949
 Ivey, Michael  2-5-1968  Pittsburgh PA
 Ivins, Michael  3-17-1965  Omaha NE
 Ivory, Colin 9-29-1959
 Jabs, Matthias 10-25-1955  Hannover, Germany
 Jackson, Clive 7-7-1962  England
 Jackson, Eddie 1-29-1958  Robstown TX
 Jackson, Jill 'Paula'  5-20-1942  McCaney TX
 Jackson, Paul  8-8-1961  England
 Jackson, Randy 1-28-1955  New Orleans LA
 Jagdhar, Chris 'C J' 12-27-1967
 Jagger, Chris 8-5-1949  England
 Jagolinzer, Andy 6-11-1969  Framingham MA
 James, Matt 
          10-29-1966 High Wycombe, England
 James, Tommy 4-29-1947  Dayton OH
 James, Wendy 1-21-1966  London, England
 Jamison, Jimi 8-23-1951
 Jans, Tom 2-9-1949
 Jansen, Steve 12-1-1959  Lewisham, England
 Javier 8-25-1978  Latacunga, Ecuador
 Jax, David 'D J' 7-4-1955  Buffalo NY
 Jay, Arnold 1-26-1932  East Paterson NJ
 Jaymes, David 11-28-1954  Woodford, England
 Jaymes, Robbie 10-3-1962
 Jeays, Philip 6-24-1962  Taunton, England
 Jefferis, Mark 11-4-1960  England
 Jeffreys, Paul Avron 2-13-1952
 Jenkins, Alan 3-16-1959  Dudley, England
 Jensen, Kris 4-4-1942  New Haven CT
 Jensen, Todd 10-27-1957
 Jetty, Earl 2-24-1946
 Jez   2-17-1966  Gateshead, England
 Jiorgos 8-25-1978  Thessaloniki, Greece
 Jizmak the Gusha  see:  Roberts, Brad (ii)
 Joannou, Chris 11-10-1979  Newcastle, Australia
 Johansson, Lars-Olaf 2-23-1973  Sweden
 John 5  see: Lowery, John
 Johns, Daniel 4-22-1979  Newcastle, Australia
 Johns, Sammy 2-7-1946  Charlotte NC
 Johnson, Allan 12-21-1957  Australia
 Johnson, Brian 10-5-1947  Newcastle, England
 Johnson, Damon 7-13-1966
 Johnson, Doug 12-19-1957
 Johnson, Eric 11-17-1969  Asheville NC
 Johnson, Jack 5-18-1975  Oahu HI
 Johnson, Martha 12-18-1950
 Johnson, Matt   8-15-1961  London, England
 Johnson, Matthew  7-25-1964  Dallas TX
 Johnson, Mike 8-27-1965
 Johnston, Davey  7-27-1955
 Johnston, Tom 8-15-1948  Visalia CA
 Johny  4-3-1944  London, England
 Jones, Alun Gwynne  2-3-1966  Chatham, England
 Jones, Daniel  7-22-1973  Essex, England
 Jones, Hank  6-3-1940  Oakland CA
 Jones, Jamie  11-6-1974
 Jones, Jeff  9-20-1953  Canada
 Jones, Kendall  9-9-1965  Los Angeles CA
 Jones, Mick (i)  12-27-1944  London, England
 Jones, Mick (ii)  6-26-1953  Brixton, England
 Jones, Mickey 12-17-1952  Washington DC
 Jones, Micky  6-7-1946  Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
 Jones, Neil  3-25-1949  Llanbradach, Wales
 Jones, Paul (ii)  2-5-1960  Colwyn Bay, Wales
 Jones, Ron  11-26-1970  Angeles, Philippines
 Jones, Sheila  10-21-1936  Lewisham, England
 Jones, Stephen 'Babybird' 
          9-16-1962 Sheffield, England
 Jonsson, Thķr  6-2-1962  Reykjavík, Iceland
 Jonsson, Tommy  6-15-1966  Jönköping, Sweden
 Jormin, Rikard  8-2-1965  Jönköping, Sweden
 Josephsson, Ķlafur  1-31-1977 Reykjavík, Iceland
 Joswick, Rick  8-7-1952
 Joyce, James  9-23-1970
 Juliano, Tony  7-31-1947  Philadelphia PA
 Kalin, Harold & Herbie  2-16-1934 Port Jervis NY
 Kamen, Nick 4-15-1962  London, England
 Kamin, Aaron 8-10-1977  Los Angeles CA
 Kanal, Tony 8-27-1970
 Kane, Eden 3-29-1942  Delhi, India
 Kane, Howie 6-6-1942
 Kane, Kari 3-10-1969
 Kane, Keith 12-31-1970
 Kaplan, Ira 1-7-1957  New York NY
 Karhu, Juha 'Kare' 9-19-1963  Helsinki, Finland
 Karlis, Dino 7-25-1973  Hastings, New Zealand
 Karn, Mick 7-24-1958  London, England
 Kato, Nash 12-31-1965  Grand Forks ND
 Kavanagh, Chris 6-4-1964  Woolwich, England
 Kay, Dean 6-21-1940  San Leandro CA
 Kay, John 4-12-1944  Tilsit, Germany
 Kaye, Larry 3-12-1942  Brooklyn NY
 Keaggy, Phil  3-23-51  Hubbard OH
 Keagy, Kelly  9-15-1952
 Kean, Martin  6-17-1961
 Keel, Ron  3-25-1961
 Keen, John 'Speedy' 3-29-1945  Ealing, England
 Keenan, Maynard James  4-17-1964 Ravenna OH
 Keifer, Tom 1-26-1961
 Keith, Jeff 10-12-1958  Texarkana AR
 Kelley, Charles 8-1-1968
 Kellie, Mike 3-24-1947  Birmingham, England
 Kelly, Johnny 3-9-1968
 Kelly, Mark 4-9-1961  Dublin, Ireland
 Kelly, Sherman 10-27-1943  Washington DC
 Kelly, Tim 1-13-1963
 Keltner, Jim 4-27-1942  Tulsa OK
 Kemper, Dick 5-5-1956
 Kendall, Mark 4-29-1957  Loma Linda CA
 Kennedy, Delious 12-21-1970
 Kennedy, Laura 5-30-1957  Cleveland OH
 Kennedy, Maureen 7-3-1940  England
 Kensit, Jamie 8-6-1963
 Kensit, Patsy 3-4-1968  London, England
 Kent, Martin 'Ace' 
          3-30-1967 Cheltenham, England
 Kerman, Dave 8-24-1959  Torrance CA
 Kerr, Alistair  3-15-1956
 Kerr, Jim 7-9-1959  Glasgow, Scotland
 Kerr, Stuart 3-16-1963  Glasgow, Scotland
 Key, Troyce 8-15-1938  Kentucky
 Keys, Bobby 12-18-1953
 Kibby, Walter 11-13-1964  Columbus OH
 Kidd, Johnny 12-23-1939  Willesden, England
 Kiedis, Anthony 11-1-1962  Grand Rapids MI
 Kihn, Greg 7-10-1950  Baltimore MD
 Kiley, Tony 2-16-1962
 Kilgour, David 9-6-1961  New Zealand
 Kilmister, Lemmy 
          12-24-1945 Stoke on Trent, England
 Kilmore, Chris <DJ> 1-21-1973  Pittsburgh PA
 Kim, Andy 12-5-1946  Montréal, Canada
 Kimball, Angelo 5-5-1954
 Kimball, Stuart 12-1-1956
 Kimble, Paul 9-24-1960  Freeport IL
 Kincade, John 6-25-1946  Southport, England
 King, Jim 5-5-1942  Kettering, England
 King, Jonathan 12-6-1944  London, England
 King, Kerry 6-3-1964  Huntington Park CA
 King, Phil 4-29-1960  Chiswick, England
 King, Ronnie 8-1-1947  Rotterdam, Holland
 Kingsbery, Peter 12-2-1952
 Kirke, Simon 7-28-1949  Shrewsbury, England
 Kirkwood, Cris 10-22-1960  Amarillo TX
 Kirkwood, Curt 1-10-1959  Wichita Falls TX
 Kisser, Andreas 
          8-24-1968 Bela Horizonte, Brazil
 Kissoon, Katie  3-11-1951 Port of Spain, Trinidad
 Kissoon, Mac 11-11-1943 Port of Spain, Trinidad
 Kleinbard, Annette [aka Carol Connors] 
          11-13-1941 Los Angeles CA
 Klimek, Alf 2-3-1956  Australia
 Kloet, Rob 6-16-1952  Amsterdam, Holland
 Knight, Graham 12-8-1946  Glasgow, Scotland
 Knox, Chris 9-2-1952  Invercargill, New Zealand
 Koal, Ronald 8-24-1958
 Koch, Justin 8-12-1976  St Cloud MN
 Koda, Cub 10-1-1948  Detroit MI
 Koehler, Trevor 7-9-1936  Minneapolis MN
 Kottak, James 12-26-1962
 Kotzen, Richie 2-3-1970  Reading PA
 Kowalczyck, Ed 7-17-1971  Lancaster PA
 Kramer [, Mark] 11-30-1958  New York NY
 Kramer, Joey 6-21-1950  New York NY
 Kramer, Phil 7-12-1952  Youngstown OH
 Kriesel, Greg 1-12-1965  Glendale CA
 Krock, David 10-13-1953
 Krukowski, Damon 9-6-1963
 Krummenacher, Victor 4-7-1965  Riverside CA
 Kuban, Bob 8-13-1940  St Louis MO
 Kulick, Bob 1-16-1949
 Kulick, Bruce 12-12-1953
 Kyle, Kyle 9-9-1965
 Kyle, Rob 4-4-1970
 Kyriacou, Andy 4-18-1958
 LaBar, Jeff 3-18-1963
 LaBrie, James 5-5-1963
 LaCazzio, Anna 1-26-1962
 Lademacher, Danny 6-17-1950
 Lagerberg, Bengt 7-5-1973  Sweden
 Lahr, Roger 7-23-1965
 Lai, Paul 3-26-1972  T'aichung, Taiwan
 Laine, Paul 10-12-1967
 Laing, Corky 1-28-1948  Montréal, Canada
 Laing, Shona 10-9-1955  New Zealand
 Laird-Clowes, Nick 2-5-1957  London, England
 Lake, Ray 2-11-1946
 Lalonde, Gary 8-20-1955  Canada
 Lamb, Annabel 9-28-1955  England
 Lambert, Graham 7-10-1964  Oldham, England
 Lambert, Steve 3-14-1963  England
 Lancaster, Brian 3-6-1967
 Lance, Dirk 8-18-1976
 Lane, Jani 2-1-1964  Akron OH
 Lane, Jay 12-15-1964  San Francisco CA
 Laner, Brad 11-6-1966  Los Angeles CA
 Lang, Steve 3-24-1949  Montréal, Canada
 Langevin, Michel 5-30-1964
 Lanier, Allen 6-25-1946  Long Island NY
 Lardie, Michael 9-8-1958  Anchorage AK
 Lash, Tim 6-16-1974  Champaign IL
 Lasley, David 8-20-1947  Sault Ste Marie MI
 Lassen, Shane 7-15-1970
 Laswell, Bill 2-12-1955  Salem IL
 Lauber, Terry 7-29-1949  Minot ND
 Laud, Alan 3-13-1946  England
 Lauren, Rod 3-26-1940  Fresno CA
 Lawler, Fergal 3-4-1971  Parteen, Ireland
 Lawless, Blackie  9-4-1954  Florida
 Lawrence, Claire 7-24-1939  Elk Point, Canada
 Lawrence, Sherree 5-24-1959  Rushden, England
 Lawrie, Stephen 
          3-28-1969 East Hartford, England
 Lawton, John 6-11-1946
 Lazie, Josh 3-19-1968  Cali, Colombia
 Lea, Jimmy  6-14-1952 Wolverhampton, England
 Lea, Nicholas 6-22-1962  Canada
 Leach, Ben 5-2-1969  Liverpool, England
 Leapy Lee  see:  Graham, Lee (i)
 LeBlanc, Lenny 6-17-51  Leominster MA
 Lee, Curtis 10-28-1941  Yuma AZ
 Lee, Geddy 7-29-1953  Toronto, Canada
 Lee, Hamilton 9-7-1958  London, England
 Lee, Jake E 2-15-1957
 Lee, Jon 3-28-1968  Newport, Wales
 Lee, Martin 11-26-1949  Purley, England
 Lees, John 1-13-1947  Oldham, England
 LeGros, George 1-20-1945  Chicago IL
 Lejejs, Nick 1-25-1979  Dana Point CA
 Lemmy  see:  Kilmister, Lemmy
 Lemon, Ché Colovita 10-21-1970
 Lenchantin, Paz 
          12-12-1973 Mar del Plata, Argentina
 LeNoble, Martyn  4-14-1969 Vlaardingen, Holland
 Leonard, Deke 12-18-1944
 Lerner, Scott 3-3-1966  Boston MA
 LeSté, Joe 11-1-1964
 Leven, Jackie 6-18-1950  Kirkcaldy, Scotland
 Leven, John 10-25-1963  Stockholm, Sweden
 Leverty, Bill 1-30-1967
 Levin, Louis 5-6-1952  New York NY
 Levine, Joey 5-29-1947
 Levine, Mike 6-1-1949  Canada
 Lewie, Jona 3-14-1947  Southampton, England
 Lewis, Aaron 4-13-1972  Rutland VT
 Lewis, Eric 6-17-1949  Glasgow, Scotland
 Lewis, Gary 7-31-1945  Newark NJ
 Lewis, Huey   7-5-1950  New York NY
 Lewis, Phil 1-9-1962
 Lewis, Richard 'Cass' 9-1-1960  London, England
 Lewko, Ken 8-4-1971  Vancouver, Canada
 Licht, David 9-13-1954  Detroit MI
 Lifeson, Alex 8-27-1953  Surnie, Canada
 Lillington, Marcus 2-28-1967  England
 Lindsay, Arto 5-28-1953  Richmond VA
 Lindsay, Mark 3-9-1942  Cambridge ID
 Linehan, Niall 9-19-1972  Cork, Ireland
 Linna, Miriam 10-16-1955  Sudbury, Canada
 Linnell, John 6-12-1959  New York NY
 Linscott, Jody 2-12-1953  Boston MA
 Linton, Timothy 'Zim Zum' 6-25-1969  Chicago IL
 Lisher, Greg 11-29-1963  Santa Cruz CA
 Litherland, James 9-6-1949
 Little Fyodor 12-8-1957  Wayne NJ
 Livgren, Kerry 9-18-1949  Kansas
 Livingstone, Stu 1-20-1978  Paisley, Scotland
 Llanas, Sam 2-8-1961  Waukesha WI
 Lloyd, Pat 3-17-1948  Holloway, England
 Loewenstein, Jason 7-20-1971  Boston MA
 Lofgren, Nils 6-21-1951  Chicago IL
 Lofton, Keith 5-9-1967  Washington DC
 Logan, Craig 4-22-1969  Fife, Scotland
 Logan, Oni 4-21-1967
 Loggins, Dave 11-10-1947  Mountain City TN
 Lomas, Ross 10-20-1961
 Lombardo, Dave 2-16-1965
 Lomenzo, James 1-13-1959
 London, Laurie 1-19-1944  London, England
 Longley, Ty  9-4-1971  Sharon PA
 Loran, Peter 1-6-1967
 Love, Alan 12-13-1952  England
 Love, G  10-3-1972  Philadelphia PA
 Lovering, David 12-6-1961  Boston MA
 Lowe, Wally 11-16-1951
 Lowery, David 10-10-1960  San Antonio TX
 Lowery, John 'John 5' 7-31-1971  Grosse Point MI
 Luccketta, Troy 10-5-1959  Lodi CA
 Lucia, Peter 2-2-1947  Morristown NJ
 Luckman, Dominic 11-29-1961  Brighton, England
 Luke, Robin 3-19-1942  Los Angeles CA
 Lupus 8-8-1972  Philadelphia PA
 Luscombe, Steven 10-29-1954
 Lutz, Michael 6-15-1949  Ann Arbor MI
 Lynch, George 9-28-1954
 Lynch, Stan 5-21-1955  Gainesville FL
 Lyon, Johnny <Southside> 
          12-4-1948 Neptune Park NJ
 Lyons, Rory 9-11-1959
 Macainish, Greg 12-30-1951  Australia
 Macalpine, Tony 8-29-1961
 Macaluso, Lenny 6-5-1947  Philadelphia PA
 MacDonald, Eddie 11-1-1959  St Asaph, Wales
 Mack, Steve 5-19-1963  New York NY
 Mackay, Duncan 7-26-1950
 MacKenzie, Billy 3-27-1957  Dundee, Scotland
 Mackintosh, Gregor 6-20-1970  Halifax, England
 MacLeod, Brian 6-25-1952  Vancouver, Canada
 MacMillan, Ian 10-16-1947  Paisley, Scotland
 Macpherson, Jim 6-23-1966  Dayton OH
 MacVitte, Bob 5-12-1946  Chicago IL
 Madden, Benji & Josh  3-11-1979  Waldorf MD
 Madigan, Amy 9-11-1951  Chicago IL
 Magnuson, Ann 1-4-1956  Charleston WV
 Major, Ray 7-16-1949  England
 Majors, Kristy 2-3-1968
 Malcolm, Vic 12-3-1946
 Malinin, Mike 10-10-1967
 Malley, Matt 7-4-1963
 Malloy, Mitch 8-26-1964  Dickinson ND
 Malmsteen, Yngwie 
          6-30-1963 Stockholm, Sweden
 Maloo, Kurt 4-16-1953  Switzerland
 Malotte, Albert 11-16-1964  Hollywood CA
 Mani  see:  Mounfield, Gary
 Mankey, Jim 5-23-1955  Pennsylvania
 Mann, Barry 2-9-1939  Brooklyn NY
 Manson, Marilyn  1-5-1969  Canton OH
 Manuel, Richard 4-3-1943  Stratford, Canada
 Manyika, Zeke 2-23-1955
 Marcello, Keg 2-20-1960  Ludvika, Sweden
 Maresca, Ernie 4-21-1939  Bronx NY
 Margo, Mitch 5-25-1947  Brooklyn NY
 Margo, Phil 4-1-1942  Brooklyn NY
 Margouleff, Robert 8-8-1940  New York NY
 Marine, Yvette 'Corvette' 5-19-1965
 Marker, Steve 3-16-1959  Mamaroneck NY
 Marr, Johnny 10-31-1963  Ardwick, England
 Mars, Mick 4-3-1956  Huntington IN
 Marsh, Henry 12-8-1948  Bath, England
 Marshall, Arik 2-13-1967  Los Angeles CA
 Marshall, Dave 4-13-1966
 Marshall, Keith 6-5-1956  London, England
 Martin, Bobbi 11-29-1938  Brooklyn NY
 Martin, Darren 3-25-1967
 Martin, Eric 10-10-1960  Long Island NY
 Martin, Jim 7-21-1961  Oakland CA
 Martin, Moon 10-31-1950  Oklahoma
 Martin, Peter (i) 
          4-23-1946 Lüdenscheid, Germany
 Martini, Jerry 10-1-1943  Boulder CO
 Mascis, J  12-10-1965  Amherst MA
 Mason, Craig  7-28-1961
 Mason, Steve  4-17-1971  Pontypridd, Wales
 Masters, Ian 1-4-1964  Potters Bar, England
 Mathieu  4-8-1975  Metz, France
 Matijevic, Mike 11-29-1965
 Matlock, Glenn  8-27-1956  London, England
 Matthew, Mark 5-15-1965  Farnborough, England
 Matthews, Cerys 4-11-1969  Cardiff, Wales
 Matthews, Eric 1-12-1969  Gresham OR
 Matthews, John  9-23-1967  Torquay, England
 Mawbey, Simon 12-24-1960  Leicester, England
 Maxee  see:  Maxwell, Charmayne
 Maxwell, Charmayne 'Maxee'  1-11-1969 Guyana
 Maxwell, Tony  6-3-1968  Paris, France
 May, Brian  7-19-1947  Twickenham, England
 Mayer, John  10-16-1977  Connecticut
 Mayo, Ian 1-14-1966  Rochester MN
 Mazzola, Joey  4-13-1961
 McAuley, Robin 1-20-1953  England
 McCafferty, Dan 
          10-14-1946 Dunfermline, Scotland
 McCarthy, Douglas 
          9-1-1966 Chelmsford, England
 McCartney, Linda  9-24-1941  Scarsdale NY
 McCarty, Kathy  2-1-1961  Stamford CT
 McCauley, Al 8-2-1965  Nottingham, England
 McCave, Kevin 12-16-1954  Queens NY
 McCloud, Nicole 12-7-1959
 McClure, Andy 7-4-1970  Manchester, England
 McClymont, David 11-30-1958
 McCollum, Rick 7-14-1964  Kentucky
 McCombs, Doug 1-9-1962  Peoria IL
 McConnell, Page 5-17-1963  Philadelphia PA
 McCormack, Danny 
          2-28-1972 South Shields, England
 McCourt, Carmel 
          11-24-1958 Scunthorpe, England
 McCracken, Chet 7-17-1952  Seattle WA
 McCracken, Richard 6-26-1948
 McCulloch, Jim 5-19-1966  Glasgow, Scotland
 McDonald, Dave 6-18-1964  Southmead, England
 McDonald, Ian 6-25-1946  London, England
 McDonald, Michael 12-2-1952  St Louis MO
 McDonnell, Sean 10-2-1965
 McElhone, Johnny 4-21-1963  Glasgow, Scotland
 McElrath, John 4-13-1941  Greenwood SC
 McEntee, Mark 7-16-1961  Perth, Australia
 McEntire, John 4-9-1970  Portland OR
 McErlaine, Ally 10-31-1968  Glasgow, Scotland
 McGovern, Tony 5-16-1970  Glasgow, Scotland
 McGuigan, Paul 5-9-1971  Manchester, England
 McIntosh, Danny jr 10-16-1954
 McKenzie, Mike  8-20-1955 Edinburgh, Scotland
 McKie, Keith 11-20-1947  St Albans, England
 McKnight, John 8-9-1968
 McLain, Van 5-3-1955
 McLaughlin, Ciaran 
          11-18-1962 Londonderry, Ireland
 McLee, Mitch 6-9-1969
 McLennan, Grant 
          2-12-1958 Rockhampton, Australia
 McLernon, Chris 10-13-1962
 McMaster, Jason 3-18-1965
 McNabb, Sean  9-24-1965  South Bend IN
 McNeil, Mick 7-20-1958  Glasgow, Scotland
 McNelley, Bobby Gene  5-21-1950  Columbus OH
 Meadows, Punky  2-6-1950  Washington DC
 Medeiros, Glenn  6-24-1970  Lihue, Hawaii
 Mednick, Lisa  6-27-1957
 Medress, Hank 11-19-1938  Brooklyn NY
 Meine, Klaus 5-25-1948  Hannover, Germany
 Melcher, Terry 2-8-1942  New York NY
 Melendez, John <Stuttering> 
          10-4-1965 Massapequa NY
 Mellencamp, John Cougar 10-7-1951  Seymour IN
 Meltzer, Richard 5-10-1945  New York NY
 Meneghin, Dino 12-12-1977  Walnut Creek CA
 Meniketti, Dave 12-12-1955
 Menza, Nick 7-23-1964  Germany
 Mercer, Jerry 4-27-1939  Montréal, Canada
 Merchant, Natalie 10-26-1963  Jamestown NY
 Mercury, Freddie 9-5-1946  Zanzibar
 Mesaros, Mike 12-11-1957  Trenton NJ
 Micale, Tony 8-23-1942  Bronx NY
 Mich, Luke  4-28-1972
 Michael, Rob 8-15-1964  Baltimore MD
 Michaeli, Mic 11-11-1962  Stockholm, Sweden
 Michaels, Bret 3-15-1963  Harrisburg PA
 Michal 4-20-1949  Israel
 Mick  see:  Wilson, Michael
 Miles, John 4-23-1949  Jarrow, England
 Miles, Kevin 7-17-1967  Sheffield, England
 Milhizer, Bill 9-21-1958  Troy NY
 Miller, Andy 12-18-1968  London, England
 Miller, Duncan 12-7-1964
 Miller, Frankie 11-6-1949  Glasgow, Scotland
 Miller, Kevin 9-6-1963  Allentown PA
 Miller, Roger 2-24-1952  Ann Arbor MI
 Miller, Steve (i) 12-19-1943  England
 Miller, Steve (ii) 9-9-1954  New York NY
 Milliner, Dave & Mike  2-15-1962
 Mills, Crispian 1-18-1973  England
 Mitchell, Kim 7-10-1952  Sarnia, Canada
 Mitchell, Neil 6-8-1967  Helensburgh, Scotland
 Mitchell, Tony 10-21-1951  Australia
 Mize, Ben 2-2-1971
 Moan, Patty 2-22-1947  Elkhart IN
 Moffet, Gary 6-22-1949  Ottawa, Canada
 Mogg, Phil 4-15-1951  London, England
 Moginie, James 5-18-1956  Sydney, Australia
 Mohler, Billy 2-22-1974  Laguna Beach CA
 Mohr, Todd Park 10-19-1965
 Molino, Louis 9-6-1954
 Monarch, Michael 7-5-1946  Los Angeles CA
 Montez, Chris 1-17-1944  Los Angeles CA
 Montrose, Ronnie 11-29-1947  Colorado
 Moorcock, Michael 12-18-1939
 Moore, Angelo 11-5-1965  Los Angeles CA
 Moore, Archie 6-3-1968  Washington [state]
 Moore, Eugene 6-1-1948  Connecticut
 Moore, John (ii) 12-23-1964  England
 Moore, Nathan 1-10-1965  Stamford Hill, England
 Moore, Nicky 6-21-1952  Devon, England
 Moore, Robert 11-1-1963  Haverhill, England
 Moore, Sean 7-30-1968  Pontypool, Wales
 Moore, Terry 10-27-1961  New Zealand
 Moore, Thurston 7-25-1958  Coral Gables FL
 Morales, Michael 4-25-1963  San Antonio TX
 Moreland, Marc 1-8-1958  West Covina CA
 Morello, Tom 5-30-1964  New York NY
 Morgan, Stephen 7-3-1960
 Morissette, Alanis 6-1-1974  Ottawa, Canada
 Morris, Sarah Jane 
          3-21-1959 Southampton, England
 Morrison, Lindy 11-2-1951  Australia
 Morrison, Patricia 1-14-1962
 Morrissey [, Stephen] 
          5-22-1959 Davyhulme, England
 Morse, Ella Mae 9-12-1924  Mansfield TX
 Morse, Steve 7-28-1954  Hamilton OH
 Mortimer, Tony 
          10-21-1970 Walthmastow, England
 Morton, Lionel 8-14-1942  Blackburn, England
 Morton, Richard 4-19-1948  London, England
 Moss, Jon 9-11-1957  Wandsworth, England
 Most, Mickie 6-20-1938  Aldershot, England
 Mould, Bob 10-16-1960  Malone NY
 Mounfield, Gary 'Mani' 
          11-16-1962 Crumpsall, England
 Mowforth, Chris 5-30-1964  Middlesex, England
 Mueller, Karl 7-27-1963  Minneapolis MN
 Mullane, John 10-7-1977  Moncton, Canada
 Mullins, Michael 11-9-1956
 Mullins, Shawn 3-8-1968  Atlanta GA
 Murphy, Dan 7-12-1962  Duluth MN
 Murphy, Derrick 11-24-1962  Canada
 Murphy, Michael 10-8-1963  Bexley, England
 Murphy, Patrick 12-21-1964
 Murphy, Peter 7-11-1957  Northampton, England
 Murray, Dave 12-23-1956  London, England
 Mustaine, Dave 9-13-1961  La Mesa CA
 Myers, Lee 8-2-1962  Huyton, England
 Myers, Neil 7-8-1971  Huyton, England
 Myung, John 1-24-1967
 Nakatani, Michie 10-8-1961  Osaka, Japan
 Nanini, Joe 3-26-1955  Japan
 Napolitano, Johnette 9-22-1957  Hollywood CA
 Nassie, Dave 1-3-1974
 Navarro, Dave 6-7-1967  Santa Monica CA
 Naysmith, Graeme 2-9-1967  Edinburgh, Scotland
 Nazarian, Bruce 3-27-1949  Detroit MI
 Neil, Vince 2-8-1961  Hollywood CA
 Nelson, Brian 11-2-1967  Washington [state]
 Nelson, Gunnar & Matthew 
          9-20-1967  Los Angeles CA
 Nelson, Matt 3-20-1968  Colne, England
 Nena  see:  Kerner, Gabriele
 Neudert, Fred  7-17-1959
 Neumann, Kurt 10-9-1961  Waukesha WI
 Nevarez, Alfred 5-18-1973
 Nevin, Brian 10-23-1966
 Nevin, Mark 8-13-1959
 Newell, Ryan 12-8-1972
 Newsted, Jason 3-4-1963  Battle Creek MI
 Nicholas, Grant 11-19-1968  Newport, Wales
 Nichols, Drew 1-5-1974  Oklahoma
 Nicholson, David 4-3-1952
 Nicholson, Hughie 7-30-1949
 Nickels, Kelly 1-5-1964
 Nielsen, Rick 12-22-1946  Rockford IL
 Nieman, Paul 6-19-1950  London, England
 Nihara, Minoru 3-12-1960
 Nims, Walter  9-11-1943  Cleveland Heights OH
 Nitzsche, Jack 4-22-1937  Chicago IL
 Nobacon, Danbert 1-16-1962  Burnley, England
 Noone, Peter (ii) 9-9-1963
 Norton, Greg 3-13-1959  Rock Island IL
 Norum, John 2-23-1964
 Novoselic, Krist 5-10-1965  Compton CA
 Nugent, Ted    12-13-1948  Detroit MI
 Nutter, Alice 7-10-1962  Burnley, England
 Nuttycombe, Craig 3-24-1947  Los Angeles CA
 O'Bannon, Matthew 'Wink' 7-22-1956
 Oberst, Conor 2-15-1980  Omaha NE
 O'Brien, Ed 4-15-1968  Oxford, England
 O'Connor, Sinéad 12-8-1966  Glenageary, Ireland
 O'Day, Alan 10-3-1940  Hollywood CA
 Odorus, Urungus  8-30-1963  Oshawa, Canada
 O'Gormain, Reamann 
          6-7-1951 Londonderry, Ireland
 Ohm, Daniel John 10-26-1963
 Ķlafsson, Bragi 8-11-1962  Reykjavík, Iceland
 Oliver, Graham 7-6-1952  Yorkshire, England
 Oliveri, Nick 10-21-1971
 Onassis, Blackie 8-27-1967  Chicago IL
 O'Neil, Keith 2-18-1969  Liverpool, England
 O'Neill, Damian 1-15-1961  Belfast, Ireland
 O'Neill, John 8-26-1957  Londonderry, Ireland
 O'Riordan, Dolores  9-6-1971 Ballybricken, Ireland
 Ornolfsdottir, Magga 
          11-21-1967 Reykjavík, Iceland
 Orridge, Genesis P 
          2-22-1950 Manchester, England
 Osborne, Joan 7-8-1962  Anchorage KY
 Osborne, Mike 12-22-1949
 Osbourne, Ozzy 12-3-1948  Birmingham, England
 Osman, Diid 4-10-1968  Somalia
 Ovalle, George 2-2-1954
 Ovelius, Idha 5-22-1972  Södertälje, Sweden
 Ozone Player see:  Pakarinen, Otso
 Paddock, Shawn 7-7-1962
 Page, Jimmy 1-9-1944  Heston, England
 Page, Steven 6-22-1970  Scarborough, Canada
 Pain, Jeff 'Dicken' 4-4-1950  England
 Pakarinen, Otso 'Ozone Player' 
          10-19-1960 Helsinki, Finland
 Pakulski, Jan Marek 8-22-1956  Lewiston ME
 Palmer, Poli 5-25-1943  England
 Palmer, Robert (i) 6-19-1945  Little Rock AR
 Palmer, Shirley 'Shan' 8-15-1938  Hull, England
 Palumbo, John 1-13-1951  Steubenville OH
 Panozzo, Chuck  {twin} 9-20-1947  Chicago IL
 Panozzo, John  {twin} 9-20-1947  Chicago IL
 Pappalardi, Felix 12-30-1939  Bronx NY
 Papst, Robert  12-10-1960
 Paris, Jim 1-13-1957  Finchley, England
 Parker, Andy 3-29-1953  England
 Parker, Wayne 11-13-1960  Canada
 Parrish, Russ 11-24-1970
 Parry, Tim 6-21-1956  Reading, England
 Parsons, Steve 'Snips' 6-19-1951
 Pasillas, José 4-26-1976
 Patman, Stephen 11-8-1968  Windsor, England
 Patto, Mike 9-22-1942  Glasgow, Scotland
 Patton, Mike 1-27-1968  Eureka CA
 Paul  see:  Hildebrand, Ray
 Paula see:  Jackson, Jill
 Paulo jr 4-30-1969  Belo Horizonte, Brazil
 Peacey, Geoff 12-30-1949  England
 Peacock, Dave 5-24-1945  London, England
 Pearcy, Stephen 7-3-1959
 Pedder, John 5-29-1962
 Pedersen, Chris 8-16-1960  San Diego CA
 Pellow, Marti 3-23-1966  Clydebank, Scotland
 Penridge, Stan 'Doc' 1-9-1951
 Perkins, Steve 9-13-1967  Los Angeles CA
 Perron, Steve 8-26-1945
 Perry, Joe 9-10-1950  Lawrence MA
 Perry, Linda 4-15-1965  Springfield MA
 Perry, Mitch 7-3-1961
 Perry, Steve (i) 1-22-1949  Hanford CA
 Persson, Nina 9-6-1974  Karlskoga, Sweden
 Peterik, Jim 11-11-1950  Berwyn IL
 Peters, Joey 4-9-1965  New York NY
 Peters, Michiel 
          12-10-1951 West Amsterdam, Holland
 Peters, Mike 2-25-1959  Prestatyn, Wales
 Peterson, Anders 
          11-12-1965 Jönköping, Sweden
 Peterson, Ray 4-23-1939  Denton TX
 Peterson, Spencer 7-6-1948  Minneapolis MN
 Petersson, Tom 5-9-1950  Rockford IL
 Petree, Chad 10-8-1978
 Petree, Steve 11-18-1973
 Petrucci, John 7-12-1967
 Petty, Tom 10-20-1953  Gainesville FL
 Petze, James 12-30-1944  Boston MA
 Peyronel, Danny 
          11-15-1953 Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Phillipps, Martin 7-2-1963  Dunedin, New Zealand
 Phillipps, Rachel 6-7-1965  New Zealand
 Phillips, Bijou 4-1-1980  Greenwich CT
 Phillips, Grant Lee 9-1-1963  Stockton CA
 Phillips, J C 10-21-1953  Philadelphia PA
 Phillips, Ray (ii) 3-1-1949
 Pickens, Lee 12-8-1943  Fort Worth TX
 Pickett, Robert 12-11-1945  Georgetown TX
 Pierce, Jason 11-19-1965  Rugby, England
 Pierce, Jeffrey Lee 6-27-1958  El Monte CA
 Pierson, Kate 4-27-1948  Weehawken NJ
 Pilson, Jeff 1-19-1958
 Pinera, Mike 9-29-1948  Tampa FL
 Pipien, Sven 5-30-1967  Hannover, Germany
 Pirner, Dave 4-16-1964  Green Bay WI
 Pitney, Gene 2-17-1941  Hartford CT
 Pitre, Audie 10-5-1970  Louisiana
 Pitrelli, Al 9-26-1962  New York NY
 Plant, Robert 
          8-20-1948 West Bromwich, England
 Plunkett, Steve 12-1-1955
 Pointer, Mick 7-22-1956
 Poley, Ted 1-5-1962
 Pollard, Russell 6-12-1975  California
 Poncia, Vinnie 4-29-1942  Providence RI
 Poole, Brian 11-2-1941  Barking, England
 Pop, Dee 3-14-1956  Queens NY
 Pop, Jimmy 8-27-1972  Trappe PA
 Pope, Carol 8-6-1949  Manchester, England
 Pope, Howard 5-4-1960  Manchester, England
 Popple, Terry 
          7-21-1946 Stockton on Tees, England
 Posner, Bobby 5-6-1945  Harrow, England
 Poss, Robert 11-20-1956  Buffalo NY
 Powell, Don 9-10-1950  Bilston, England
 Powell, Owen 7-9-1967  Cambridge, England
 Power, John 9-14-1967  Liverpool, England
 Powers, Kid Congo 3-27-1961  La Puente CA
 Pozzoli, Silver 7-19-1953  Italy
 Prescott, Peter 10-20-1956  Erith, England
 Presley, Lisa Marie 2-1-1968
 Price, Mark  10-19-1972  Asheville NC
 Price, Michael 9-15-1947  Los Angeles CA
 Prichard, Dave 11-27-1963  Santa Monica CA
 Priest, Matthew 4-3-1970  Birmingham, England
 Priest, Steve 2-23-1950  Middlesex, England
 Priestman, Henry 6-21-1955  Hull, England
 Princess see:  Heslop, Desiree
 Pritchard, Mel 1-20-1948  Oldham, England
 Pritchett, Travis 3-18-1939  Jackson AL
 Proby, P J 11-6-1938  Houston TX
 Pryce, Guto 9-4-1972  Cardiff, Wales
 Puckett, Gary 10-17-1942  Hibbing MN
 Pugh, Mick 9-21-1958  Kingston, England
 Pulsford, Nigel 4-11-1963  Newport, Wales
 Putnam, Jim 9-30-1967  Hollywood CA
 Q-Ball <DJ> 10-8-1974  Limerick PA
 Quagliara, Nick 12-12-1973  Munster IN
 Quickly, Tommy 7-7-1943  Liverpool, England
 Quincy, Dave 9-13-1939
 Quinn, Paul 12-26-1951  Yorkshire, England
 Quy, Tim 8-14-1961  Brixton, England
 Rachelle, Stevie 3-2-1966
 Ralphs, Mick 5-31-1944  Hereford, England
 Rambeau, Eddie 6-30-1943  Hazleton PA
 Ramirez, Twiggy 6-20-1970  Fort Lauderdale FL
 Ramos, Michael 11-18-1958  Houston TX
 Ramsey, Mary 12-24-1963  Washington DC
 Ranaldo, Lee 2-3-1956  Glen Cove NY
 Randazzo, Teddy 5-20-1937  New York NY
 Randell, Jimmy 2-14-1949  Dallas TX
 Ranno, Richie 1-21-1950  New York NY
 Rarebell, Herman 11-18-1949  Lubeck, Germany
 Ravel, Bruno 5-1-1964
 Raymond, Bob 3-4-1946  Santa Ana CA
 Raymonde, Simon 4-3-1962  London, England
 Reader, Eddi 8-28-1959  Glasgow, Scotland
 Redburn, Chris 3-14-1957
 Redd, Sharon 10-19-1945  Norfolk VA
 Redd, Tommy 2-12-1950  New Bern NC
 Reddington, John 3-21-1957
 Reece, David 8-10-1960
 Reed, Dan 2-2-1963
 Reeves, Keanu 9-2-1964  Beirut, Lebanon
 Reichel, Achim 1-28-1944  Hamburg, Germany
 Reid, Ellen Lorraine 7-14-1966  Selkirk, Canada
 Reid, Jim 12-29-1961  East Kilbride, Scotland
 Reid, Sam 12-1-1963  Canada
 Reid, William 10-28-1958  East Kilbride, Scotland
 Reilly, Jim 5-9-1960
 Reilly, Mark 2-20-1960  High Wycombe, England
 Reinhardt, Larry 'Rhino' 7-7-1948  Florida
 Reitzes, Howard 3-22-1951  Southgate CA
 Reni  see:  Wren, Alan
 Reno, Mike 1-8-1955  New Westmister, Canada
 Reverberi, Jukka 8-6-1976  Parma, Italy
 Revere, Paul 1-7-1938  Harvard NE
 Reznor, Trent 5-17-1965  Mercer PA
 Rhoads, Randy 12-6-1956  Santa Monica CA
 Rhodes, Happy 8-9-1965  Poughkeepsie NY
 Rhys, Gruff 7-18-1970  Haverford, Wales
 Richards, Aled 7-9-1969  Carmarthen, Wales
 Richards, Dick 2-12-1924  Lansdown PA
 Richards, Jimmy 2-13-1963  California
 Richards, Nick 4-3-1960
 Richards, Rick 3-30-1954  Jasper GA
 Richardson, J P 'Big Bopper' 
          10-24-1930 Sabine Pass TX
 Richardson, Mark 5-28-1970  Leeds, England
 Richardson, Perry 7-7-1963
 Ridgway, Stan 4-5-1954  Los Angeles CA
 Rieckermann, Ralph 8-8-1958  Lubeck, Germany
 Rigg, Bob 5-12-1945
 Riles, Kelly 3-22-1967  Encino CA
 Riley, Steve 1-22-1959
 Rillera, Butch 10-8-1945
 Rinaldi, Dan 5-1-1945  Minneapolis MN
 Rizzo, Rick 7-4-1957
 Roberts, Andy 6-12-1946  Harrow, England
 Roberts, Brad (i)  1-10-1964 Winnipeg, Canada
 Roberts, Brad (ii) 'Jizmak the Gusha' 
          11-6-1967 Michigan
 Roberts, Dan 5-22-1967  Winnepeg, Canada
 Roberts, James 
          3-4-1970 West Bromwich, England
 Roberts, Kane 1-16-1959
 Robertson, Bob 4-28-1951
 Robertson, Earl 4-15-1962
 Robertson, Ed 10-25-1970  Scarborough, Canada
 Robertson, Robbie 7-5-1943  Toronto, Canada
 Robertson, Rowan 11-22-1971
 Robinson, Chris 12-20-1966  Atlanta GA
 Robinson, Rich 5-24-1969  Atlanta GA
 Rock, Bobby 7-13-1963
 Rockenfield, Scott 6-15-1963  Seattle WA
 Rockett, Rikki 8-8-1961  Mechanicsburg PA
 Roden, Jess 12-28-1947
 Rodgers, Paul 
          12-17-1949 Middlesbrough, England
 Roe, Tommy 5-9-1942  Atlanta GA
 Roelofs, Alex 12-14-1950  Amsterdam, Holland
 Roesser, Eddie 'King' 6-17-1969  Litchfield MN
 Rogers, Mick 9-20-1946
 Rogers, Ronnie 3-13-1959  Shrewsbury, England
 Rohde, Johnny  11-2-1956 
 Rolie, Gregg 6-17-1947  Seattle WA
 Romero, Chan 7-7-1941  Billings MT
 Rorschach, Poison Ivy 
          2-20-1954 Sacramento CA
 Rose, Axl 2-6-1962  Lafayette IN
 Rosenberg, Bob 1-18-1959
 Rosman, Ronnie 2-28-1945
 Ross, Bam 8-28-1962  East Molesey, England
 Ross, Malcolm 7-31-1960
 Rossdale, Gavin 10-30-1967  Kilburn, England
 Rossiter, Martin 5-15-1971  Cardiff, Wales
 Roth, David Lee 10-10-1955  Bloomington IN
 Rotheray, Dave 2-9-1961  Hull, England
 Rothery, Steve 11-25-1959  Brampton, England
 Rotsey, Martin 2-19-1956  Sydney, Australia
 Rourke, Andy 1-17-1963  Manchester, England
 Rowbottom, Simon 'Sice' 
          6-18-1969 Wallasey, England
 Rowe, Mitchell 11-14-1948  Philadelphia PA
 Rowe, Normie 2-1-1947  Melbourne, Australia
 Rowe, Simon 6-23-1969  Reading, England
 Rowland, Bruce 5-22-1941  England
 Rowles, John 3-25-1947  New Zealand
 Rowman, Joe 10-1-1972
 Rubinstein, John 12-8-1946  Los Angeles CA
 Rupe, Bob  9-16-1956  Michigan
 Ruscha, Ed 12-14-1968  Inglewood CA
 Rushakoff, Harry 11-17-1959  Chicago IL
 Russell, Jack 12-5-1960  Montebello CA
 Russell, Leon 4-2-1941  Lawton OK
 Rutherford, Mark 4-14-1961  Hackney, England
 Rutledge, Jim 1-24-1947  Fort Worth TX
 Ryan, Anthony 4-8-1970  Lichfield, England
 Ryan, Barry  {twin} 10-24-1948  Leeds, England
 Ryan, David  10-20-1964  Fort Wayne IN
 Ryan, Gary 7-3-1964
 Ryan, Paul  {twin} 10-24-1948  Leeds, England
 Ryan, Phil 10-21-1946  Port Talbot, Wales
 Ryder, John 6-22-1957
 Ryder, Paul 4-24-1964  Manchester, England
 Ryder, Shaun 8-23-1962  Little Hulton, England
 Ryser, Jimmy 1-31-1965  Cleveland OH
 Rzeznik, Johnny 12-5-1965  Buffalo NY
 Sabo, Dave 'Snake' 9-16-1964  Sayreville NJ
 Sadier, Laetitia 5-6-1968  Paris, France
 Sadler, Michael 7-5-1954  Canada
 Sahm, Shandon 5-7-1969
 Sam the Sham see:  Samudio, Domingo
 Sambora, Richie 7-11-1959  Woodbridge NJ
 Sampler, Sound-EFX 1-23-1962  Iowa
 Samudio, Domingo 'Sam the Sham' 
          2-28-1937 Dallas TX
 Samwell-Smith, Paul 
          5-8-1943 Richmond, England
 Sanders, Marty 2-28-1941
 Sandman, Mark 9-24-1952
 Sandow, Alan 2-28-1958  Australia
 Sanford, Ed 12-6-1948  Paterson NJ
 Sanko, Erik 9-27-1963  New York NY
 Santiago, Joey 6-10-1965  Manila, Philippines
 Saraceno, Blues 10-17-1971
 Sargent, Laurie 3-22-1960
 Sargent, Stefanie 6-1-1968
 Sarstedt, Peter 12-10-1942  England
 Saunders, Merle 2-14-1934  San Mateo CA
 Saunders, Ross 9-12-1979  Kingston, England
 Savage, Conway 7-27-1960  Foster, Australia
 Savage, Rick  12-2-1960  Sheffield, England
 Saville, Christian 12-6-1970  Bury, England
 Saville, Robin 
          5-12-1968 Southend on Sea, England
 Sayer, Nick Christian 8-1-1964
 Scallions, Brett 12-21-1971  Brownsville TN
 Scalzo, Tony 5-6-1964
 Scannell, Matt 2-10-1970
 Scary Spice see:  Brown, Melanie
 Schayer, Steven 2-12-1965
 Schell, Norm 9-17-1944  Lebanon PA
 Schellen, Jay 5-20-1960
 Schellenbach, Kate 1-5-1966  New York NY
 Schemel, Patty 4-24-1967  Seattle WA
 Schenker, Michael 
          1-10-1955 Savstedt, Germany
 Schenker, Rudolf 
          8-31-1948 Hildesheim, Germany
 Scherer, Peter 7-22-1953  Zürich, Switzerland
 Schiegl, Marc 7-9-1968
 Schlaks, Steve 5-13-1940  New York NY
 Schlitt, John 2-3-1950  Lincoln IL
 Schneider, Fred  7-1-1951  Newark NJ
 Schock, Gina 8-31-1957  Baltimore MD
 Scholz, Tom 3-10-1947  Toledo OH
 Schon, Neal 2-27-1954  San Mateo CA
 Schreiner, Peter 10-7-1974  Valparaiso IN
 Schuldiner, Chuck 5-13-1967  Long Island NY
 Schwartz, Richard 5-17-1944
 Scialfa, Patty   7-29-1956  Deal NJ
 Scott, Andy 6-30-1949  Wrexham, Wales
 Scott, Bon 7-9-1946  Kirriemuir, Scotland
 Scott, Clive 2-24-1945  Coventry, England
 Scott, Jaime 6-28-1970
 Scott, Luke 8-25-1969
 Scott, Mark 'Gus' 5-1-1968
 Scott, Neil 2-3-1943  Brooklyn NY
 Scott, Rick 7-14-1948  New Jersey
 Scott, Simon 3-3-1971  Cambridge, England
 Scott, Steve 11-29-1963  Norwich, England
 Scott, Tommy (ii) 7-8-1945
 Scott, Walter <Sir> 2-7-1943
 Screemer, Rex 4-21-1969
 Seeloghan, Hamish 8-11-1964
 Segal, Garry 4-16-1956  Manchester CT
 Segal, Jonathan 9-3-1963  Marseille, France
 Seger, Bob 5-6-1945  Dearborn MI
 Sellers, Tom 12-3-1948
 Selway, Phil 5-23-1967  Hemmingford, England
 Sembello, John 2-22-1945  Philadelphia PA
 Sexicutioner see:  Varga, Charles
 Seyffer, Walter 2-1-1950  Germany
 Seymour, Nick 12-9-1958  Benella, Australia
 Shackelford, Mike 6-16-1953  Amarillo TX
 Shaddix, Jacoby 'Coby Dick' 
          7-28-1976 Mariposa CA
 Shaffer, James 'Munky' 6-6-1970  Rosedale CA
 Shakespeare, Clive 6-3-1957  Australia
 Shannon, Del 12-30-1939  Coopersville MI
 Shannon, Sarah 10-7-1969  Washington [state]
 Shapiro, Shel 8-16-1944  London, England
 Sharp, Dave 1-28-1959  Salford, England
 Sharpe, Matt 9-22-1969  Arlington VA
 Shaw, Bernie 6-15-1956  Vancouver, Canada
 Shaw, Mark 6-10-1961  Chesterfield, England
 Shaw, Steven 4-16-1970  New Zealand
 Shaw, Tommy 9-11-1953  Montgomery AL
 Shear, Jules 3-7-1952  Pittsburgh PA
 Sheehan, Billy 3-19-1953  Buffalo NY
 Sheehan, Fran 3-26-1949  Boston MA
 Shelley, Burke 4-10-1947  Cardiff, Wales
 Shelley, Steve 6-23-1962  Midland MI
 Shepard, Jim 11-1-1957
 Shepstone, Mike 3-29-1944  Weymouth, England
 Sheridan, Lee 4-11-1949
 Sheridan, Tony 5-21-1940  Norwich, England
 Sherriff, Andrew 5-5-1969  Wokingham, England
 Shields, Kevin 5-21-1963  Queens NY
 Shillingford, Jake 5-15-1966  Southend, England
 Shinoda, Mike 2-11-1977  Agoura CA
 Shirley, Jerry 2-4-1952  England
 Shivers-Banks, Pauline 4-28-1933  Memphis TN
 Shore, Howard 10-18-1946  Toronto, Canada
 Shortino, Paul 5-14-1958
 Shoss, Dori 1-5-1954  Dallas TX
 Shuck, Ryan 4-11-1973  Taft CA
 Shulz, Rick  8-25-1961
 Sice   see:  Rowbottom, Simon
 Sieber, Jörg  7-13-1961
 Siegel, Jay 10-20-1939  Brooklyn NY
 Sijp, Judith 11-6-1969  Bussum, Holland
 Silver, Josh 11-14-1962
 Simcic, Danny 10-6-1962  Australia
 Simmons, Gene 8-25-1949  Haifa, Israel
 Simmons, Patrick 1-23-1950  Aberdeen WA
 Simon 12-11-1966  London, England
 Simon, Marty 2-18-1949
 Sims, Neil 10-4-1965  Norwich, England
 Singer, Eric 5-12-1958  Cleveland OH
 Singh, Avtar 5-11-1965  Punjab, India
 Singh, Tjinder 2-8-1968  New Cross, England
 Singleton, Neil 9-14-1965  Ipswich, England
 Singleton, Nick 2-2-1968  Ipswich, England
 Singleton, Tracey 'Spacey T' 6-6-1957
 Sixx, Nikki 12-11-1958  San Jose CA
 Skeoch, Tommy 2-5-1962  Santa Monica CA
 Skolnick, Alex 9-29-1968  Berkeley CA
 Slack, Katrina 7-14-1962
 Slaughter, Mark 7-4-1964
 Sledge, Robert 3-9-1968
 Sley, Cynthia 5-3-1957  Cleveland OH
 Sloan, P F 9-18-1945  Kew Gardens NY
 Slovak, Hillel 4-13-1962  Haifa, Israel
 Slymenstra, Hymen 11-27-1967  California
 Smart, Keith 12-10-1946
 Smear, Pat 8-5-1959  Los Angeles CA
 Smith, Adrian 12-17-1957  London, England
 Smith, Brad 9-29-1968  West Point MS
 Smith, Curley 1-31-1952  Wolf Point MT
 Smith, David 7-6-1952
 Smith, Jim 4-14-1958  Carshalton, England
 Smith, Mandy 7-17-1970
 Smith, Michael Lee 10-9-1951
 Smith, Neal 9-23-1947  Akron OH
 Smith, Ray 7-9-1943  London, England
 Smith, Robert 4-21-1957  Crawley, England
 Smith, Sarah 11-30-1960  Coleford, England
 Smith, Scott 2-13-1955
 Smith, Simon (ii) 5-3-1965  Lincolnshire, England
 Smith, Smiggy 3-30-1946  Kiel, Germany
 Smith, Steve 8-21-1954  Boston MA
 Smith, Terry 5-20-1943  England
 Smith, Tim 7-3-1961  Carshalton, England
 Smyth, Patty 6-26-1957  New York NY
 Snare, C J 12-14-1964
 Snider, Dee    3-15-1955  Massapequa NY
 Snips  see:  Parsons, Steve
 Solly, Pete  10-19-1948  Hampstead, England
 Solo, Sal 9-5-1954  Hatfield, England
 Solynskyj, Paul 10-27-1966  England
 Somerville, Jimmy 6-22-1961  Glasgow, Scotland
 Sonny see:  Bono, Sonny
 Sorenson, Austin 12-13-1961
 Sorrentino, Beth 3-23-1968  Lancaster PA
 Sorrentino, Jay 12-29-1966  Lancaster PA
 Soucie, Michael 2-21-1961
 Soundtracks, Epic  3-23-1959  Croydon, England
 Southside Johnny see:  Lyon, Johnny
 Spanky G 3-13-1979  Souderton PA
 Sparks, Donita 4-8-1963  Chicago IL
 Sparrow, Micky 9-26-1960  Edmonton, England
 Spector, Phil 12-26-1940  Bronx NY
 Spedding, Chris 6-17-1944  Sheffield, England
 Spellman, Jim 11-5-1967  Washington [state]
 Spice, Ian 9-18-1966
 Spiro, Mark 3-28-1957
 Spiteri, Sharleen 11-7-1967  Glasgow, Scotland
 Sporty Spice see:  Chisholm, Melanie
 Springsteen, Bruce 9-23-1949  Freehold NJ
 Squier, Billy 5-12-1950  Wellesley Hills MA
 Squire, John 11-24-1962  Broadheath, England
 Squires, Ricky  12-5-1956
 Squires, Rob 4-27-1965
 St Clair, Jeannine 1-6-1972  Akron OH
 St James, Brooke 10-9-1962
 St James, Jamie 1-27-1960
 St John, Kate 10-2-1957  London, England
 St Nicholas, Nick 9-28-1943  Plon, Germany
 St Pere, Bryan  4-2-1966  Evergreen Park IL
 Stacy, Eric  6-5-1963
 Staehely, John 1-25-1952  Austin TX
 Stagg, Danny 7-26-1960
 Stainthorpe, Jasper 
          2-18-1958 Tonbridge, England
 Stainton, Chris 3-22-1944  Sheffield, England
 Stanhope, Mick 8-11-1949  Joliet IL
 Stanier, John 8-2-1968  Baltimore MD
 Stanley, Paul 1-20-1952  Queens NY
 Stanton, Ian 10-28-1950  Manchester, England
 Stanway, Mark 7-27-1957
 Staples, Kevin 1-23-1950
 Staples, Stuart 
          11-14-1965 Nottingham, England
 Starkie, Bongo  7-26-1952
          Woomera Rocket Range, Australia
 Starr, Ruby 9-12-1948  Toledo OH
 Stead, Dave 
          10-15-1962 Huddersfield, England
 Steele, Greg 8-29-1963
 Steele, Peter 1-4-1962
 Stefani, Eric 6-17-1967  Fullerton CA
 Stefani, Gwen 10-3-1969  Fullerton CA
 Steier, Rick 10-8-1960
 Steinberg, Ray 10-29-1942  Washington PA
 Steinberg, Sebastian 2-20-1959  New York NY
 Steinhardt, Robby 5-25-1950  Mississippi
 Stenger, Susan 5-11-1955  Buffalo NY
 Stephenson, James 5-17-1970
 Sterry, David 5-31-1954  Australia
 Stevens, Nicky 12-3-1951  Wales
 Stevens, Rogers 10-31-1970  West Point MS
 Stevens, Sandra 11-23-1949  Leeds, England
 Stevens, Shakin' 3-4-1948  Ely, Wales
 Stevens, Steve 5-5-1959  New York NY
 Stevens, Zachary 3-5-1966
 Steward, John 12-2-1961
 Stewart, John 3-18-1941  England
 Stewart, Jon 9-12-1967  Sheffield, England
 Stewart, Kit 2-9-1940
 Stewart, Rod 1-10-1945  London, England
 Stewart, Tyler 9-21-1967  New Market, Canada
 Stief, Bo 10-15-1946  København, Denmark
 Stiff, Jimmy 6-28-1965
 Still, Sally 2-5-1964  London, England
 Stips, Robert Jan 2-4-1950  Den Haag, Holland
 Stock, David 'Rip' 11-7-1947  New York NY
 Stock, Mike 12-3-1951  Margate, England
 Stonadge, Gary 
          11-24-1962 Southampton, England
 Stone, Fred 9-9-1935  Toronto, Canada
 Strachan, Shirley
          1-2-1952 Malvern, Australia
 Strahan, Russ 8-25-1963
 Straker, Rob  see: Zombie, Rob
 Strange, Steve 5-28-1959  Wales
 Stratton, Dennis 11-9-1954  London, England
 Strauks, Freddie 10-21-1950  Melbourne, Australia
 Streatfield, Jef 6-8-1971  Bournemouth, England
 Streng, Keith 9-18-1955  Queens NY
 Strickland, Keith 10-26-1953  Athens GA
 Stringer, Gary 6-18-1973  Litchfield, England
 Strohm, John 3-23-1967  Bloomington IN
 Strum, Dana 12-13-1958
 Stuart, Ian 8-11-1957  Poulton le Fylde, England
 Stuart, Nikki 7-4-1979  Bradford, England
 Stuttering John  see:  Melendez, John
 Styvers, Laurie 8-3-1951  England
 Such, Alec John 11-14-1956  Yonkers NY
 Suchomel, Phil 4-19-1969
 Sudden, Nikki 7-19-1956  London, England
 Summers, Graham 
          7-30-1958 Wellingborough, England
 Summers, Steve 3-30-1968
 Sumner, Bernard  1-4-1956  Salford, England
 Sundquist, Jim 11-26-1937  Niagara WI
 Supa, Richard 4-9-1944  Brooklyn NY
 Sussman, Richard 2-28-1946  Philadelphia PA
 Sutherland, Chriss 
          4-19-1976 New Brunswick, Canada
 Sutherland, Gavin 10-6-1951
 Sutherland, Ian 11-17-1948
 Sveningsson, Magnus 4-4-1972  Sweden
 Svensson, Peter 10-18-1974  Sweden
 Swales, Julian 3-23-1964  Gwent, Wales
 Swan, Kal 4-20-1963  Glasgow, Scotland
 Swanson, David 8-15-1951  Edinburgh, Scotland
 Sweda, Mick 4-18-1962
 Sweet, Darrell 5-16-1947  Bournemouth, England
 Sweet, Matthew 10-6-1964  Lincoln NE
 Sweet, Steven 10-29-1965  Wadsworth OH
 Sweetenham, Geoff 3-8-1948  London, England
 Sweetenham, Pete 4-24-1949  London, England
 Swope, Martin 6-1-1955  Ann Arbor MI
 Sykes, John 7-29-1959  England
 Sylvia, Douglas J 3-28-1965  New Bedford MA
 Sylvian, David 2-23-1958  Lewisham, England
 Symons, Red 6-13-1949  Brighton, England
 Takac, Robby 9-30-1964
 Talbot, John Michael 5-8-1954
 Talbott, Matt 6-27-1967  Geneseo IL
 Talisman, Dave 11-24-1944  Newark NJ
 Tanner, Marc 8-20-1952  Hollywood CA
 Tate, Geoff 1-14-1959  Stuttgart, Germany
 Taupin, Bernie 5-22-1950  Sleaford, England
 Taylor, Chad 11-24-1970  Owings Mills MD
 Taylor, Clive 4-27-1949  Cardiff, Wales
 Taylor, Nick 9-29-1946  Slaton TX
 Taylor, Phil 'Philthy Animal' 
          9-21-1954 Chesterfield, England
 Taylor, Ron 3-8-1963
 Taylor, Scott 12-31-1961  Redhill, England
 Taylor, Simon 12-28-1960  Redhill, England
 Taylor, Vince 7-14-1939  England
 Tempest, Joey 8-19-1963  Väsby, Sweden
 Tench, Benmont 9-7-1954  Gainesville FL
 Tepper, Robert 5-30-1958  Bayonne NJ
 Tharp, Chuck 2-3-1941  Ysleta TX
 Thayer, Tommy 11-7-1960
 Thomas, Ian 7-23-1950  Hamilton, Canada
 Thomas, Steve 5-10-1953
 Thompson, Beth 6-12-1967  St Louis MO
 Thompson, Chris 3-9-1948  Hertford, England
 Thompson, Porl 11-8-1957  London, England
 Thorn, Christopher 12-16-1968  Dover PA
 Thorn, Tracey 
          9-26-1962 Brookmans Park, England
 Thornalley, Phil  1-5-1964  Worlington, England
 Thorp, Nick 10-25-1964  London, England
 Tich  see:  Amey, Ian
 Timmons, Andy 7-26-1963
 Timmy T  see:  Torres, Timmy
 Tinsley, Mick 12-16-1940  England
 Tipton, Glenn 10-25-1947  Birmingham, England
 Todd, Andrew 12-15-1958  New Zealand
 Tolhurst, Lol 2-3-1959
 Tolman, Russ 8-15-1956
 Torien, Marq 9-22-1963
 Torpey, Pat 12-13-1959  Cleveland OH
 Torres, Ricardo 12-6-1947  Santurce PR
 Torres, Timmy 9-23-1967  Fresno CA
 Toth, Ed 8-18-1969
 Townsend, Devin 5-5-1972  Vancouver, Canada
 Townsend, John 4-8-1946  Tuscaloosa AL
 Townsend, Rob 7-7-1947  Leicester, England
 Tramp, Mike 1-14-1961
 Travers, Pat 4-12-1954  Toronto, Canada
 Travis, Malcolm 2-15-1953  Niskayuna NY
 Traynor, Jay 11-2-1941  Brooklyn NY
 Tre Cool   see:  Wright, Frank
 Trettine, Caroline 
          9-4-1958 Kingston on Thames, England
 Trewavas, Pete 
          1-15-1959 Middlesbrough, England
 Trim, Phil 1-5-1940
 Trimble, Vivian 5-24-1963
 Trojanowski, Mark 1-27-1970
 Trzetrzelewska, Basia 
          9-30-1956 Jaworzno, Poland
 Tucker, Corin 11-9-1972  State College PA
 Tucker, Mick 7-17-1947  Harlesden, England
 Tucker, Paul 
          8-12-1968 Crystal Palace, England
 Turner, Erik 3-31-1964  Omaha NE
 Turner, Jody 8-4-1963  England
 Turner, Joe Lynn 8-2-1951  Hackensack NJ
 Turner, Nik 8-26-1940  Oxford, England
 Tutuska, George 10-10-1967  Washington DC
 Twist, Nigel 7-18-1958  Manchester, England
 Tyla, Sean 8-3-1947  Barlow, England
 Tyler, Steven 3-26-1948  New York NY
 Tyson, Lian 9-7-1969  Liverpool, England
 Ulrich, Shari 10-17-1951  Marin County CA
 Ure, Midge 10-10-1953  Glasgow, Scotland
 Utley, Adrian 4-27-1957  Northampton, England
 Vail, Tobi 7-20-1969  Auburn WA
 Valdy [, Paul] 9-1-1945  Ottawa, Canada
 Vale, Mike 7-17-1949
 Valens, Ritchie   5-13-1941  Pacoima CA
 Valentine, Kathy 1-7-1959  Austin TX
 Valentino, Mark 3-12-1942  Philadelphia PA
 Valentino, Sal 9-8-1942  San Francisco CA
 Valory, Ross 2-2-1949  San Francisco CA
 Vance, Kenny 12-9-1943
 Vandenberg, Adrian 1-31-1954  Holland
 VanDerWaal, Klaaseje 12-1-1949  Holland
 VanDijk, Carol 4-22-1962
 VanEede, Nick 
          6-14-1959 East Grinstead, England
 VanLeeuwen, Rob 10-24-1946  Holland
 Varga, Charles 'Sexicutioner' 
          5-21-1958 Virginia
 Varone, Phil 10-15-67  Long Island NY
 Vasco, Dave 7-18-1948  England
 Vaughan, Russ 
          10-28-1977 Southampton, England
 Vaughan, Stephen 
          6-22-1962 Wolverhampton, England
 Vaughn, Danny 7-18-1961
 Vearncombe, Colin 'Black' 
          5-26-1951 Liverpool, England
 Vegas, Lolly 10-2-1939  Fresno CA
 Vencent, Lonnie 3-3-1964
 Vera, Billy 5-28-1944  Riverside CA
 Vera, Joey 4-24-1963
 Vere, Marcus 1-29-1962
 Veres, Mariska 10-1-1948  Holland
 Verne, Bob 7-14-1944  Miami Beach FL
 Verni, D D 4-12-1961
 Vernieri, Larry 10-9-1941
 Vernon, Ray pseudonym of:  Wray, Vernon
 Vibskov, Per 5-23-1962  Viborg, Denmark
 Vickers, Robert 11-25-1959  Australia
 Vidas, Pat 12-19-1953  Centerville IA
 Vie, Donnie 3-29-1966
 Vig, Butch 8-12-1957  Viroqua WI
 Vines, Adrian 1-25-1968  Yorkshire, England
 Virgi, Fayyez 11-6-1960  Tanzania
 Visconti, Tony 4-24-1944  Brooklyn NY
 Vitamin C see:  Fitzpatrick, Colleen
 Vollmer, Brian 6-30-1955  Kitchener, Canada
 Volpeliere-Pierrot, Ben 
          5-19-1965 London, England
 Von, Eerie 8-25-1964  Lodi NJ
 VonSneidern, Chris 12-6-1965  Syracuse NY
 Wackerman, Brooks 2-15-1977
 Wade, Jason 7-5-1980  Camirillo CA
 Wagner, Jack  10-3-1959  Washington MO
 Waite, Denny 4-14-1948  St Paul MN
 Waite, John 7-4-1955  Lancaster, England
 Waits, Tom    12-7-1949  Pomona CA
 Walker, Butch 11-14-1969
 Walker, Johnny 2-24-1947  New Albany MS
 Walker, Kurtis  see:  Blow, Kurtis
 Walker, Paul (i) 
          7-7-1966 West Yorkshire, England
 Walls, David 'Ginger' 
          12-17-1964 South Shields, England
 Walsh, Bart 5-14-1966
 Walsh, Joe 11-20-1947  Wichita KS
 Walsh, Martyn 7-3-1968  Manchester, England
 Walsh, Nicholas 11-24-1970
 Walton, Andy 10-1-1957
 Waltz, Charles 1-27-1958
 Ward, John 2-12-1949  Philadelphia PA
 Wareham, Dean 
          8-1-1963 Wellington, New Zealand
 Warner, Jeff 1-30-1960
 Warner, Les 2-13-1961
 Waronker, Anna 7-10-1972  Los Angeles CA
 Warren, James 8-25-1951  Bristol, England
 Washburn, Lalomie 8-25-1941  Memphis TN
 Wasserman, Kevin 'Noodles' 
          2-4-1963 Los Angeles CA
 Waterman, Pete 1-5-1947
 Waterman, Steve 
          9-8-1960 Lincolnshire, England
 Watson, Jeff 11-4-1956  Sacramento CA
 Watson, Stuart 
          11-10-1962 Northamptonshire, England
 Watt, Ben 12-6-1962  Barnes, England
 Watt, Mike 12-20-1957  Portsmouth VA
 Watts, Lou 6-4-1962  Burnley, England
 Watts, Overend 
          5-13-1949 Birmingham, England
 Way, Pete 8-7-1956  London, England
 Wayne, Dig 7-20-1958
 Weasel Walter 5-18-1972  Rockford IL
 Weaver, Blue 3-11-1947  Cardiff, Wales
 Weaver, Bob 7-26-1938  Jackson AL
 Weaver, Charles see:  Abdullah, Shakur
 Webber, Bob 10-7-1945  Ogden UT
 Webster, John 12-18-1957  Canada
 Weck, Henry 7-27-1949  Van Wert OH
 Weeks, Greg 2-6-1971  Oswego NY
 Weider, John  
          4-21-1947 Shepherd's Bush, England
 Weiss, Janet 9-24-1965  Hollywood CA
 Welch, Brian 'Head' 6-19-1970  Torrance CA
 Welch, Sean 4-12-1960  Enfield, England
 Weller, Freddy 9-9-1947  Atlanta GA
 Welty, Ron 2-1-1971  Long Beach CA
 Wenberg, Erik 7-22-1968  Washington DC
 Wener, Louise 7-30-1968  Ilford, England
 West, Gary 6-27-1953
 West, Leslie 10-22-1945  Queens NY
 West, Sandy 7-10-1959  Long Beach CA
 Westfield, Steve 5-2-1965  Massachusetts
 Whalley, Allan 'Boff' 1-1-1962  Burnley, England
 Wheat, Brian 11-5-1962  Sacramento CA
 Wheeler, Harriet 
          6-26-1963 Maidenhead, England
 Wheeler, Paul 11-30-1965
 Wheeler, Tim 1-4-1977  Ulster, Ireland
 Wheels, Helen 5-6-1949  Queens NY
 Whelan, Gary 2-12-1966  Manchester, England
 Whelan, Timothy 9-15-1958  London, England
 Whipkey, Kim 2-16-1974  Oklahoma
 Whitaker, Mick 5-26-1948  Ploughley, England
 White, Alan (ii) 5-26-1972  London, England
 White, Daniel 8-26-1959  Letchwood, England
 White, David (ii) 6-2-1965  England
 Whitehead, Alan 7-24-1945  Oswestry, England
 Whitford, Brad 2-23-1952  Winchester MA
 Whitney, Charlie 6-24-1944  Leicester, England
 Wick, Jerry 4-17-1967  Cleveland OH
 Wiedlin, Jane 5-20-1958  Oconomowoc WI
 Wiggs, Josephine 
          2-26-1963 Letchworth, England
 Wilcox, Kathi 11-19-1969  Vancouver WA
 Wilde, Marty 4-15-1936  Blackheath, England
 Wilde, Ricky 11-6-1961  England
 Wilk, Brad 9-5-1969  Portland OR
 Wilkinson, Jeff 11-25-1950
 Wilkinson, Peter 5-9-1969  Liverpool, England
 Willey, Dave 9-20-1963  Pinecliff CO
 Williams, Boris 4-24-1957  Versailles, France
 Williams, Cliff 12-14-1948  Romford, England
 Williams, Enid 4-28-1960  England
 Williams, Marcus 
          10-25-1965 Rochdale, England
 Williams, Rich  2-1-1950  Kansas
 Williams, Rozz 11-6-1963  Pomona CA
 Williams, Susan 9-30-1953  Chicago IL
 Williamson, Billy 2-9-1925  Conshohocken PA
 Williamson, Cris 2-15-1947  Fleetwood SD
 Williamson, Harry 
          5-12-1950 Ilfracombe, England
 Williamson, John 12-28-1963  Ilford, England
 Willis, Bruce  
          3-19-1955 Idar Oberstein, Germany
 Willis, Pete 2-16-1960  Sheffield, England
 Wills, Rick 12-5-1947  England
 Willsteed, John 2-13-1957  Australia
 Wilsh, Mike 
          7-21-1945 Stoke on Trent, England
 Wilson, Ann 6-19-1951  San Diego CA
 Wilson, Cindy 2-28-1957  Athens GA
 Wilson, Dean 3-5-1966  England
 Wilson, John (ii) 12-3-1949
 Wilson, Michael 'Mick' 
          3-4-1944 Amesbury, England
 Wilson, Nancy 3-16-1954  San Francisco CA
 Wilson, Patrick 2-1-1969  Buffalo NY
 Wilson, Phill 6-19-1940  Sidney OH
 Wilson, Ricky 3-19-1953  Athens GA
 Wilson, Ross 11-18-1947  Australia
 Wilson, Victor 'Beastmaster' 2-20-1959
 Wilson, Willie 7-8-1947
 Wilton, Michael 2-23-1961  San Francisco CA
 Wine, Toni 6-4-1947  Washington Heights NY
 Winklarz, Tad 10-20-1965  Canada
 Wire, Nicky 1-20-1969  Tredegar, Wales
 Wolf, Lenny 3-11-1962  Hamburg, Germany
 Wolf, Richard 11-25-1950  New York NY
 Wolstenholme, Stewart 'Woolly' 
          4-15-1947 Oldham, England
 Wood, Andrew 1-8-1966
 Wood, Nate 10-3-1979  Laguna Beach CA
 Woodcock, Simon 
          12-2-1969 West Bromwich, England
 Woodgate, Dan 10-19-1960  London, England
 Woodrich, Woody 7-20-1948  Minneapolis MN
 Woods, Kenny 10-25-1969  Whittier CA
 Woodward, Keren   4-2-1961  Bristol, England
 Woolstenhulme, Rick 9-20-1979  Aurora CO
 Woolstenhulme, Sean 3-1-1981  Gilbert AZ
 Worley, Chris 3-9-1967
 Worley, Jeff 5-28-1963
 Wren, Alan 'Reni' 
          4-10-1964 Manchester, England
 Wren, Steve 10-26-1962  Lambeth, England
 Wretzky, D'Arcy 5-1-1968  South Haven MI
 Wright, Chuck 9-13-1959
 Wright, Clive 8-2-1953
 Wright, Frank 'Tre Cool' 12-9-1972  Germany
 Wright, Gary 4-26-1943  Creskill NJ
 Wright, Philip 1-5-1976  Robbinsdale MN
 Wurzel  see:  Burston, Michael
 Wydler, Thomas 10-9-1959 Zürich, Switzerland
 Wylde, Zakk 1-14-1966  New Jersey
 Yamano, Atsuko 2-22-1960  Osaka, Japan
 Yamano, Naoko 12-18-1961  Osaka, Japan
 Yamauchi, Tetsu 10-21-1947  Fukuoka, Japan
 Yang, Naomi   9-15-1964
 Yarnell, Karen 4-2-1961
 Yasmin see:  Jacobsen, Yasmin
 Yeazel, Robert 11-1-1946  Denver CO
 Yorke, Thom E 
          10-7-1968 Wellingborough, England
 Yothers, Tina    5-5-1973  Whittier CA
 Youatt, Will 2-16-1950  Swansea, Wales
 Young, Angus 3-31-1959  Glasgow, Scotland
 Young, Astrid 8-16-1962
 Young, Carole 4-12-1930  Oldham, England
 Young, Grant 1-5-1964  Iowa City IA
 Young, James (i) 'Big Sambo' 
          8-3-1937 Beaumont TX
 Young, James (ii) 11-14-1948  Chicago IL
 Young, Johnny 3-12-1945  Indonesia
 Young, Malcolm 1-6-1953  Glasgow, Scotland
 Young, Patrick 6-9-1963
 Young, Zack 5-18-1978
 Youth, Todd 5-15-1971
 Yue, Ozzie 8-12-1947
 Yules, Myron 3-6-1935  Brooklyn NY
 Zahnd, Ricky 7-22-1946  New York NY
 Zambetti, John 2-8-1949  New York NY
 Zander, Robin 1-23-1952  Loves Park IL
 Zapata, Mia 8-25-1965
 Zappa, Ahmet 5-16-1974
 Zappa, Dweezil 9-5-1969  Los Angeles CA
 Zappa, Moon Unit 9-28-1967  Hollywood CA
 Zaremba, Peter 9-16-1954  Maspeth NY
 Zatorski, Richard 8-20-1957  Australia
 Zelkowitz, Goldie  see:  Ravan, Genya
 Zim Zum see:  Linton, Timothy
 Zmed, Adrian 3-14-1954  Chicago IL
 Z'Nuff, Chip  9-10-1964
 Zombie, Rob 1-12-1966  Haverhill MA
 Zonka <DJ>  see:  Custance, Michael
 Zoomer, Jos 7-14-1954
 Zorn, John 9-2-1953  Brooklyn NY
 Zuniga, Miles 9-10-1966

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