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Alan Darco Celebrity Birthdays

Trumpet Playing 2

Everyone's interested in celebrities: When were they born, and where?
In these pages, the focus is on singers, dancers and musicians, in all forms of music - pop, rock, jazz, r&b/soul, doo-wop, blues, folk, country, gospel, hip-hop, and so on. From girl groups to choral groups. From one-hit wonders to the best-selling artists of all time. All the usual subjects, of course; but you'll also be able to track some unusual artists as well: big band, polka, international or "world" music...even opera and classical. Not just the "stars" but the "supporting players" as well.
As you browse, note that groups are listed alphabetically, and group members are referenced as a sub-heading. Also, self-named groups, such as Robin & Linda Williams, are not included; instead, search for Williams, Robin, and Williams, Linda individually.
The plan is to add new items weekly, so stop by often and stay as long as you like.

The page titles above will serve as a rough guide to what's available here so far, with each one serving as a billboard on the journey. Eventually, all music categories will be covered, so as to offer the greatest variety available anywhere. 
Every effort has been made to ensure that all birthday and birthplace information is accurate; but in a project of this scope, mistakes are inevitablePlease let us know of any and they will be corrected. Additions, comments, suggestions, and criticisms are also welcome.  
This website is part of the Alan Darco Project, with over 76,000 celebrity names and birthdays.  More than 12,000 of those are in "Birthdays of the Rich and Famous, Book One: Entertainers."  This book is in the reference sections of many libraries. It may be purchased through your local bookstore, or from Internet sources such
as Amazon.com.
Our e-mail address is alandarco@msn.com
attempt has been made to ensure that the data in these pages is accurate; but, in a project this vast, mistakes are to say, they are also accidental and regr