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The Americas
But first, an Introduction to
The International Sound of Music
The terms 'world music' and 'international' are relative, and are used here from the viewpoint of an English speaker in the United States.

  This page is a respectful tribute to the musicians and singers around the world who so enrich their own cultures, and often bring pleasure to others. 
  The number of listings for each country does not reflect the importance of that nation's music, but indicates the amount of usable data we have located. Also, in most cases, no attempt has been made to distinguish between different types of music, so you may find a traditional folk singer listed next to a punk rocker.  As we learn more, separate categories will be created.

  Most listings were obtained from non-English-speaking sources, so data had to be translated.  With languages that do not use the Latin alphabet - such as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, and so on - names also had to be transliterated. When conflicts in spelling arose, the most reliable sources were chosen. Some languages use diacritical marks which our computers can't replicate. While this changes the pronunciation, it did not seem reason to exclude an artist.
  In the United States, the 'month-day' system is used, while much of the world uses the 'day-month' method. We have tried to remain consistent with the 'month-day' pattern, but there may be some errors of reversal.
  Birth cities are listed as they are in their respective languages, which may be a bit confusing when applied to places with different names in English. For example, here you will find 'Wien' and not Vienna; 'Moskva' and 'El Qâhira' [both, ironically, transliterations!] instead of Moscow and Cairo; and 'México' rather than Mexico City. We have, however, retained the common English versions of the countries themselves, to provide some frame of reference.
  Geographic areas change, subject to the passage of time and the whims of politics. For example, the category that began several years ago as "Yugoslavia" now seems inappropriately named, and has been divided into headings that are relevant today.  Some nations are divided physically, while continuing to share a common language and music. Our listings are based on music rather than politics, and should be viewed accordingly.

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Canada, French-speaking
 Abbittibbi Desjardins, Richard
 B B, Les Bourgeois, Patrick
 Baronets, Les Angélil, René; Beaulne, Jean; Labelle, Pierre
 Beau Dommage Bertrand, Pierre; Desrosiers, Marie-Michèle; Desrosiers, Réal; Rivard, Michel
 Offenbach [Soap Opéra] Boulet, Denis; Boulet, Gerry
 Polly-Esther Duperreault, Rachel; Granger, Anique
 Rollande et Robert Désormeaux, Rollande; L'Herbier, Robert
 Séguin, Les Séguin, Marie-Claire; Séguin, Richard
 Angélil, René  1-16-1942 Montréal
 Arsenault, Angèle 10-1-1943 Abrams Village
 Aubut, Lise  8-29-1943 Lévis
 Baillargeon, Hélène 
          8-28-1916 St Martin de Beauce
 Barbeau, Marius 
          3-5-1883 Ste Marie de Beauce
 Beaulne, Jean  6-19-1942 Montréal
 Bertrand, Pierre  8-11-1948 Montréal
 Blanchet, Jacques 4-14-1931 Montréal
 Blouin, Johanne  9-19-1955
 Bolduc, La  see: Travers, Mary
 Boucher, Guy  6-29-1943 St Hyacinthe
 Boulay, Isabelle  7-6-1972 Ste Félicité
 Boulet, Denis  7-22-1944 St Jean
 Boulet, Gerry  3-1-1946 St Jean
 Bourgeois, Patrick  6-16-1962
 Brousseau, Hervé  2-5-1937 Québec
 Calvé, Pierre  2-25-1939 Montréal
 Castel, France  8-31-1943
 Charbonneau, Christine 10-18-1943 Montréal
 Charlebois, Robert  6-25-1944 Montréal
 Claude, Renée  7-3-1939 Montréal
 Cormier, Paul 'Monsieur Pointu' 
          5-10-1922 St Marcelin de Escoumins
 Cossette, Sylvain  5-8-1963 Grand Mère
 Côté, Stéphane  9-4-1971
 Desjardins, Richard  3-16-1948 Rouyn-Noranda
 Désormeaux, Rollande  7-27-1925 Montréal
 Desrochers, Clémence 11-23-1933 Sherbrooke
 Desrosiers, Marie-Michèle 
          3-6-1950 St Eustache
 Dubois, Claude  4-24-1947 Montréal
 Dufresne, Diane  9-30-1944 Montréal
 Dugas, Germaine  5-3-1934 Montréal
 Duguary, Raoul  2-13-1939 Val d'Or
 Duguay, Calixte 7-16-1939 Ste Marie sur Mer
 Dumont, Lucille 1-20-1919 Montréal
 Duperreault, Rachel  5-2-1976
 Fabian, Lara  1-9-1970 Etterbeek, Belgium
 Farmer, Mylène  9-12-1961 Montréal
 Ferland, Jean-Pierre  6-24-1934  Montréal
 Fiori, Serge  3-4-1952 Montréal
 Forestier, Louise  8-10-1943 Shawinigan
 Francoeur, Lucien  9-9-1948 Montréal
 Garand, Pierre 'Garou'  6-26-1972 Sherbrooke
 Garou  see: Garand, Pierre
 Gauthier, Claude 1-31-1939 Lac Saguay
 Gauthier, Conrad  8-8-1885 Montréal
 Gelimas, Mitsou  9-1-1970 Loretteville
 Gélinas, Marc  11-29-1937 Montréal
 Gosselin, Bertrand  3-7-1952 East Angus
 Granger, Anique  4-27-1977
 Hamelin, Francine  8-8-1949 Montréal
 Jalbert, Laurence  8-18-1959 Rivière au Renard
 Julien, Pauline  5-23-1928 Trois Rivières
 Juster, Diane  3-15-1946 Montréal
 Labelle, Pierre  2-16-1941 Windsor
 Lalonde, Pierre 1-20-1941 Montréal
 Lanois, Daniel  9-19-1951 Gaineau
 Laure, Carole  8-5-1948 Shawinigan
 Lavoie, Daniel  3-17-1949 Dunrea
 Lebrun, Roland  10-10-1919 Amqui
 Leclerc, Félix  8-2-1914 La Tuque
 Lefebvre, Marcel  10-26-1941 Québec
 Légaré, Ovila  7-21-1901 Montréal
 Léger, Robert 1-28-1948 Montréal
 Lelièvre, Sylvain 2-7-1943 Québec
 Leloup, Jean  5-14-1961 Québec
 Lemay, Jacqueline  5-23-1937 Temiscaming
 Lemay, Jérôme  8-22-1933 Béarn
 Lemay, Lynda  7-25-1966 Portneuf
 Leroux, Sylvain  5-4-1956 Montréal
 Létourneau, Pierre  8-11-1938 Verdun
 Lévesque, Raymond  10-27-1928 Montréal
 Leyrac, Monique  2-26-1928 Montréal
 L'Herbier, Robert  2-5-1921 Levis
 Marjo  see: Morin, Marjolène
 Martel, Renée  6-1-1947 Drummondville
 Martinez, Nancy  8-26-1960 Québec
 Miville-Deschênes, Monique 
          5-9-1940 St Jean Port Joli
 Monfette, Claudine 'Mouffe'  1-31-1947 Montréal
 Monsieur Pointu  see: Cormier, Paul
 Morin, Marjolène 'Marjo'  8-2-1953 Montréal
 Mouffe  see: Monfette, Claudine
 Normandeau, Michel 
          3-2-1942 St Raymond de Portneuf
 Pagliaro, Michel  11-9-1948 Montréal
 Paquette, Robert  7-2-1949 Sudbury
 Paris, Geneviève  9-7-1956 Suresnes, France
 Pelletier, Bruno  8-7-1963
 Pelletier, Marie-Denise  4-3-1960  Rosemont
 Péloquin, Claude  8-26-1942 Montréal
 Perreau, Yann  4-5-1976 Berthierville
 Perron, Jacques  8-17-1948 Montréal
 Pétel, Pierre  4-21-1920 Montréal
 Petit, Richard  9-28-1972
 Philippe, Marie  6-3-1952 Cap-Rouge
 Portal, Louise  5-12-1950
 Raymond, Francine  6-9-1956 Montréal
 Reno, Ginette  4-28-1946 Montréal
 Richard, Michèle  4-17-1946
 Richard, Ti-blanc  8-13-1920 Martinsville
 Rivard, Michel  9-27-1951 Montréal
 Roch, Voisine  3-26-1963 St Basile
 Savard, Marie  8-15-1936 Château d'Eau
 Ségara, Hélène  2-26-1971 Six Fours les Plages
 Séguin, Marie-Claire & Richard 
          3-27-1952 Pointe aux Trembles
 Simard, René  2-28-1961 Québec
 St Pierre, Simon  2-26-1930 Québec
 St-Pier, Natasha  2-10-1981 Barthurst
 Tell, Diane  12-24-1959 Québec
 Thibeault, Fabienne  6-17-1952 Montréal
 Thiffault, Oscar  4-6-1912 Montréal
 Travers, Mary 'La Bolduc'  6-4-1894 Newport
 Tremblay, Sylvie  6-30-1953 Kénogami
 Valiquette, Gilles  4-7-1952 Montréal
 Venne, Stéphane  7-2-1941 Verdun
 Vigneault, Gilles  10-27-1928 Natashquan
 Voisine, Roch  3-26-1963  Edmundston
 Workman, Nanette  11-20-1945 Brooklyn NY

  West Indies

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Dominican Republic
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Puerto Rico
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  Central America

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Costa Rica
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El Salvador
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  South America
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 Aguirre, Santiago  12-22-1950 Santiago
 Díaz, Jenisse  7-17-1972
 Francisco, Don  12-28-1940 Talca
 Jara, Victor  9-28-1932 Lonquen
 Laval, Nicole  1-19-1977
 Nicole  see: Laval, Nicole
 Parra, Violeta 10-4-1917 San Carlos
 Vasconcellos, Joe  3-9-1959 Santiago
 Vergara, Lucho  12-8-1943 Santiago

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French Guiana
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